SG Shape.gif
Name Bahamut
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Ben
Introduced In "Insert Randomly Numbered Kakugane Here"

Bahamut is a weaponized guitar used by Society Agent Ben.


Bahamut is a silver SG shaped electric guitar owned by Ben with the ability to project several different types of energy depending on how it is played. Bahamut bears two black swooshes on the top and bottom of the front of its body.

Bahamut was originally designed by Ben and created by Emily and Camille as a countermeasure to combat Neb, who was superior to Ben in virtually every area.

Bahamut's standard form possesses the ability to fire three different types of energy, depending on how it is being played. Playing a single note fires a lime-green oblong-shaped blast of energy from the front of Bahamut's body. Each energy blast contains roughly the same amount of power as your standard hand grenade, and when multiple notes are played in quick succession, the effect can be truly devastating. Playing an extended note on Bahamut using the whammy bar creates an electricity-like beam of sparkling black energy from the end of Bahamut's fretboard. Playing a power chord creates a small shockwave wich radiates outwards with Bahamut at the center. The energy blasts possess a range of around 50 feet, while the energy beam reaches to 30 feet. The shockwaves on the other hand, have a relatively short range of about 4-5 feet. All three can increase in range and strength depending on how intensely they are played.

Though individually these abilites are simple, Ben has discovered a plethora of ways to employ them, making Bahamut a powerful instrument of destruction in his hands. (Pun intended.)

Ben usually wears Bahamut over his back on a black leather strap, with Bahamut's fretboard pointing diagonally down and to the right.

While in its standard form, Bahamut's combat abilites can be deactivated, allowing Ben to use it as a regular guitar.

Alternate form[]

Death Metal Bahamut (Warlock)

During the events of Lily's kidnap, Bahamut was equipped with the Achilles Device, which would allow it to transform into Death Metal Bahamut. In order to transform, Bahamut must first be severely damaged, then Death Metal Bahamut can be unleashed by Ben chanting Strike with the fury of a wounded god...Bahamut!

Death Metal Bahamut is jet black with glowing silver swooshes in place of the black ones and it also bears an extended fretboard. While in Death Metal form, Bahamut also changes shape from SG to Warlock. Death Metal Bahamut lacks any of the abilites of it's original form, but what it lacks versatillity it more than makes up for in raw power. Rather than energy blasts or beams, Death Metal Bahamut fires extremely powerful concussive blasts. A single string being plucked is strong enough to knock a person off their feet, and while it is unknown what would happen if a maxiumum strength blast struck someone head on, a medium power blast has been shown to be strong enough to tear limbs clean off.

The transformation also appears to have some physiological effects on Ben as well, as his voice voice distorts while chanting and on one occasion, dark shadows have leaked from his eyes like smoke.

Because of the massive amount of power required, Bahamut can only sustain its transformed state for a few minutes before it reverts back to its original state. Once it has changed back, it uses the absolute last of its energy to repair its standard form, but then it is temporarily drained of all power and requires recharging. However, the full limits of the Achilles Device have yet to be explored...