Name Avak
Gender Male
Age 0, appears to be in mid-teens
Introduced In "Insert Reincarnated Evil Here"

Avak is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.


Avak is the first character created by Ben for Project Warpath. Michael was originally hesitant towards the idea of Project Warpath when Ben presented it, but he agreed to allow Ben to create one character as a test case, which led to Avak entering the Society.


Avak is middlingly short, and stocky, with messy brown hair and brown eyes. He wears the baggy red shirt from The World Ends With You known as "Sabotage" and camoflague shorts. Like Ben with Bahamut, he's in the habit of carrying Abraxis around on his back with him.


Upon his creation, Avak was extremely shy and reclusive, relying heavily on Ben and Valerie for support and fleeing when confronted with almost anyone else. Upon Valerie's request, though, Lily made friends with Avak on a shopping trip and helped bring him out of his shell. Due to her kindness to him, Avak is almost fanatically loyal to Lily, nearly to the point of infatuation.

Avak is an avid reader, thanks to hanging around Valerie in the medical wing for so long, and nine times out of ten he can be found with his nose buried in a thick book.

For Avak, disobeying Ben is nearly impossible, a side-effect of Ben developing Avak without any memories or any kind of past.


Prior to Avak's entry, Ben gave him the choice between either becoming a Society Agent or becoming a character in one of Ben's stories with a guaranteed happy ending. Avak found it difficult to go against his creator's wishes and chose to enter the Society. Other than that, though, Avak has no history or backstory to call his own, as Valerie discovered when Ben first introduced Avak to her. Born with a clean slate and no past, Avak was originally extremely shy and reclusive (never having met anyone before) and he hid in the medical wing for about a week after his creation, with Ben and Valerie being his only contacts.

Valerie finally asked Lily to befriend him, in the hopes that she would help Avak gain some confidence and social skills. While on a shopping trip to 104 in The World Ends With You, Lily set about doing just that, and she and Avak quickly became friends.

For his first training misson, Lily took Avak to The One in order to capture Ashley Harken, a low-level Sue. Once they found her, they encountered Ash Harth, a Level 7 Stu who was trying to kill Ashley and absorb her powers so he could become The One himself. After a vicious battle, Lily, Ashley and Avak managed to defeat Ash with the help of Gabriel Law, a canon character, only to have Ash try to escape. Only some quick thinking on Avak's part managed to stall Ash long enough for Cristoph and Rhia to intervene and capture Ash. While being escorted down to the basement, Ash made a threat against Lily, which sent Avak into a rage, beating Ash into a bloody pulp before finally regaining enough presence of mind to throw the Stu into a cell.

During the mission to Demigod with Lily to recover The Book of Prophecy from Matthew Slaymaker, Avak was nearly beaten by a demigod named Oak, only to spontaneously develop the ability to absorb Sue energy, which not only enabled him to defeat Oak, but Holly and Matthew as well, rescuing Lily in the process. Unfortunately, he was unable to control his new power and ended up creating an explosion of energy that knocked Matthew, Lily and himself out.

Avak was the bassist in the same band as Ben, Jess, Shirley and Valerie. At the time of events in Insert Absolute Finale Here, his feelings for Lily had grown so strong that they provoked matching feelings of hatred towards Ben. Anxious that Lily was overextending herself in caring for an injured Ben, he tried to kiss her, but she responded with a punch to the face. Avak determined that he must kill his creator, but after plotholing Ben to another location to fight, Lily interrupted them. Avak asked Lily if she loved Ben, and then if she loved him, but her responses angered him so much that he tried to attack her too. Lily transformed Bahamut into Power Metal Bahamut in order to fight him off, but the battle concluded with her killing Avak. Ben enlisted the help of Marcus to construct a statue in memorial of Avak inside the Library.


During the mission to Demigod, Avak developed the ability to absorb Sue energy from corrupted characters and Sues themselves. The energy is absorbed into his body, which then creates a purple aura around him, capable of deflecting blows. As Avak himself is not a Sue, his body inherently rejects the presence of the energy, so it has a negative effect on him - causing dizzyness, clouded vision and slight disorientation, as well as causing him intense pain. As a self-defence mechanism, his body does its best to expel the foreign energy as soon as possible. Unfortunately, expelling the energy is nearly always violent and destrucutive, partially due to the nature of Sue energy. The absorbing, storing and releasing of the energy requrires titanic amounts of effort on Avak's part; the trauma of taking such actions causes him to lose consciousness after the energy is expelled.


Main article: Abraxis

After his induction into the band, Charis transformed his bass into a battleaxe she named Abraxis.


  • The name Avak is Armenian for 'The First', denoting Avak's status as the first character developed as a part of Project Warpath.
  • Avak's theme song is Papa Roach's "To Be Loved"
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