The Automatic Tailorisation Machine
Isometric schematic of the ATM.
Name The Automatic Tailorisation Machine
Type (normal or magic) Steampunk
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

The Automatic Tailorisation Machine is a large gadget used by Society Agents.


The Automatic Tailorisation Machine's purpose is to custom-sew a working outfit or disguise. While it is classed in the Society's repertoire of gadgets, the Automatic Tailorisation Machine (or ATM for short, just to be confusing) is far too large to be portable. Which is okay, as the Machine is generally only ever used once per mission, just before despatch. It is located in a corner of the Unisex floor of the Library's wardrobe, and has been broken for a long while, but was fixed some time after Adrian's death. While most are grateful for the machine's use, no-one can really tell where it gets its extensive supply of fine cloth, thread and trimmings from.

It is a large machine about the same size as a touring caravan, but made of polished wood and brass and steel. There is a small cubicle built into the centre, closed with an elaborately decorated door, and one whole side is made up of a large dashboard full of dials and buttons and wheels. Using the controls one can select historical or fantasy, then refine their choice and choose class, colour and decoration at will. Upon entering the brightly-lit cubicle with the big red button pressed (it's on a timer if the agent is working alone) the machine will then proceed to create the chosen outfit around them in less than three minutes. It can also create small items, like making Alice a new cloak or Louise a spare dress; these items are made within and pop out of a small drawer in the side of the machine.

Entering the cubicle with no or not enough controls pressed will confuse the machine, and it will often proceed to sew you into the first thing it thinks of, often upside down. Many are rather wary of the machine's 'temper' when the controls are misused, but others, Alice included, have become quite adept at ordering what they envision. It is not known whether the very Steampunk-esque contraption actually has an AI of sorts, but it seems benevolent nonetheless. It seems to learn slowly, picking up on a person's preferences and measurements and storing them as they touch the controls, making it easier to order what is required.

Image of the ATM's control panel. Click through to read the specifics of each section.

Uses of the machine[]

  • The first actual use of the machine, aside from testing and people playing with it after it was fixed, was Alice to create hers and Louise's Inquisitorial dress fit for venturing into Warhammer 40k. Strangely, this first real use gifted Alice with her unusual goggles.
  • The next major use was to dress the party of ten agents who were heading into Rome in period-appropriate clothing, being tunics of both knee- and ankle-length, elaborate palla and stola for the women and a proper toga for Michael.
  • It was used to make the tailored costumes for all those who were involved in the Midsummer Night's Dream production. Elven-esque costumes, Medieval common wear and Ancient Greek costumes were all made.
  • Louise and Tom both made use of the machine to their mission to Pride and Prejudice for clothes that would be fit for a landowner-class ball. Louise also had the machine make her a specially-tailored Empire dress which had an access panel to retrieve her gun from its strap round her thigh.
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