Authors are individuals who, broadly speaking, bring things into existence. For the purposes of the Society, they are narrowly defined as an originator of any written work, and a certain few have involved themselves in some characters' actions.


Authors create and edit all sorts of fictional and semi-fictional settings, essentially creating the millions of fandoms that the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society organise missions into, and that all the Sues and Stus consider their homes (or their kingdoms, their oysters, etc).

Because of their power to manipulate fictional events, they can be perceived as all-powerful. Thus, they are referred to as the 'Powers That Be' by the Counter Guardians and as the 'Creators' by the Peacekeepers.

Characters are supposed to have respect for authors in general, but many freely deride them.

Total Author Lock[]

Some authors fear the very idea of their created fandom being spoiled, and not just by Mary-Sues. Thus by their edict the fandom(s) in question are deemed off-limit to all who do not belong there, likewise keeping their own characters from outside use. This is enforced by an impenetrable barrier around the fandom, blocking all attempts to enter like a thick wall. The list of known out-of-bounds fandoms can be found on

Luckily, Total Author Locks are relatively rare.

Authors and the Society[]

Not all Society members are self-inserts, autonomous individuals who only answer to their own conscience or other characters. Some of the members are original characters created by authors (also known as the Powers That Be and the Creators). These Authors generally do not wish to join the Society, and will only insert themselves into a plot to aid the Society or provide counsel.

There may be many reasons that an Author decides to send an envoy rather than coming in person, which can range from privacy issues to abstinence from imbuing the self with special abilities. Sometimes, an Author has created one of the Sues, and decides to remedy it with a more developed character. Whatever the reason, an Author generally holds jurisdiction towards his/her character(s), and can sometimes hold more authority over such characters than the Society can.

Not every member who is an original character has such a figure behind them. Some do not know whether they do, or even care. Others know for certain they don't, as they can recall their entire upbringing in their native original fandom.

Authors who have made appearances[]

The Authors who have currently visited the Society include: