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Rules for the Grand Festival of the Society Ship Fic

1. There are a total of seven categories you may pick from. You may not write a fic on any other pairings. (Any offical ships formed after this publication will NOT be added to the list.)

  • Adrian x Tash (Leadershipping)
  • Michael x Claire (Cuteshipping)
  • Rhia x Cristoph (Martialshipping)
  • Pete x Charis (Techshipping)
  • Ben x Lily (B-Shipping)
  • Ossa x Aimee (To be named)
  • Phoenixa x Anyone (...ah, forget it.)

2. Each category has a five-fic limit, meaning only five fics entries can be written about each pairing. It is first-come, first-serve on categories. Once five people have claimed that category, it will closed off and considered filled. To claim a category, please PM or e-mail Master of the Library. If a problem arises where all spots have been claimed and there are still people who want to write, it will dealt with at that time

3. You may only write one fic and only for one category.

4. You may switch categories with another author if you both agree to it.

5. There is a 5,000 word limit on each story.

6. The stories are about the pairings, so they must be focused on relationships of the characters. Smut (sex) stories are allowed, but if those people in the pairing request it, we will limit their category to only romances/fluff below M-rating.

a. For the Phoenixia category, you must first ask permission if you intend to pair her with anyone but yourself. (Phoenixia stories cannot, however, set-up long term romances. They must be One-Night-Stands. The only exclusion to this rule is Adrian.)

7. You may not pair the people who are already in a relationship with other characters, save Phoenixia and both people in the actual pairing must agree to this. (The only exclusion to this rule is Adrian, as you may set his pairing with Phoenixia at anytime before the Society came around. If you wish to do a -smut- story with Phoenixia and Adrian/Tash set in present day, please contact Mei1105 first and explain your idea to her.)

8. ONE and ONLY ONE person in a ship may write a story for that ship. The other party must write a fic on a different pairing. This is to ensure those in the pairings do not feel as if their character-romances are out of their control.

9. Collaborations are allowed. However, you cannot collaborate with your ship-partner to write for your own ship. (For example, Ossa can write OssaxAimee, as can Jamie (since he is not a member of that ship.). But Aimee cannot collaborate with Jamie, as that would violate Rule 7.)

10. All fics will be put up on Master of the Library’s deviantART account. Once you are done with your fic, submit it to him for posting.

11. The cut-off date for entries is July 15, 2010 OR when all fic entries have been submitted. Once all the fics are up, voting will begin. There will be a poll on either Master of the Library’s or Mei1105’s profile to serve this purpose. Once the winners for each category is selected, voting will then begin on those five that will determine which is the best.

a. Winners of individual categories will receive the reward of making their fics Society canon. The Winner of the Top 5 will also receive the reward of selecting a Sovereign to become their character’s rival/arch-nemsis/toughest-enemy, determining how their character and their chosen Sovereign interact and how their chosen Sovereign will die.
b. If you win and for some reason, the people behind the pairing you wrote for do not want your fic to become canon, you will instead be allowed to write for any pairing you wish, so long as said pairing agrees.

12. This contest is not mandatory. You do not have to write for it. If, however, all the people who want to write are and not all spots have been filled for each category, we will allow people to write for multiple pairings.

13. This contest is open to Society Agents only.

14. The purpose of this contest is to not only expand people’s writing skills by asking them to write outside of their boxes, but to have fun, too!