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Rules for the Society Crack Submission Contest

  • The general non-spoiler idea behind Season 3 is that a bunch of clichéd, normally dramatic plotlines happen to the Society, but the Society deals with them in Genre Savvy ways.
  • The main backbone of Season 3 is a series of connected fics dealing with such clichés.
  • Submit a "preview" paragraph regarding one such motif and how it shall be dealt with to Aster Selene. PM or email is preferred.
  • Deadline: June 25, 2010 (American time; no need to worry)
  • Previews will be combined and posted on the wiki under admin-only-editing restrictions. Voting will be done with a signed poll.
  • Winner will get to have their fic written as a collab during Season 3 OR the privilege to directly influence Season 3's plot (provided it's crackish).
  • …although if you already have the privilege to directly influence the plot, your character will get to have a benefit that I am debating who will get during Season 3.
  • Good luck!

Some rules...

  1. Tasteless/pornographic/offensive material is not allowed.
  2. Overly dramatic/angsty material is not allowed.
  3. Premise must involve a decent amount of characters in the Society, not just one specific Agent or group.
  4. The winner, when influencing Season 3's plot, cannot change the main direction or premise of the season.
  5. No major things will be affected on another character without said character's permission.
  6. In the crackfic, nothing major can happen. You can affect major things when you win.
  7. You may still write the fic if it loses, but it won't be written as an integral part of Season 3.

...well, write away. It's only one paragraph. Just put a lot of thought into it.