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Before you post your first Society fic, you must take the following steps.

1. Before even starting your fic, you must get in contact with Mei1105 (talk). Mei must approve your entry into the Society, as it may be a bad time, new members may not be accepted, etc., etc. Also, your fandom may be already taken. Even if the fandom is not on the Claimed list, you must still request the fandom. Still, you must check Author:Claimed fandoms, Author:Wanted fandoms, and List of fandoms; it's also a good idea to check the Black List.

2. You must test your character with the ACMSES Litmus test and send your answers to Mei1105 so she may grade it. The Litmus test is incomplete. The Society is open to new members until then; however, we prefer that your characters are in good form and free of Sueism. Currently, this test is being used as a potential, but not official, source of testing (fill out 'all', 'original fiction' and 'fan fiction' on the same page). A score over 21 means that it's greatly suggested you should take your character to someone and fine-tune the details to avoid making a Sue character. A score of 30 or above is unacceptable and you will most likely need to do your character over again.

3. You may not create a wiki page until you have posted the said first fic. You may however make a user page. This user page may not be entirely filled with Society-relevant or agent-relevant information to the plot.

4. While writing the fic, refer to all of the stories. All stories have small nuances of plot and lack of understanding of these stories can lead to large plotholes (not the ones that lead through fandoms, sadly). Since there have been a large number of new stories lately, it is probably best to skim through the Archive pages: Archive 1, Archive 2 and Archive 3. They go through most of the major plot points.

5. After you have posted your fic, you must PM Mei1105. All Society fics must be kept in the collection (unless they are deleted). Mei can then allow you to take another fandom.

6. Only one fandom per writer at a time except in circumstances in which an exception is issued by Mei1105.

7. You must get a Society member to beta your first two fics BEFORE YOU POST THEM. We're not being snobbish, we just want to make sure you have everyone in character, you haven't written anything that could interfere with the season arc, and most importantly, we have a high standard of spelling and grammar, and we want to keep it that way.