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This is a list of the 201st-300th stories written for the Society.


Insert Frankly Disturbing Shipping Here[]

Insert The Few, The Proud, The Plastic Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Army Men
  • Summary: After an attempt to escalate their war with Shirley to new heights, the LPGB are sent on a mission to the Army Men fandom where they assist the Green Army against their Sue allied Tan enemies. Things are complicated when the Little Plastic Spetsnaz get involved.

Insert Inconsistent Timeline Here[]

Insert Fate-Cracking Moment Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Matrix
  • Summary: Phoenixia goes on a mission - but runs into none other than Runoa and the Sovereigns Resolve and Life. Runoa reveals a secret about herself and Adrian that makes Phoenixia determined to kill her even more, but suppressed rage unleashes a strange alternate self. Phoenixia manages to take over again, but for how long is unknown...and meanwhile, Silri is talking to someone...

Insert Overly Long and Descriptive Title Here[]

  • Author: Anikathepen
  • Fandom: The Adventures of the Count de Vinevil and his Family
  • Summary: Harriet, after revealing that Lisa is a canon character named Ardelisa from a really old book, tracks Ardelisa down in her original fandom and reveals that her missing husband was in her home fandom all along. There.

Insert Society Shipping Contest Here[]

  • Pete and Charis: Insert Adorable Anomalies Here – Harriet declares that Techshipping is cliché and launches a campaign to break Pete and Charis apart.
  • Cristoph and Rhia – The Martialshipping couple is sent to the Cardcaptor Sakura fandom for some alone time...or at least they would be alone, if the rest of the Society would quit spying.
  • Phoenixia and Louise: Insert Freudian Theory Here – Phoenixia displays a maternal side when she comes upon a lonely Louise in the Library.
  • Michael and Claire: Insert Super Sparkly Date Here – Michael and Claire escape the Library for some romance - and some chill air - and their Pokemon are super-vigilant that the Cuteshipping pair is not interrupted.
  • Phoenixia and Willie – Willie meets Phoenixia in her garden, and has advice to share on the subject of gardening.

Insert Mutilated Bedsheet Dresses Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105, Aliso, and Crazyloon99, story hosted at Crazyloon99's account
  • Fandom: Rome
  • Summary: A team of Agents is sent to go get Merle and her two male cohorts, Robert and Richard. Although their infiltration of the historical fandom is more or less successful, collectively the Agents are only able to capture Robert and bring him back to the Library. Merle and Richard escape to a fandom that reminds them of home, where they run into an unexpected stranger from the past.

Insert Successful Attempt to Hide the Truth Here[]

Insert Reincarnated Evil Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Castlevania (Aria/Dawn of Sorrow)
  • Summary: While Lily goes after Matthew Slaymaker, who has invaded Aria of Sorrow and stolen the powers of the main character, Ben begins work on Project Warpath, a super-soldier project of sorts that could turn the tide of the war. The only problem is, Avak, his first creation, seems far too timid to hurt anyone. Meanwhile, Lily is ambushed by Holly, Matthew's girlfriend and is nearly killed, only to be saved by Karissa, and learns Matthew's plan for the Book of Prophecy. Later, Ben, Shirley and Jess settle on a genre for their band.

Insert Pointless Interactions Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A series of oneshots detailing how Aster interacts with each member.

Insert Internal Backlash Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Runoa, after kidnapping Aster, attempts to use her multi-dimensionality to trigger a time bomb that will destroy all of the universes. Aster, after being mindraped by being shown negative emotion and nearly dying by the explosion, passes out after being urged to write something mysterious on the wall with her own blood...

Insert Irrevocable Loss Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Aster barely recovers, but soon falls into danger again when Nina DeRicha robs her of her powers, which would destroy her livelihood, making her into an empty shell. Kuroneko recovers Aster's powers - and her soul. Without realizing that this will cause backlash, she injects it straight into Aster, causing her to transform into a soulless goddess-hybrid intent on leaving the Society. Valerie, however, saves her by using logic to convince her she is to stay, and Adrian devises a method of attaching her soul to Aster's body.

Insert State of Morality Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Beyond Good & Evil
  • Summary: Emily chases after a Stu - the Doctor - who recognizes her as Willowe's sister. He tries to kill her, and something is awaiting the Society...

Insert Dandy Talking Kendama Here[]

Insert Retro Apocalypse Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Fallout
  • Summary: Ben goes and does crazy stuff and finds Julia Oppenhimher, Lily hangs out with Avak. Ben recruits Avak into the band...

Insert Implausible Hunting Yarn Here[]

  • Author: Gargrowl
  • Fandom: League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
  • Summary: New Agent Gareth joins the Society, hunting (but failing to take down) Alexander Whitestone.

Insert Week of the Kitty Invasion Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Rhia brings her kitties to the Library to ease her parents' minds while they go on holiday. But how many kittens exactly has she let loose? And where did they all go?

Insert Beautifully Rendered Opening Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A new opening for the second half of Season 2, which follows after Adrian's resurrection.

Insert Take A Number Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A series of oneshots modeled after Insert Pointless Interactions Here. Underlying theme: tech support.

Insert Vampires Catering to Fanservice Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Vampire Diaries
  • Summary: Karissa enters the Vampire Diaries fandom on the tail of a Sue...who she does not try to stop, for the first three hours of the mission. Charis talks some sense into her and together they outwit Maria V.

Insert Cute Society Wedding Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Ouran High School Host Club
  • Summary: Claire takes Michael on a trip into the Ouran fandom, which she considers the perfect place to hold their wedding! Tamaki has the hosts enthusiastically help with wedding planning but a Sue named Katana sees the Agents' presence as a threat.

Insert Ridiculous Name + A Vampire Here[]

  • Author: Inara Harame
  • Fandom: Rosario + Vampire
  • Summary: Rookie Inara is assigned the task of capturing a Sue in the Rosario + Vampire fandom...but the Sue she ends up fighting turns out to be a clone of the actual Ruby Heartgold. Actual Ruby (or Yami Ruby) prepares to kill Inara until a timely appearance by Willie results in her own death.

Insert Multiple-Homicidal Counterpart Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: The One
  • Summary: Avak finds a bass that suits him for his role in Ben's band, and soon after Charis transforms Abraxis into a weapon that suits him as well. She returns the instrument to Avak just in time for him to accompany Lily on a mission into The One fandom. It turns out that the Sue they're pursuing is being chased by another. Presumably Ash Harth intends to kill Ashley Harken in order to absorb her powers as per the canon storyline, but together the Agents along with Ashley manage to subdue Ash.

Insert History That Repeats Itself Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Chloe retreats to her lab and reflects on how exactly she was established in Camille's old work place.

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Falcon Punch Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: F-Zero
  • Summary: Chloe attempts to educate the LPGB about their latest foe by pulling out footage from her first encounter with him. On an unrelated note, Charis and Karissa finally establish peace with their little plastic foes.

Insert Dramatic Rescue Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Adrian gathers the whole Society to help rescue Aster when Runoa captures her in the Fate/Stay Night fandom. However, upon infiltrating Einzbern Mansion, neither Aster nor her kidnapper can be found. Adrian realizes they must have walked into a trap...which, ironically, initiates said trap.

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Actually Scary Vampires Here[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: The Shadowleague
  • Summary: Alice and Louise attempt to arrest a Sue in the Shadowleague fandom. In the midst of their hunt Louise receives a much-anticipated phone call in Real Life; Alice urges her to attend her interview and tries to complete Peony's capture alone. However, the fandom's Curtain Wall falls at the same time, and the fandom's very scary version of vampires - the Ak'Zahar - invade and cause chaos. Peony flees, and in trying to get back to the Library Alice brings the Ak'Zahar with her. A fight ensues during which the Agents realize they can't kill the vampires with magic - nor can Valerie heal Alice with magic. Phoenixia and Aimee take over Alice's medical treatment as soon as the last vampire is assumed to be killed. Louise returns to the Library and is allowed to see Alice once she's out of surgery. But is the last of the Ak'Zahar really dead and gone?

Insert Inadequately Detailed Water Story Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Aria
  • Summary: Aster, Chrys and Akai go to capture a Sue in the Aria fandom. Akai employs some rather questionable methods along the way, in order to get them to their goal faster.

Insert Nacht der Untoten Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Call of Duty: World at War, Nazi Zombies
  • Summary: The shadowy figure that arranged the theft of the Sue Storm device from Deraj finally shows his hand and begins merging elements from the campaign of the game with the Nazi Zombies bonus game mode. Naturally, the Society gets involved.

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert The Original Indestructible Captain Here[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Captain Scarlet and the Mysterons
  • Summary: Dave has a troubling nightmare that insinuates a dark truth about the Society. Almost immediately after, he's sent on a mission with Drake and Ingrid to recapture escaped Sues, and most of the runaway Sues are murdered. Dave believes the Society literally eliminated these Sues. A lone survivor appears in the Captain Scarlet fandom, and Dave goes after her. When it seems that he's walked into a trap, the Society tries to contact Dave, meeting some difficulties. Eventually Tash leads a group of Agents into the fandom to assist Dave and it's revealed that Mesha has allied with the Mysterons. A lengthy battle follows, involving canon and non-canon combatants alike. Dave is killed in action but brought back as a replica of himself. In a conversation with Harriet, Mesha shares her opinion of ACMSES - which is eerily similar to the contents of Dave's nightmare - and as the two fight, a Copyright begins to take effect on Captain Black. Things slowly go downhill for Mesha from thereon. At a shot from Captain Burgundy/Romani, Mesha dies from an arrow in the back. Unable to regenerate, the last word she says to Dave is, "Stormherald".

Insert Multichapter Flashback Here[]

  • Author: PrinceAladdin2 and Inara Harame, story hosted at PrinceAladdin2's account
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Inara attempts to get to know Willie more, and as part of that process, she wants to know why Willie seems to distance himself from everyone else. Willie begins to tell her the story of his past, as a double agent placed within the Society...

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Another Post-Apocalyptic Wasteland Here[]

  • Author: Wragnaroq R. Maggeddon
  • Fandom: Psyren
  • Summary: Stephen is given a Plothole Generator by Tash that is set to randomize so that he can visit many fandoms and find a weapon to suit him. Instead of finding a weapon, he enters the Psyren fandom and gains psychic powers. He also runs into a Sue, Genevieve Sol, and he fights against her with his new abilities. After breaking his Plothole Generator Stephen has no way of exiting the fandom, so instead of capturing Genevieve, he bribes her to drop him into the Twilight fandom. Unbeknownst to him, Genevieve had some connection to Nameless, but the Stu kills her once she's fulfilled her purpose. Stephen asks Fred for help to get back to the Library...but after Fred becomes distracted, it takes a while for him to remember about the Agent. Stephen returns to the Library deeply traumatised and is finally introduced to Adrian.

Insert A Wonderful Life Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: When a LPGB firmware update gets inturrupted, the plastic army men severely malfunction. The glitch in their programming causes them to go on a rampage. In the meantime, Dave and Shirley test out Jared's new wood glue formula.

Insert Fixed and Pointless Talent Show Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105, story hosted at DeviantArt here
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Not content with creating Suebook to rival Facebook, apparently the Sues have also created their own talent show to rival real-world The X Factor - it's called Sue Factor, the greatest Sue talent show since Mary’s Got Talent. Aware of all the crack that could be witnessed by attending such a show, some Agents - including Tash, Alice, Louise, Jess, Emily and others - sneak out of the Library to enter the Talent Shows fandom as part of the live audience. At the last minute, Adrian attaches himself to the group for protection, although he still disapproves of the overall endeavour. The rest of the Society must watch the show in its broadcasted form, but interestingly enough the Sues in the Basement show real passion after hearing that the show is in its final. A television is brought down to the Basement and Agents and Sues alike anticipate the events of the night.

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

One Year On[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Dave and Phoenixia have a serious conversation about what happened to him in the Captain Scarlet fandom. When discussing the nightmares that plagued him preceding his mission, Dave reveals his motivation for joining the Society: he wants to end the war with the Mary Sues so that ACMSES can return to its roots. "Saving the known universe AND getting to squeal fangirlishly over favourite characters", as he puts it. Dave imagines himself in Mesha's shoes...and that leads to Phoenixia sharing her difficulty discovering Mesha's mysterious origins...ultimately the archaeologist and ex-hologram come to a conclusion why Dave should stay with the Society - and trust them a little bit - for now, at least.

There's An Ak'Zahar In The Library![]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Most of those who were scratched or cut by the Ak'Zahar are ill and bedridden; however, Alice is in agony from her wounds, the healing of which have been complicated by the Ak'Zahar's complex venom. At Louise's behest, Phoenixia drugs Alice into unconsciousness in an attempt to more easily treat her. As she monitors Alice in the hospital, Phoenixia is tormented by uncertainty over her action. Alice awakens, days later, and it looks like she's on the road to recovery...but she's convinced there is still an Ak'Zahar in the Library. Thankfully, the Ak'Zahar turns out to be only a hallucination that Alice was experiencing as a result of the medication Phoenixia gave her, and eventually the hallucinations go away.

Insert MIA Agent Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Warhammer Fantasy
  • Summary: Under the alias Senlui, Merle conspires with Prince Tyrion and Prince Teclis of the Warhammer Fantasy fandom to lay a trap for Louise. She's aware that Louise must be monitoring the computers for any trace of her, and as expected, the Agent rushes to the fandom as soon as she's spotted the Sue. Louise is captured and taken to the White Tower. Back in the Library, Alice begins to miss Louise, but is put off by the excuse Louise gave her before leaving - that she was returning to Real Life. After six days Alice becomes worried enough that she looks up the Plothole activity in the Library's computers. Upon discovering where Louise has went - and WHO she's gone after - Alice alerts Tash and Adrian. A rescue party makes its way up to the top of the tower with a few setbacks, and almost too easily they succeed in rescuing Louise. But Merle has already had Teclis work some magic on Louise during the course of her torture...and she's done something to attract the interest of Runoa.

Insert Dubious Allegiances Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Louise has descended into the Basement where the Sues are imprisoned. Inexplicably, she releases them, and begins to take hostages - starting with her supposed best friend, Alice. Not all the Sues are eager to cooperate with Louise, but she promises them freedom; nonetheless, Robert begins to doubt Louise when she takes Emily as her latest hostage. Rhia finds Louise's notice of the hostage-taking and hurries to inform Adrian. Phoenixia rigs the Library's sprinkler to depress the Sues' morale, and meanwhile Rhia volunteers to be the go-between for Louise and the rest of the Society. Through some deception, Ben, Michael, Tash and Adrian are able to storm the basement and rescue the hostages. The five of them are rushed to the hospital, and meanwhile a sedated Louise is taken elsewhere to be questioned for her part in the day's events...

Insert Summoning Spam Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings
  • Summary: Tyler receives an art upgrade, becoming half a foot taller. He is then sent on a mission to capture a Stu with a ridiculously long name. Tyler dubs him John (a.k.a. Kirpy). On Lampshade Isle, outside the Convenient Coliseum, Tyler has his first encounter with John; beside a lake, Tyler manages to defeat and Prohibit John (now called Kirpy) and he takes the Stu back to the Library.

Insert Stinted Reality Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Adrian kills Aster and Tash is possessed by the Hope of Mena. Nothing will ever be the same...or did anything actually change?

Insert Paranoid Alien Hunter Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Invader Zim
  • Summary: Rhia goes into the Invader Zim fandom to arrest Deliha Brightflower, who has gotten herself captured by Zim in order to be rescued by Dib...who no longer cares, after Rhia's Copyrighted him. Rhia grabs the Sue fairly quickly and is preparing to return to the Library when the Sovereign Passion appears. He wants to play a game with Rhia - laser tag, but with REAL lasers - and if Rhia can incapacitate Deliha then she can leave the fandom unharmed. It is a close match, but Deliha breaks one of Passion's rules by scaling a maze wall in order to get a clear shot at Rhia, and Passion punishes her himself. True to his word, Passion lets Rhia be. Cristoph comes to retrieve her and the Sue from the fandom.

Insert Happy Birthday, Society Style Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The Society throws Kyle a surprising birthday party unlike any he's had before. After Tyler challenges Kyle to a careless dare - take a swig of Firebrand whiskey in exchange for one of Adrian's stolen cookies - he exhibits some surprising behaviour, culminating in an epic showdown with Shirley. After Kyle regains consciousness, he realizes that Tyler never gave him the promised cookies.

Insert Unanswered Questions Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The Society leaders are trying to sort out exactly what happened the day that Louise took five of her fellow Agents hostage and tried to release the Sues. Adrian tries to question Louise, but at first she doesn't remember anything about that day's events, and then she simply doesn't trust him enough to answer him. Adrian goes to see Alice, but she insists on being taken to Louise, and in between demonstrated violence and what he fears is Stockholm Syndrome, Adrian orders her to be restrained. Adrian talks to Robert, and at least he shows some cooperation - in return, he is given a green shirt, a new cell and a chance at parole. As Louise is frightened by her amnesia, Phoenixia suggests that she could hook her up to a computer and take a look inside her head, but Louise refuses to be subjected to that until she can see Alice. The meeting doesn't go well. Adrian orders Alice to be taken away, but after observing Louise's reaction to a call that comes through on her Communicator, he starts to suspect Louise less and blame a sleeper agent spell for her actions instead. After clearing Alice of all complicity, Adrian begins to talk with her, and she warms up to the Librarian somewhat, glomping him when he lets her. Louise is eventually released and asks to see Robert. Through the bars of his cell, the two reminisce about their shared history, and Robert updates Louise on what has happened to their shared acquaintances since Louise/Mirani left the same time, Ben takes notes.

Insert Hello How Do You Do Here[]

Insert Comedic Attempts At Theft Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Whether Tyler teams up with Drake, or attempts to steal Adrian's cookies all on his own, things rarely go well.

Insert World At War Here[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Warcraft
  • Summary: During practice, Pete and Joe attempt a new double attack; however, the attack backfires on Pete, and his personality is forcibly exchanged with Himuro's. As long as Pete's persona remains unconscious, Himuro will be unable to switch back to Pete - at that exact moment Michael informs Himuro and Joe that they're to go on a mission into the Warcraft fandom, along with Tyler. Himuro must do his best to help capture the Stu, without revealing the fact that he's unable to switch personas. Inside the fandom the three Agents locate the Stu, simply called the White Knight, and they engage him in battle. Tyler and Joe's outright physical assaults don't seem to be enough to defeat the Stu, so Himuro utilizes one of his inventions to call forth AU versions of himself and Pete, which in turn restores Pete's persona after the invention times out. Tyler Prohibits the defeated Stu...and then time freezes. Pete and Joe's Author appears to inform them of a theft from within his world, and after he unfreezes time, Author, Agent and Stu alike, leave. After they've gone, though, two mysterious people reveal themselves from where they hid during the battle. Their intentions are unknown. Back at the Library, Pete and Joe write their reports, and Pete just remembers his date with Charis.

Insert Fantastic Rescue Equipment Here[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Thunderbirds
  • Summary: Dave continues to talk with Valerie about his recurring nightmares, but despite her desire to help, he still feels unable to place his complete trust in her...or in anyone else in the Society, for that matter. A Stu appears in the Thunderbirds fandom, and so Dave prepares to set off, but Tash must accompany him when she reveals a ban on Gerry Anderson fandoms that is news to Dave. Copyrights had previously been placed on key canon characters, so Scott and Virgil Tracy already had the situation more or less under control, but when the Agents make an unceremonious landing in the fandom, Ryouga is allowed a chance to escape with some blueprints he'd stolen from Brain's lab. Romani engages in a fight with Ryouga before wresting the blueprints from him for the use of Stormherald. As Dave and Ryouga, left behind, seem certain to face death, a Mysteron ability to vanish conveniently manifests in Dave. Ryouga is taken back to the Library and down to the Basement, but he begins to spread word that Dave saved his life.

Insert Second Chance Here[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Robert faces his parole hearing with little hope. Certain events during his hearing - and the antics of those who preside over it - do nothing to fill him with confidence. However, a sincere character reference from Louise gives him strength, even if his friend is unable to be by his side in person. As part of the process, Robert must reveal details of his past...involving revelations about Merle, Richard and even Louise...and he is sure that his testimony has damned him, but a conversation with Emily during a break in his hearing puts the Society in a different perspective. To his surprise, he is granted his parole, and Alice is to be his parole officer. Robert is taken to be Permanently Prohibited and the device announces him finished in a record half hour. Robert then goes about making amends to Alice, who helps him with preparations to adjust to his new life in the Library.

Insert Completely Creepy Prison Here[]

  • Author: Wragnaroq R. Maggeddon
  • Fandom: Deadman Wonderland
  • Summary: A leveled-up Nameless and another Stu have been found in Deadman Wonderland. When Michael goes to tell Stephen, his initial reaction is to quit the Society; however, his impulse to arrest his former creation wins out, and he heads into the fandom specially armed with a Oneshot. The Oneshot does him little good - Stephen's natural affinity for magic is so low that the Oneshot is rendered completely useless, so Stephen fights Vladimir Van Helsing armed only with the abilities he so recently acquired in Psyren. Exploiting an OCD-type weakness in Vladimir, Stephen manages to Prohibit his first Stu. His victory is slightly overshadowed by the injuries he also sustained, and by the fact that Nameless escaped again. Val confines Stephen to the hospital for a week, but he is too excited about a revelation involving "fireworks".


  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Following Robert's confession at his parole hearing, Harriet leads the entire Society into the Basement to apologise to the Sues. Although every Agent has different crimes, and varying degrees of guilt, she brooks no disagreement over this task from anyone. Whilst enjoying their first real meal in a long while, the incarcerated Sues - some skeptical about the sincerity behind the apologies - all recognise the power that Harriet holds within the Society. They come to understand how such a person could have created Willowe...and discuss a disturbing rumour that Willowe might one day come back.

Insert Midsummer Madness Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Robert's not convinced that everyone in the Society is ready to welcome him with open arms, and likewise, Louise is still feeling guilty about the breakout attempt from the Basement. When Louise rediscovers the Library's training suite - complete with holodeck - she, Alice and Robert decide to put on a play to cheer everybody up. A select group of Agents are recruited to be "in" on things - they are to comprise the actors, actresses and stage hands - and everyone else is invited to be the audience on the big day. Very soon, excitement is generated for the play, in part thanks to some expert promoting by Louise. It is revealed that the performance is in fact Shakespeare's "A Midsummer Night's Dream", and the show concludes spectacularly...taking out the lights.

Insert Whatever's In This Pokeball Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Pokémon
  • Summary: On the hunt for a Level 5 Sue, Marcus encounters Kenneth. Kenneth has just had a meteorite crash in his backyard; said meteorite happened to contain a Deoxys; said Pokémon is captured by Kenneth with a regular Pokeball in the absence of any battle. Marcus nearly arrests the kid, mistaking him for the Sue he's after, but eventually recognizes that Kenneth is instead "a reasonably interesting character". The Sue in the fandom turns out to be Willowe, who's been hiding out in a nearby town posing as a Pokémon Professor. Marcus confronts her with her plans to create an army, and Willowe agrees to leave the fandom if Marcus can defeat her in battle. With an amazing comeback, Marcus does defeat her, but he's not completely aware of the trouble he's just caused himself by incurring Willowe's wrath.

Insert Wandering Kamikaze Shrubs Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Minecraft
  • Summary: Tash and Michael complete a beautiful castle in the world of Minecraft, representing months of hard work...and it's destroyed in an instant by the digital Sue @, who has invaded their private server. The two parties - Agents and Sue - engage in an escalating campaign of revenge, ultimately ending in a confrontation. @ has a notion of fun quite unlike the Agents, and it turns out she thought she was "playing" with them in good sport. Before Tash can formulate a reply, Phoenixia warns them all that there is another invader in the server. Runoa has sent in Wisdom, who has a grudge against Michael. As the Chief Agent battles against his foe, Tash and @ have to work together to escape a precarious situation. In order to defeat Wisdom, Michael ends up crashing the server, and everyone inside is booted off in one way or another.

Insert Magical Explosions Here[]

  • Author: Wragnaroq R. Maggeddon and PrinceAladdin2, story hosted at Wragnaroq R. Maggeddon's account
  • Fandom: Fairy Tail
  • Summary: Stephen and Willie must work together to capture Fey Tale in the Fairy Tail fandom, but that's easier said than done, considering that they'd both love to beat the living daylights out of each other.

Insert Ridiculously Complex Family Tree Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Pride and Prejudice
  • Summary: Louise enters the Pride and Prejudice fandom to capture a Sue, with Tom accompanying as her "brother" - otherwise, as her chaperone. They sight Lady Aaliyah Nejem at a ball, and work to preempt her interference by Copyrighting as many of the canon characters as possible, particularly Fitzwilliam Darcy. However, it turns out that Darcy was not Aaliyah's goal, and she's gotten herself engaged to Charles Bingley instead. Louise breaks her cover to enlist the help of the Bennett sisters. At yet another ball, they plan to move in and capture the Sue, but a Stu makes advances towards Louise, only to be finally driven away by threats with her gun. Aaliyah is Prohibited after being publicly denounced by a Copyrighted Bingley. Tom brings her down to the Basement to be processed, while Louise gives information on Spencer Worthington. After Robert has a meeting with Harriet and others about the continuing improvements to be made regarding incarceration in the basement, Valerie brings him around to the idea of taking the Society's test to become an Agent. Robert visits Alice to share this news with her, and she presents him with a Litwick to care for as his own.

Insert Pseudo-Deity Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Demigod
  • Summary: Lily arranges for a romantic evening with Ben, hoping to overcome her misgivings about the current state of their relationship. However, her fears seem to be confirmed when Jess shows up to interrupt the couple, and Ben allows the interruption without comment. She leaves Ben and Jess alone together, and returns to her room distraught. Avak goes to check up on Lily...and she ends up kissing him. Later, Lily tries to avoid the consequences of her action, but it isn't so easy when she's paired up with Avak on another mission to capture the familiar Stu Matthew Slaymaker. In the Demigod fandom, the two manage to dispatch Matthew's footsoldiers, but he follows up by summoning the Demigods of Darkness - and then threatening to continuously summon as many soldiers as he needs using the stolen Book of Prophecy, until he can overwhelm the two Agents. The fighting is stopped unexpectedly when the Sovereign Passion makes an appearance, and quite similar to when he'd encountered Rhia, he makes it clear that he'd like to see the Agents pitted against the Sues in a game. He tasks Avak and Lily, and Matthew and Holly to literally "capture" flags that mark territory in the video game. Avak and Lily take to the task in earnest, but Matthew and Holly cheat, using their allotted time to summon the previously deposed Demigods of Light. Passion takes out one of the Demigods whom Holly had ordered to shoot him, leaving Avak and Lily with no choice but to fight Matthew and his minions again. Avak is able to overpower Holly when a new power manifests itself as a brilliant purple aura around his body; however, Lily isn't able to hold her own against Matthew and his All Father's Ring. With his new ability, Avak saves Lily from Matthew and Prohibits both Sues as Lily passes out. It's later revealed that what Avak had done was absorb the Sues' energy. Lily is glad for the Sues' capture, but feels even more unwanted and...incompetent. Ben plans to speak to Michael about Avak's performance, in hopes that the Chief Agent will finally greenlight Project Warpath, but Valerie suddenly and quite vocally opposes him. Band practice is tense now that Valerie and Ben will no longer speak to each other, but Avak offers material for a new song that they can work on - unknowingly, he has taken a poem that Lily wrote and discarded. Also, the band finally has a name.

Insert Tea, Coffee and Biscuits Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105, story hosted at DeviantArt here
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: It's just another typical day in the Library Arcanium. Society Agents and their intended enemies, the Sues, discover that it's not so difficult to communicate if they only engage over Suebook. Rhia struggles with an embarrassing situation in which she encountered Cristoph...although she doesn't feel all that bad about it, actually. A mysterious red cat is seen within the Library, and it might be connected with one of the Society's newest Rookies. Phoenixia is unsure of how to deal with a proposition made by @. Emily and Adrian clash, and so do Emily and Phoenixia. Adrian has to surrender to Tash over the issue of two of her guests "moving in", but that means she herself will be moving in with him. A meeting is disrupted. There's a Pokémon battle. Val makes an unsurprising discovery concerning the condition of a Sue, but she shocks the Leaders when she announces said discovery. Lily, Karissa, Tash and Rhia are roped into a band...or is it a dance group? And more.

Insert Freaky Nanotechnology Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Generator Rex
  • Summary: Tyler tackles a Stu that's "turned into a gigantic mecha-thing and started going on a rampage" in the Generator Rex fandom.

Insert Heroic Mime Here[]

  • Author: Jcalf
  • Fandom: Bastion
  • Summary: Self-proclaimed "lazy bastard" John becomes the newest Rookie to join the Society. In his first mission, he reveals himself dramatically to a Stu in the Bastion fandom - he throws a rock tied to a note card at Fabian de Smytheford's head. The rest of his exchange with the Stu carries on in much the same way. By rigging catapults to throw rocks at the Stu, Fabian is annoyed to the point of burning his surrounding area. This angers a Lungblossom hiding in the brush, which retaliates by releasing a powerful hallucinogen that causes Fabian to shortly pass out. In this way, John makes his first arrest and heads back to the Library, where he eventually meets Ben after being pushed out of his room by voraciously breeding paperwork.

Insert Bundles Of Fluff Here[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: An overconfident Emily 'fixes' a prototype gadget, and an amusing kitty-related transformation results for everyone else...pity the poor Librarian!

Insert Unhappy Anniversary Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Adrian and Tash celebrate their second anniversary in Bevelle, within the Final Fantasy X fandom. Lunch proceeds well, and during dessert the situation begins to become intimate...however, their moment is ruined when a stranger whom Tash literally ran into on a bridge throws Adrian into a pond and traps him there with ice. It seems that a combination of Tash's looks and her warmth has attracted the Sovereign Purity. He tries to convince Tash to join him on the side of Runoa - even suggesting that she become a Sovereign herself, to replace Death - but when Tash fights back, releasing Adrian from beneath the water, he becomes angry. Purity drains Tash's magic in an invasive matter and is only stopped from doing worse when Adrian dumps Purity into the water. Choosing to flee rather than fight, Adrian escapes with Tash before the Sovereign can catch up to them. Upon return to the Library, Adrian and Tash are separated as each require their own diagnosis and treatment from Valerie. Adrian refuses any help until he can see Tash, and escapes from the Medical Wing to find her sleeping in their room. He moves to lay down beside her, and watches her sleep whilst thinking of their relationship and future - much like Tash has done whenever he's been asleep.

Insert Amateur Zombie Hunter Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56, story hosted at DeviantArt here
  • Fandom: Highschool of the Dead
  • Summary: Ingrid pursues a nameless Sue in the Highschool of the Dead fandom. However, just as she prohibits her, Ingrid's communication with the Library is cut off...

Insert Undersea Adventures Here[]

  • Author: Gargrowl
  • Fandom: Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea
  • Summary: Gareth portals into the Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea fandom and is initially mistaken for a Sue such as the one he was sent to catch. He is captured by Nautilus crew members and taken to see the Captain. As it turns out, the Nemo in this story is aware of his status as a character - he also knows that the Sue is named Chu-Zhen and doesn't seriously suspect Gareth of being a Gary-Stu. The two men decide to team up to capture Chu-Zhen, but first they must get past the many minor Sues that she's called in as reinforcements. They win their first skirmish - although Gareth is knocked out - but Chu-Zhen is no nearer to capture until Nemo challenges her to a one-on-one contest of arms. Nemo wins this fight, and as his reward he takes the Sue's life for the damage she has caused his ship and its men. Gareth is sent back to the Library with Chu-Zhen's sword as evidence of her defeat.

Insert Actual Military School Here[]

  • Author: Wraqnaroq R. Maggeddon
  • Fandom: Valkyria Chronicles
  • Summary: Stephen decides to take a break in the Valkyria Chronicles fandom in order to escape a strenuous training regimen that Tash has forced on him back at the Library. Much to his surprise, he encounters a Sue already well-established in the fandom. Evelynn Lanseal believes that Stephen has come to arrest her, and she refuses to hear his claims to the contrary - so Stephen takes advantage of the fact to strike up a deal with Tash. If he can capture Evelynn without bloodshed, he will be able to interrogate Vlad immediately. With canon character Lotte Netzel by his side, Stephen challenges Evelynn to a mock battle between two teams comprised of the members of Class G. Evelynn and himself will command the strategies of their respective teams, but not actually participate. Soon, Stephen uses his knowledge of the game and its characters to render Evelynn's team useless even before the day of the battle. Understandably, Evelynn is not pleased by Stephen's cheating, and so she reveals her true nature as a Valkyrur and goes on a rampage. Stephen manages to hold off most of her attacks with his Ironhide ability, and then he knocks the Sue out with a Kamehameha energy attack. Evelynn's influence on the fandom is wiped as soon as she exits with Stephen, as per usual, but days later Lotte manages to remember the entire course of events upon viewing prints that she'd developed from the film in her camera.

Insert Careless Victim of Murder Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Clue
  • Summary: Multiple Sues are detected within the Clue fandom, and so a team of Agents is dispatched to investigate the manner. However, the Sues are anything but straightforward in stating the purpose for their presence in the fandom. They will only say that they want to play a game to guess John Boddy's murderer...

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Voyage into a Doomed Future Here[]

  • Author: Gargrowl
  • Fandom: The Time Machine
  • Summary: Gareth enters the Time Machine fandom to capture an unnamed Gary Stu. The Stu has already removed the eponymous time machine by the time he's arrived; however, he lets slip that he stole it not for himself, but for another. Gareth manages to free the Time Traveller and - with his help - kill the lackey Stu. At Gareth's request, the Traveller is able to construct another time machine to follow the first into the future. What Gareth finds when he arrives is not a green wilderness but a glorious city. He correctly deduces that the more powerful Stu must be behind the change to the novel's history, so he heads for the centre of the metropolis dressed in the dead Stu's clothes. Nonetheless, Alexander Whitestone knows his identity, and he challenges Gareth. He even extends an offer for the Agent to join him. Gareth refuses, firing a shot to distract Whitestone, after which he knocks down the Stu and then Prohibits him. Gareth returns to the Library with Whitestone in tow and is congratulated on his first successful capture.

Insert Assassins in Italy Here[]

  • Author: wizard 2555555
  • Fandom: Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood
  • Summary: Pete and Joe are sent into Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood, after the Society picks up a variety of strange readings from said fandom. The Agents encounter other dimensional travellers, the two Sues that they must capture, and half-complete characters that Pete and Joe identify as ideas stolen from their Author. A chaotic battle is started with the Sues and ideas, but amidst all the fighting the Italian Assassins are able to free their leader Ezio, who was the Sue Devlina's prisoner. This seemingly unravels her plans, because she orders the younger Sue Anna to retreat. Pete and Joe reclaim their Author's ideas and then head back to the Library, where they exchange gifts in honour of the first anniversary of their creation as characters. After much prodding by Joe, Pete refuses to give up much detail of his relationship with Charis, but his reticence hints that they are getting serious...readers are shown how serious when Pete contemplates a set of rings he's purchased.

Insert Hell or High Water Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105, story hosted at DeviantArt, here.
  • Fandom: Sea Monsters
  • Summary: The Society...ON A BOAT! Tash leads a group of Agents into the tenuously fictional Sea Monsters fandom to recapture Ocean, a Sue who's broken parole. Amid dodging carnivorous sea creatures and taking late-night "swims", Ocean's level gets higher and higher until she breaks free of the Society's plot insulation and escapes the fandom. All in all, the mission is declared a failure, Harriet gets a new accessory...and John and Gareth get a new pet. Cue the introduction of Fish Finger.

Insert Unprepared Campers Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys
  • Summary: The Junior Agents (and a few others) embark on a camping trip as a sort of holiday. Besides just generally having fun, the group becomes determined to solve the mystery of the "strange voice" that they can hear intermittently throughout their stay in the New Forest. It is eventually revealed that the voice belongs to Lord Robert Baden-Powell, naturally the narrator of Baden-Powell's Scouting for Boys. Our Robert finally comes to the conclusion that he loves Alice. After a few days, it is soon time to return to the Library, but the Agents pass by one more character in leaving the fandom...a black-cloaked female in a graveyard. The Agents do not disturb her - which is just as well - because she seems to know exactly who they are, and is plotting against the Society.

Insert Complicated Plot Twist Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Emily is lured by a mysterious phone call into the Twilight fandom. The voice over the phone purports to be her sister Willowe - somehow alive - but after meeting the Sue, Emily pieces together enough clues to tell her that the impostor is not her sister. The arrival of Runoa and Creation reveals that Yew is a copy of Willowe created to lure Emily Runoa wants to see the result of a Foxblade Immaculated. Just when it seems that Emily's abduction will be successful, Tash, Adrian and Phoenixia intervene to rescue her. The former two take on Runoa in battle while Phoenixia tries to deal some damage to Creation in spite of the defences she creates for herself with her sketchpad. In the midst of bringing down trees to stop Phoenixia, it appears that the Sovereign crushes Emily beneath the trunk of one. Phoenixia is transfixed by Emily's scream, and as she is immobilized by horror, the insidious voice at the back of her head pleads for end the "nightmare". Phoenixia's recession unleashes her alter-ego, Crickette, whom no one - friend or foe - is able to subdue. Crickette sets the forest on fire and is poised to kill Adrian, until some vestige of Phoenixia's personality throws away her own sword. Eventually Phoenixia regains control, but in her state she is susceptible to Runoa's persuasion. She claims that Immaculation will "silence" Crickette forever, and so it is Phoenixia leaves with the Society's greatest foe. Tash returns to the Library with Emily - who survived - but Adrian remains in the fandom after them, in disbelief that Phoenixia is gone.

Insert Unexpected Frienemy Here[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Deltora Quest
  • Summary: Valerie and her team head off to Deltora Quest to apprehend a Sue that's disrupted the canon timeline, warped the fandom, and created uncharacteristic pairings. It seems to be a straightforward mission, but upon Prohibition, Camillia's Prohibitor simply slides right off. Camillia explains to Valerie that she's a Parody Sue, "created with exaggerated Sue traits in order to exemplify what not to do, without actually doing it". Valerie is ready to leave Camillia in the fandom with no hard feelings between them, when abruptly the Sue is Order himself. The Sovereign accuses Valerie of holding back in their last fight and - in order to re-evaluate her without the "bias" of her friends - he challenges her to battle while Danielle, Terrie, Stacey and Monika must face off against the Usurped he's summoned.

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

A Little More Conversation[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Tash and Rhia prepare an authentic stir-fry in the Basement for the Sues' meal but, as McLaren tucks into his food, he begins to suffer problems breathing. His neighbours attempt to help him, as well as asking for word to be passed on to the Agents on duty. In only a moment Tash and Rhia are called from their own dinners to respond to the alarm. Despite their help - and the summons for Val and Phoenixia to come from the medical ward with adrenaline to treat his anaphylactic shock - Ash accuses them of poisoning McLaren, and planning to "off" the rest of them soon after. Tash is furious at this accusation, but the Sues are not united in their opinion one way or another. Alice visits McLaren in the hospital before her departure for the mission in Sea Monsters, and with some effort she gets him to see that the Society is striving to make a change in its treatment of Sues, citing Robert as an example. She leaves him with a mutually cordial goodbye, and as she goes McLaren tells her that the only reason he'd been in the 40k fandom was to try and obtain possession of a Land Speeder. It would seem that he is very fond of racing and vehicles...

Insert Epic Space Opera Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library and Mei1105, story hosted at Master of the Library's account
  • Fandom: Star Wars
  • Summary: Tash convinces Adrian to go on a private vacation aboard the Manta, to combat the stress that they have both been feeling as the continued search for Phoenixia fails and fails again. During his meditation, Adrian believes he might have heard Phoenixia cry out to him. He then realizes that his memories of her are less clear than they should be. Despite considerable guilt, Adrian asks the Library's computer to activate the 'Judas Phoenix Protocol', which would lock Phoenixia out of the Library's systems until she returned to the Society physically. As a result of the protocol, @ was also upgraded, and she announces her presence on the ship just as Tash and Adrian are about to get intimate. Some time later, the Manta is attacked by ships of the Galactic Empire for crossing over into Dark Empire space. To escape the onslaught of oncoming ships, Adrian and Tash make to fly their ships through the centre of a split sun - but as they pass through it, they notice a station of some sort built in a calm spot at the middle of the sun. Sensor scans show that the structure is capable of generating plotholes big enough to fly ships through, and the station looks to be run by one or more Sues...

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Insane Holodeck Invasion Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Star Trek: Voyager
  • Summary: Robert is about to take his entrance exam, but at the same time, Rhia wants to take a break in one of the Star Trek fandoms. Alice wants to go with her, and naturally Louise usually goes wherever her roommate does. After Robert gives his friends the go-ahead, the three women decide to explore the Voyager fandom and are next seen in the cafeteria of the eponymous ship. Alice doesn't appreciate the alien cuisine, and goes to find a replicator to produce regular human food. In this way she is separated from Rhia and Louise, and while those two travel to the holodeck to witness a Velocity tournament, Alice ends up wandering lost around the ship. On the holodeck, @ halts the tournament and traps all those who are inside. She erects a simulacrum of the Library, in which each door hides some sort of deadly character or situation. Meanwhile, Alice is captured by Lieutenant Tuvok and brought to Commander Chakotay. The latter is aware that something has infiltrated the ship's computers, and as Alice is conspicuous as a trespasser, he believes she has something to do with the matter. Eventually Alice also becomes aware that the virus in the computers is, in fact, @. She suggests that the Doctor be sent to negotiate with @ as he is an electronic being like the Sue, and when he agrees that @ can stay aboard, she releases her prisoners. The last thing that Alice does in the fandom is glomp a lookalike Runoa that @ infused with none of the original's personality. Upon arriving back at the Library, Alice and Louise are overjoyed to learn that Robert passed his exam and has now officially become an Agent.

Insert Poetic Japanese Metaphor Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Tales of the Otori
  • Summary: Tash and Michael play a prank upon Merle in retaliation for something the latter said on Suebook, but Robert, Alice and Louise catch the two Agents at their task. Louise becomes infuriated with Tash's behaviour, snapping that Tash will regret antagonizing those Sues who are particularly dangerous to the Society. Tash waves aside her friend's warning, and jumps at the chance for a mission in the Tales of Otori fandom when the opportunity arises. At first she attempts to go after parole-breaker Ocean Fields with stealth, but then in a style reminiscent of the Society's origins, she simply makes a big ruckus and lets the Mary-Sue come to her. When Tash is distracted by several temptations to her inner fangirl, Ocean escapes, and so she glomps one of her favourite characters just for the heck of it, and sticks Copyrights on Otori Takeo and the other guards. In pursuit of Ocean, Tash next literally walks into a frying pan wielded by the Sue, but nonetheless she Prohibits Ocean even as she endures the pain from her assault. She lectures Ocean with a variant of "do unto others as you would have them do unto yourself", but as they prepare to return to the Library, coldness pervades the area. The monitors in the control room of the Library have filled with static, and back in the fandom Tash yells at Ocean to run just before she is incapacitated by the Sovereigns Purity and Order.

White In The Winter Night[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The Society visits a Christkindelsmarkt (German-style Christmas Market) and Robert tries to come up with a way to make Alice notice his feelings for her.

Insert Goodwill to All Men Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Alice, Louise and Robert lead a group of carollers around the Library to collect donations towards Christmas presents for the Sues.

Insert the Biggest Treasure Ever Here[]

  • Author: Wragnaroq R. Maggeddon
  • Fandom: One Piece
  • Summary: After returning with his latest captured Sue, Annalisa Andrea Annabeth Angelica Andromeda Anita Anisette Antoinette Anemone, Stephen is handed the coordinates to the One Piece fandom (which were found tattooed on the bottom of Vladimir's tongue), heads off and is immediately attacked by Allen Mainchor, an original character left to beat Stephen up on arrival. During the fight, Stephen goes berserk, infuriated by his constant role as a punching bag, and only snaps out of it when Allen throws water in his face. Unbeknown to either of them, they landed on a Sea King and Stephen's repeated berserk punching woke it up. After distracting the Sea King long enough for Allen to ride away safely, Stephen finds out that Nameless is waiting for him on Pandora, and he leaves just in time for Shirley to eviscerate him.

Insert Extreme Parkour Running Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Assassin's Creed 2
  • Summary: Feeling out of her league with all the Sovereigns running around, Rhia approaches Adrian and asks to be trained. He tells her to meet him tomorrow and to be prepared to work. After spending the night with Cristoph, Rhia begins her training. Adrian starts by threatening to drown Cristoph in a tank unless Rhia can make it to him and get past the Librarian himself. After running into several obstacles, Rhia finds herself outmatched by Adrian, and instead throws her wakizashi at the tank, shattering it and freeing Cristoph. Pleased, Adrian agrees to keep teaching her. After several weeks of training, Adrian takes Rhia to the Assassin's Creed 2 fandom to hand her over to Ezio Auditore for some specialist training. During the training session, Passion shows up with one of the Pieces of Eden, and challenges Rhia to another game, in which she must find the 'real' Passion out of the hundreds of copies he has created with the Apple. While Rhia fights off the copies, Passion accuses her and the Society of killing Wisdom, much to Rhia's confusion. Eventually Rhia ends up scaling up to Eagle Point, but Passion follows her up and pushes her off. Using the force of Incandescent Silverreign's blast to slow her fall, Rhia crash lands and Passion makes his escape.

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Nocturnal Tests of Devotion Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Catherine
  • Summary: Pete springs a surprise on Charis during a romantic getaway to Venice. Yet, several months later, he's either regretting his decision or else something else is troubling him. Charis enlists the help of Phoenixia to take a look into Pete's head, hoping that his dreams will hold answers to his uncommon behaviour.

Insert Humorous Evil Banter Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Tash is kidnapped by the Sovereigns, and it's Emily who decides to head the rescue mission...solo...after some persuasion by @. Meanwhile, Tash is quite enjoying being kidnapped, except when she's not. Nothing ruins a good mood like a wrathful Runoa and a Purity who is still strangely obsessed with the Society Leader.

Insert Deadly Distraction Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Michael and Tash are training in the Twilight fandom before abruptly being ambushed by Purity and Wisdom. Combee tries to be helpful during the ensuing battle, but she gets her teeth on a damaged BLAM and disastrously sets it off. As traumatising as the device can be to a normal human being, its effects on Wisdom are unexpected and even worse. When Wisdom doesn't return to the Sovereigns' base, it is assumed that he is dead...

Insert Lots and Lots of Guns Here[]

  • Author: Wragnqroq R. Maggeddon
  • Fandom: Borderlands
  • Summary: Stephen goes to meet Nameless on the planet Pandora (not the moon in Avatar) but he has to get creative in order to draw out the Stu and force a confrontation. Finally, during the fight, Nameless details his history since being abandoned in the Vault and tells exactly how he had planned to kill Stephen. Ultimately, he expresses his hurt at being forgotten by his Author - being bereft of even a name - and that is when Stephen reveals that he's remembered his character.

Insert Reality TV Gone Wrong Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105 and Isis the Sphinx, story hosted at Mei1105's account
  • Fandom: The Hunger Games
  • Summary: Passion believes that the Society murdered Wisdom, and obviously they need to be punished, but nonetheless his unique brand of fairness must still be satisfied. He thinks it's a fitting punishment to drop Agents and Sues into a Hunger Games recreation, in order to battle to the death. It's not a matter of one team winning against another...he seriously intends to uphold the rule that there can only be one victor.

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Hordes of Magnificent Bastards Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Adrian is a member of a rather interesting be exact, it's called the Thursday Night Risk Club. The Librarian just wants to go and retrieve the Stu who's snuck into that pocket fandom, but Tash and the others want to properly enjoy themselves at this gathering of Magnificent Bastards.

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Curious Blog Title Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Sherlock
  • Summary: Emily undertakes her first solo mission at the same that Harriet decides it would be a good idea for the rest of the Society to experience authentic afternoon tea at the Ritz. It must surely be a coincidence that the Ritz they're in is located within the same fandom wherein Emily is pursing the Sue named Sally Elizabeth Roberta Foster.

Insert Double Character Development Here[]

  • Author: PrinceAladdin2 and RedemptionWarrior, story hosted at PrinceAladdin2's account
  • Fandom: No More Heroes
  • Summary: Kyle and Willie drastically disagree about the appropriate methods by which to dispatch Mary Sues. They begin a fight that seems like it will only end in someone's death - and are conveniently interrupted by Tash - yet for some reason she decides that would it be a good idea to send the two on a mission together.

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Absolute Finale Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand, story hosted at Google Docs here
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Ben's band finally makes its big debut, but a couple of incidents throughout the night cause Lily to continue doubting the state of their relationship. Soon, she can't hold in her feelings any longer, and she gets into several explosive arguments with Ben. One of these arguments sends him on a mission during which he re-encounters Osiris/Neb and is badly injured. In her guilt, Lily overextends herself looking after Ben, and Avak chooses that time to also share his pent-up feelings - he loves Lily, and doesn't think Ben is deserving of her. After she reacts badly to an attempted kiss, Avak decides that the only way to resolve this love triangle is to kill off Ben. He plotholes his creator into another fandom for a battle to the death, but Lily joins in the fight...on Ben's side...and Avak can't stand the fact that Lily doesn't love him. Lily takes up Bahamut and transforms it into Power Metal Bahamut, with which she is ultimately able to defeat Avak...she kills her friend. Afterwards, neither Lily or Ben are sure where they will go on from here, but he shows her a statue that Marcus helped carve in memorial of the fallen Agent.

Insert Mind Break Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand, story hosted at Facebook here
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Ben and Lily are transported inside the former's head, with some help from Fred. Their mission? To find out what's preventing Ben from using his nuke abilities to the fullest. In the meantime, others in the Society are bound to jump to conclusions when two of their own go missing from within the Library for over 12 hours.