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This is a list of the 101st-200th stories written for the Society.


Insert Random Scream of Pain Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Neb kidnaps Bella from her pocket world and holds her hostage. With no options, Ben is forced to cooperate with a double-agent planted in the Elimination Society. But when his cover is blown, the Repiv, the agent frames Ben for a traitor and escapes. Ben follows him and once Shirley kills Repiv, Ben stumbles upon the Protection Society's hideout where they're keeping Bella, as well as a threat that could very well be the undoing of the Society. Ben and Bella are prevented from escaping by Asasca, one of Ben's former characters. But when a task force from the Elimination Society tasked with re-capturing Ben tracks him down, a battle erupts between the two Societies, in which Ben finally uses a repaired Bahamut - with powerups - to kill Neb. After the Protection Society retreats, everyone returns to the Library, where Asasca reveals that everything up to that point had been a plan orchestrated by him to unlock Ben's true potential. After a brief debate Bella is Permanently Prohibited and allowed to remain in the Library with Ben.

Insert Priceless Kodak Moment Here[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Emily tries to get a group photo, but the circumstances prove difficult...

Insert Blatant Shakespeare Ripoff Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Romeo x Juliet
  • Summary: Tyler tries to accost Faya M in the Romeo x Juliet fandom, and uses novel and unusual ways to escape the guards...He tries to fight Faya, but is forced to use a Scene Transition to escape. Faya, however, is killed by a mysterious being named Shade...

Insert Dragon Rider with Oriental Features Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Temeraire
  • Summary: Drake, equipped with a Writer's Block, enters the Temeraire fandom to accost Amanda again. After an odd series of events, as well as some struggles with Ekard and Neb, he captures her. Meanwhile, Raven is looking for a lab assistant...

Insert Giant Suit of Armour Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Iron Man
  • Summary: Neb tries to infiltrate Doug's author's world, but the security kicks him out. Meanwhile, while Doug and Cristoph are fighting, the Protection Society kidnaps canon character Tony Stark to get him to makea test suit and power source for them and a Sue named Venice. Pete and Doug rescue Tony, but when Pete returns, he finds that there is a new member...

Insert Cute-Sounding Sparkly Fairy Tale Here[]

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Freak of Nature Here[]

  • Author: Ossa
  • Fandom: Maximum Ride
  • Summary: New member Rhea Clearbreeze in the Flock charms all of them - except Max. New members Ossa and Aimee, later joined by Jamie, come to take her on. Rhea escapes however, and Ossa returns to the Society to reflect.

Insert Clever Shapeshifting Wordplay Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Transformers/Beast Wars
  • Summary: New members Jared and Chloe take on Cassandra. The fight turns out to be crackish, with Optimus Prime on Cassandra's side and Jared's truck, Chevila, defending her owner. However, Jared and Chloe finally graduate from their dull states as techies into Agents with the help of Ben and Shirley.

Insert Clichéd Halloween Clipshow Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: While the Society is partying for Halloween, a threat seems ominous...the number of flashbacks are increasing and the Fourth Wall has been sealed...and now, several of the Agents are falling asleep with no explanation. The remaining Agents are trying to stop this...
...but then after finding out it's just Chi and Xavier, and capturing Xavier, and going through a crackfest, they go back to the Library...only to start on the NaNoWriMo disease...

Insert RPG Based Comic Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Order of the Stick
  • Summary: Tyler tries to accost Zak Blade in the Order of the Stick fandom. After accosting Zak and fighting Relyt, Tyler finds himself kidnapped by the Protection Society...Meanwhile, another Uber-Stu is killed by Ekard.

Insert Real World Country Name Here[]

  • Author: crystalclear500
  • Fandom: Axis Powers Hetalia
  • Summary: Meet Chrys and Mizuho, two new Agents out to save the world from their old enemy Tato!...or so they think...they fail to capture Tato/Thetania and stuff goes crazy...

Insert Extremely Convoluted Musical Sense Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: K-On!
  • Summary: Kiriko Kuramoto is a Sue who enters the K-On! fandom. Chrys and Aster will have none of it, so the enter the fandom to capture her...and they do! Yes, they do! You're not dreaming!

Insert Synthesized Personified Software Voice Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: VOCALOID
  • Summary: Chrys and Aster go to catch Chi and after a hard battle finally do so.

Note: The only point of this was to clear up an obscure plot point in "Insert Red Skies Twilight Here".

Insert Incompletely Explained Spiritual Pursuits Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Enchained Spiritual Beast Ga-Rei
  • Summary: Aster's author arrives to help the Society on their way to rescue Kyle. After many difficulties, they do, but as it turns out, it was a distraction ploy by Runoa...

Insert Irate Victim of Supernatural Spam Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Jigoku Shoujo
  • Summary: Charis enters the fandom after a virus in the form of spam attacks her computer, but leaves after an unsuccessful battle of wits against the Sue, Emma Ai. Despite her ineptness at repartee, Charis captures Emma to bring her back to the Library, and her only injury is embarrassment.

Insert Disastrous Final Battle Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Adrian becomes exasperated by Emily's constant drawing in books in the Library and Emily in frustration goes to travel fandoms to vent. Emily soon realizes this is a mistake, however, when she runs into her brother Alastor. When Claire, Miriku and Tash go to rescue her, they are captured by Alastor. Adrian and Michael go to rescue all four of them. However, Alastor manages to merge every fandom in existence together. Kyle, Willie, Aster, and Marcus go to rescue Michael and Adrian. Alastor then proceeds to turn everyone in the vicinity except Michael into energy and absorb them to make him stronger. Alastor then proceeds to use the powers of the respective Agents against Michael.
Emily arrives and gives Michael information on how to defeat Alastor. Alastor, however, infects Michael's mind and plagues him of visions of the other Agents cursing and insulting him, reducing Michael to begging for mercy. Alastor then proceeds to absorb Michael, but the Darkness saves him and Michael escapes, saving the other Agents in the process and sending them back to the Library. Alastor reveals a shocking fact: Michael created Alastor (a self-insert) years ago, although it was so long ago that Michael forgot about it. And not only that, but the self-insert killed Alastor years ago and changed his appearance to be like his...By invoking a Big Lipped Alligator Moment and describing Dumbo's Pink Elephants in extreme detail, Michael shoves Alastor in a black hole. When he gets back to the Library, Michael tells Claire to be more careful...and proposes to her.

Insert Replacement Agent Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Surrogates
  • Summary: After Ben's departure of "betrayal", all of the Agents except a few go after Ben. Doug is left in a weakened state by Neb, and Rina is forced to stand in for him. Tyler accompanies her to the Surrogates fandom. An epic battle ensues but both sides get nowhere...

Insert Walking Arsenal of Death Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Ratchet and Clank
  • Summary: Raven and Marion lure Drake into the Arena to fight a Super-Sue, and even though there is an epic battle, Drake ends up buried in a pile of rubble at the mercy of Ekard...

Insert Pseudo Latin Interjections Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: The Dresden Files
  • Summary: Jared and Chloe face off against Cassandra, but are forced to let her go. Meanwhile, someone breaks into Jared's lab...

Insert Fast Car Here[]

Insert Shiny Hole in Time Here[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Primeval
  • Summary: Dave, a new agent, accosts Mesha, a Sue who has been leaving traces everywhere. While Dave nabs Mesha, the methodology involves one of Ben's nukes... And Mesha herself is suspiciously cooperative...

Insert Casual Battle in the Dead of Night Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Midnighters
  • Summary: Karissa and Charis are sent on a mission, and through accident - or deliberate intent - Pete goes with them. In the Midnighters fandom, Lela and Viva show up to spring a trap on the Agents, but it seems the sisters already knew. Along with canon characters, they fight against an army of Darklings summoned by Lela. Charis uses a Reality Check to level the playing field, and while the powerless Sues sit one out the Agents help the Midnighters to victory. Karissa tries to find Lela before she exits the fandom, during a 5 minute time-out in which no one can generate a Plothole to leave.

Insert ET Infested Pyramid of Death Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Aliens/Predator
  • Summary: Ekard tries to kill Drake but because he wants it to be an impressive death, Drake bests him and escapes in time for the Halloween party...but he's flashbacking...

Insert Slightly Flaming Metaphor Here[]

  • Author: Here for the Twister
  • Fandom: Hunger Games
  • Summary: Jess pursues a Sue, Hazel la Mendiante...who happens to be her creation! Hazel's bitter about being abandoned before just the good parts were about to happen...and she's definitely not happy with how Jess is composing her appearance. Jess wins, but she realizes what she has to do and gives Hazel her ending...out of existence...

Insert Tragic Loss of Martyr Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Valerie finds the story of how Cassie turned insane when she was abandoned, and how she was manipulated by a mysterious Author to gain power. As Cassie kills herself to save Aster from a bad fate and to see her loved ones again, a mysterious Author plots a way to twist the Sue system to her needs...

Insert Fourth Wall Breaking Cat Calls Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Samurai Pizza Cats
  • Summary: After finding out that Kyle's going to be forced to go on mission with a partner, he goes with Tash to fight a Sue, Lady Like Like Doll...

Insert Rebellious Experiment Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Frankenstein Monster
  • Summary: When Super-Sue escapes from Raven's clutches, Raven hires the Society to go after her. Super-Sue, styling herself "Eve", engages in romance with Frankenstein himself but gets accosted by the Society. After an epic battle, the Society gets Super-Sue long enough for Raven to kill her, but Raven and Marion are planning something...

Blood on the Blade[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A reflection on Adrian's job to kill people even when it comes with a large emotional cost.

Insert Address to Hell Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Babylon 5
  • Summary: Rhia and Cristoph are sent in to take down Mira, Rhia's old creation. Stuff explodes, everything goes wrong...and Christmas comes. Rhia gives Cristoph a sweet present for Christmas, and gives a speech as the feast starts.

Insert Insane Drunken Christmas Party Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The Society celebrates Christmas. Unfortunately, this involves crazy Secret Santas, karaoke, rigged scores, and alcohol...and then maybe some time for Christmas cheer.

Insert Places Where No Man Has Gone Before Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Star Trek: The Next Generation
  • Summary: Jared and Chloe are sent to take on a Level 6 Sue named Fiona, but Repiv has sabatoged the monitors. With a start this rocky do the agents have much hope of success?

Insert Power of Princesses Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Rave Master
  • Summary: Doug goes after Venice in the Rave Master fandom, in which she's already befriended the main characters and has typically started warping the plotline. Along with Karissa and two of his fellow Wanderers, he comes up with a plan to arrest Venice. What he didn't count on was Venice taking advantage of a moment of weakness and using Karissa as a hostage to try and escape. Since Venice chose to raise the stakes, Doug also becomes more violent towards the Sue, and although he Prohibits Venice in the end the question is raised: exactly how much force is it reasonable to show towards a Sue?

The Look into Madness[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: An outline of the Darkness's history and its current state.

Forever and For Always[]

ACMSES: The Night Before Christmas[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Pete and Joe's author tries to explain the night before Christmas to them. Sadly, they can't get their heads out of the gutter.

Insert Retconned Badass Looking Warbler Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Black★Rock Shooter (Temporarily hosted under Vocaloid)
  • Summary: Ben and Aster are deployed into a fandom where the anime hasn't even been released yet! But as it turns out, Ben was just under the effect of sugar-induced dreaming. Oh, and Bella's renamed Lily and a therapist...

Making Sense of Things[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: After seeing [[Adrian[[ kill a Sue, Rhia gets thrown into conflict about the meaning of a Sue's existence, but has Cristoph to comfort her...

Insert Dramatic Tournament Name Here[]

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Too Much[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: At the events of Adrian's death, Aster tries to sort out her existence, the future, and the new voice inside her head.

Insert Radical Squadron of Heroic Felines Here[]

Insert Septuplet Superweapon Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: HALO (Moved to Parodies and Spoofs for ToS disputes)
  • Summary: Tyler is captured by the PCMSPS, but that only brings the Society over. It's a battle of Elimination Agent against Protection Agent to the death...

Insert Government Funded Male Cheerleaders Here[]

  • Author: Ulera and James Firebrand, story hosted at James Firebrand's account
  • Fandom: Elite Beat Agents
  • Summary: Jared and Ben engage in a dangerous dance off with a Gary Stu, Two-Step Hula, and get beaten horribly. Can they suceed in a rematch with the help of Ben's old mentor? Meanwhile, Deraj attempts to do a bit of grave robbing.

Insert the Best of Both Worlds Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Metroid
  • Summary: Finding Cassandra in the Metroid fandom isn't easy, especially when Deraj and other Pro-Cliché members are why not involve Ben, Drake, Aster, Chloe, Jared, Doug, and Tyler as well? But there's a problem: Osiris has been created from the dead body of Neb, and Jared's been kidnapped by Deraj...

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Teleporting Annoyance Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Jumper
  • Summary: Doug and Charis enter the Jumper fandom to test their Anachron Device. Although Doug initially faces about twenty Sues, he is able to defeat them, and no difficulties arise until the Sues' creator appears. Doug and him fight for while before he exits the fandom through a plothole. Aryan then goes on to introduce himself to the PCMSPS. Back at the Library, the Anachron Device's side-effect is revealed as Doug has shrunk.

Insert Frankly Barking Sci-Fi Plot Here[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Zero-X
  • Summary: While Dave and Tyler capture a Stu on a planet of living Skeletons, the senior Society members' suspicions about Mesha prove true. She is taken from the Library and her suppressed memories are restored to her...


Ever the Same[]

  • Author: Hurricane's Quill
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Cristoph comes out of the door Adrian sent him through to find out that Adrian's dead, and he struggles to come to terms with his feelings and the fact that he has no identity to ponder on.


  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Michael realizes that not only is Adrian gone, but the Darkness is also, and he realizes he may have liked the Darkness more than he may have liked to admit...

Insert Mispronounced Dæmon Name Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: His Dark Materials
  • Summary: Tash confronts a mysterious Sue inside the His Dark Materials fandom, as well as herself...and realizes what she has to do...She decides to leave the Society for a the hands of Michael...

Family Tree[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: In which the reader finds out what Willowe last said to Emily, and how Willowe's motives may not have been so crazed after all...

Bless the Stars On High[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Cristoph and Rhia try to deal with Adrian's death.

Circular Logic[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Valerie tries to hold onto her last hope that Adrian's not dead, running constant searches and trying to see if she can sense him...

Insert Animal Based Martial Arts Battle Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Jyuken Sentai Gekiranger
  • Summary: While he copes with the fact Adrian is dead, Drake faces off against Abigail, finding she is still alive. He manages to kill her, but suffers painfully in the process.

The Defender's Manifesto[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A "theme song" of sorts for the second season.

Carved in Stone[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Marcus attempts to "resurrect" Adrian by animating a statue of him with the Rat Talisman, but he's informed that Adrian can't return like that and Marcus needs to accept it. In the end, Marcus dedicates the statue to Adrian and his legacy.

Insert Emotionally Trading Religious Motif Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne
  • Summary: In an attempt to make Chrys feel better, Aster takes Chrys to the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne fandom in order to take down Tato. It requires Chrys and Aster's friend Akai to help, and in the end it's a failed mission. And Aster sacrifices her sanity for Chrys's happiness...

Insert Unconquerable Finality Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: In an attempt to take down the Society, Runoa sends one of her ten 'Sovereigns' to engage them. This one is Death, and he masquerades as Adrian. Phoenixia, however, has the last laugh as she invades his body and overwrites his memories and life. Runoa, however, is still planning...

Insert Dubious Archaeological Practice Here[]

  • Author: ProperDaveXD001
  • Fandom: Bonekickers
  • Summary: Trying to hunt down Mesha, Dave and Rhia go to the Bonekickers fandom. The attempt to get her is unsuccessful, and Mesha's backing is still mysterious...

Insert Expendable Cursed Fate Type Thing Here[]

Insert Computerized Alien Species Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: The Sarah Jane Adventures
  • Summary: On Emily's birthday, there's the Sue from the His Dark Materials fandom back again, under the name "Lisa", and she's looking for someone. Even though the Society gets there in time, she escapes and finds herself in the protection of the PCMSPS. Meanwhile, Emily tries to sort out her perception of her sister Willowe...and decides maybe Willowe hadn't been so bad after all...

This Love[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A montage of scenes appear with those closest to Adrian appearing, along with some minor hints of what's to come.

Insert Implausible Search Pattern Here[]

Insert Another World of Imagination Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: The Looking Glass Wars Trilogy
  • Summary: Tyler tracks down Ssyla Heart but loses her to the PCMSPS...

Insert Useless Crack Commandos Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: G. I. Joe
  • Summary: As Doug prepares to retire, he brings in Ingrid Nunn, the former Maya Mariana, who has lost all her personality. They face off a "Commander Sue" in the fandom but screw stuff up.

Insert Ominous Experimentation Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The PCMSPS reveals its actual plan: to absorb essence of Sues and Stus...and purify the universe.

Insert Serious Crack Smoking Here[]

Insert Gigantic Autonomous Robots Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Transformers
  • Summary: In an attempt to rescue Lydia Hei, Doug and his Wanderer friends try to save her. They run into Aryan, however, and Doug is captured. Suspicion arises that the PCMSPS is trying to fuse their abilities with Sue essence in order to finish their project...

Insert Classic Show Tune Here[]

Insert Difficult and Complex Written Test Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: While sitting in on a Society entrance test, Tash encounters a code ten situation - applicant Astron Ganera fails the Litmus test in such a way that indicates that he is a Stu. Despite some interference from new recruits Alice and Louise, Tash manages to down the Stu and prohibit him. Harriet takes charge of sending Astron back to his Author along with a warning, but the Author doesn't agree with the Society's assessment of his character...the Society may have made another dangerous enemy.

The Things That Make Us Human[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Lily is starting to feel more human than Mary-Sue, and she believes she's finally found her place in the Society. But when she goes to see Ben while he's invigilating a Society entrance test, she runs into her Author Amanda. Needless to say, Amanda is not pleased to see her "failure" still alive, and while running away from the encounter Lily collapses in a mysterious coughing fit. Ben and Dave bring Lily to Valerie for help, and it turns out she was almost killed by a common cold. Ben tries to make Lily see reason that her Author's accusations were not true, and that there are more than one way that someone can be considered human.

Insert Inconclusive Science Experiment Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Crimson Shell
  • Summary: Shortly after returning from a shopping trip with Lily, Karissa and Charis head to the Crimson Shell fandom on a tip believed to be from their Author Cay. There, they encounter Lela in the company of a young canon male...but she hasn't seduced him like they believe. Lela seems earnest about wanting to stop being a Sue, so Karissa offers her the choice to be permanently prohibited and brought back to the Library. Just as Lela accepts, she is killed by Viva, and Karissa and Charis struggle to leave the fandom alive. Brought together by Lela's death, Karissa and Cay try to make amends, and as a gift Karissa gains a new weapon, Gekkou.

Insert Temper Tantrum Throwing Gods Here[]

  • Author: Lord Monbodo
  • Fandom: Everworld
  • Summary: While hunting a Stu, Michael is saved by - and in turn, saves - Tom, archaeologist and would-be Agent. Tom goes on to pass the Society entrance test, and he is made into a fully-fledged rookie. While killing time before his rookie mission Tom gets to know Charis, makes a deal to have a prohibitor dart gun made for him, and also manages to make an immediate enemy of Shirley. None too soon, he is told that his first mission will be in the Everworld fandom, but Tom has difficulties using Plotholes to get there. In the end, he enters the correct fandom and temporarily apprehends the Sue, but the ensuing chaos as the fandom reverts to normal provides enough confusion to allow Allia Videc to get away. Tom returns to the Library and has to face up to his paperwork.

Insert Complex Physics Term Here[]

  • Author: Here for the Twister
  • Fandom: The Big Bang Theory
  • Summary: Due to a real world break-up, Jess is pretty pissed off. In a mood for a punching bag, she jumps at the chance to apprehend Leonor Cassidy in the Big Bang Theory fandom, despite being warned that Leonor is now a Level 5 and may be difficult to catch. In the fandom, it turns out that Leonor has warped canon by altering past events and therefore affecting all that should happen in the future. A furious Jess corners Leonor in a washroom but fails to Copyright a nearby character who - still enthralled by Leonor - conks Jess on the back of the head and allows the Sue to escape. Jess is even more emotional by the time that she reawakens in the Library's infirmary.

Insert Crazy Awesome Gunslinger Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Devil May Cry 3
  • Summary: Phoenixia and Tash both enter the Devil May Cry 3 fandom. Tash is there on a Librarian's errand, and Phoenixia is well-dressed and prepared to take down her first Sue as a flesh-and-blood Agent of the Society. However, when she encounters the Stu, he is not the run-of-the-mill kind she had expected. Edward Casanova has been written to think of himself as Phoenixia's long-lost lover, and when she repudiates him, he is not very pleased. He proceeds to assault her, and attempts to force himself on her when he gains the upper hand - only timely intervention by Tash stops him. Phoenixia is furious at her moment of vulnerability and steals Tash's Oneshot in order to gain the canon power of Devil Trigger; in an angel's form, and with the use of Incandescent Silverreign, Phoenixia slays the Stu. In the evening, back at the Library, she and Tash reminisce about Adrian and provide comfort to each other...comfort that Michael totally misinterprets when he wakes them both the morning after.

Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here[]

  • Author: Aliso
  • Fandom: Warhammer 40K
  • Summary: Recent Society recruits Alice and Louise enter the Warhammer 40K fandom in pursuit of a Stu. Their mission is both helped and hindered by the interference of canon characters, and at the same time Alice has to deal with a former Sue of hers that is now more ghost than human - Misty. With the help of Michael and Claire, the two Agents eventually prohibit McLaren Ferrari, but then a Sue that they hadn't detected in the fandom uses Michael's Communicator to access the Library. Phoenixia fights to keep her out of the computers, but no one really knows where @ is now.

Insert False Gods Here[]

  • Author: Crazyloon99
  • Fandom: Stargate: SG-1
  • Summary: Louise goes on a solo mission to the Stargate SG-1 fandom. Unfortunately, the Sue she's hunting turns out to be at least a Level 5 or higher, plus she is an unwelcome figure from her own past. Acknowledging that sometimes it's better not to fight a losing battle, Louise retreats to the Library where she proceeds to tell Tash all she knows about Merle Ravensclaw.

Insert Warriors Clad in Magical Armor Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: GARO
  • Summary: Drake returns from vacation and is immediately greeted with another mission. He takes Michael with him into the GARO fandom, and together they face off against a Stu and a corrupted canon character. Michael Copyrights the character but - just as he is going to help Drake - a mysterious man buries him in an avalanche of rubble. This man proceeds to interrupt Drake's fight with the Stu, Akuro Fuji, and reveals himself to be Griff, a character from Drake's home fandom. He accuses Drake of stealing an artifact called the Chimera Brace before attacking him. When Michael regains consciousness he calls for backup provided by Ben, Tyler, Jared, Pete and Cristoph. Together they repel Griff and his draguirrel from the fandom, and the Agents return to the Library where Tash questions Drake in the infirmary.

Insert Homecoming King of Monsters Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Marvel Universe (particular emphasis on Godzilla)
  • Summary: A Sue, Sasha Stark, has taken over S.H.I.E.L.D. and is preparing to use the stolen Sue Storm device to take control of Godzilla as a trial run of the device. Naturally, the ACMSES intervenes, with some unwanted help from Deraj and Eolhc. Meanwhile a group of Sue-controlled supervillians confronts a group of Agents on top of the Daily Bugle.

Insert Peaceful Change of Mind Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: It is revealed that the main cause of Aster's insanity is her unwillingness to connect with the real world after struggling with something inside her. She sees a vision of Adrian (although it's revealed it's not actually Adrian at all) and he helps her come to terms with his death. In the real world, Valerie finds Aster in a coma and is about to force open her head to find out what's wrong at the risk of Aster going brain-dead, but Aster recovers in time; with Aster's permission, Valerie probes anyway, only to find -

Insert The Enemy of My Enemy is My Date Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: While the readers wait for that last sentence to be finished, Adrian is meanwhile in Hell, when suddenly his lawyer defends him and gets him out of there. His lawyer?...Willowe. After telling him that the past he thought is real is him lying to himself, and he must know his past to defeat Runoa, Willowe proves she's somewhat redeemed and sends him off. Adrian walks through a door into...a waiting room...waiting to get resurrected, with only Twilight books...

Insert a Very Happy Birthday Here[]

Insert Super-Powered Female Soldier Here[]

  • Author: Hurricane's Quill
  • Fandom: Valkyria Chronicles
  • Summary: Melanie Koda invades the Valkyria Chronicles fandom and Cristoph with Ben and Karissa go after her. It's a failed capture, but Melanie may have the key to Cristoph's past...

Insert Beatdown of a Different Kind Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Touhou Project
  • Summary: After figuring out that Aster really does know what she's doing regarding Japanese media, Kyle takes her to the Touhou fandom in order to investigate. The boundary between Gensokyo and the real world has vanished thanks to a Villain-Sue, and everyone has lost their powers. Thus, even the great Yukari Yakumo needs their help. The Sue, Cerebrum Oblongata, has caused this, along with an ally of hers who seems to have an Omni-weapon of his own.
Meanwhile, Kyle and Aster enlist some backup, as well as Hong Meiling herself, in order to find the familiar characters and restore Gensokyo...

Note: This is a multichapter fic, and is currently incomplete.

Insert Another Classic War Story Here[]

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Heavy Metal Demon Destruction Here[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Brütal Legend
  • Summary: Anuhs Weedy and Kazuna take on Pete and his side-friend Jessie. Joe takes in Angelina as a character, and he returns to the Society.

Insert All-Powerful Tome Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Avalon Code
  • Summary: As Ben tries to teach everyone the Fast-Step, Lily is sent on her first mission against Matthew Slaymaker. Although she prevents him from resurrecting a villain, it's another failed capture.

Insert Victorian Age Slash Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Sherlock Holmes (Movie)
  • Summary: Rhia faces off against Roxelana Terelli, a slasher Sue, who is pairing Watson and Holmes. Once again, a failed capture, but Roxelana leaves a threat...

Insert Fantastically Snarky Computer Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Portal
  • Summary: Aster and Chrys go into the Portal fandom to corner Tato, but it’s a failed capture, and due to a minor slip-up, the two end up returning to the Society after ten days. Meanwhile, Akai takes the test for the fifty-eighth time and finally becomes a member after cheating (by folding the page)…

Insert Oddly Metered Poem Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A silly poem involving snacks.

Insert Ancient Cro Magnon Civilization Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Earth's Children
  • Summary: Tash and Harriet chase after Lisa in Earth's Children while others stay behind to watch Doctor Who. Lisa accuses Tash of killing her lover, and tries to fight her off, eventually knocking out Tash to kidnap her for the PCMSPS. Harriet, however, goes to rescue Tash and successfully does so - but not before discovering who Lisa is...

Insert Jaw Dropping Reveal Here[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Valerie ponders what on earth can have happened to Aster, as well as a new "friend" whom she has just met running around with Adrian's signature. As Aster is brought in for treatment, Valerie finds out that Aster is struggling with something inside herself with inversed emotion, but even though Aster recovers soon, Valerie is curious. She finds out that Aster seems to have hidden part of Adrian's aura, and therefore part of his soul - the problem now is how to find soul pieces...and how that has suddenly decreased the possibility of Adrian coming back.
Shocked, Valerie tries to come to terms with the visions of Adrian beginning to haunt her, and she and Kuroneko conclude that Adrian has hidden his soul pieces in people. They immediately investigate Michael, and find that not only does he have one, but Tash does too...
In the aftermath of the Library's second invasion, Valerie informs Tash and Michael of her and Kuroneko's plan to attempt to ressurect Adrian, and the search for soul pieces becomes more wide-spread. However, it soon becomes clear that there are no more pieces within the Society's ranks... until another vision forces Valerie to realize what should have been obvious all along...
Valerie herself also has a piece of Adrian's soul, and with that, the group thinks they have all the pieces they need. Valerie, Kuroneko, Danielle, Tash, Michael, and Aster return to the white room where Adrian's body is being kept and preserved, only to figure out that there is a fifth soul piece still out there. Valerie, Tash, Michael, and Aster deposit their pieces anyway, and Valerie goes in search of the missing one, which is in the body of a mysterious Stu who seems to have intimate knowledge of the Society and its Agents. After a long conversation in which Valerie realizes many important things about herself, she returns to the white room to deposit the fifth piece of Adrian's soul. After a very dramatic light-show, Adrian's body reanimates, and the Librarian is restored to life.
The agents' reactions to Adrian's return are varied and loud, but it's all Valerie can do not to cry aloud as she finally allows herself to grieve for his death. It doesn't take her long to recover though, as less than a week later, she is heard singing to herself again. Michael retains his position as Chief Agent, and his Darkness, no longer suppressed by the force of Adrian's soul, is back to being a malevolent parasite. Tash and Adrian become Librarians jointly, sharing most of the administrative duties so they can have more time to themselves. Valerie has a private reunion with Adrian, in which he gives her the broken Hoshikuzu pendant. She subsequently goes out and gives it to Zero, the mysterious Stu from before, who is actually a Replica of Adrian created under Runoa's orders, but who fled Runoa's fortress when he started thinking for himself. Zero seems to be a good person, but he denies prohibition and shelter at the Library, much to Valerie's suspicion (though she eventually decides to keep him a secret for now). Zero later places the Hoshikuzu pendant as a marker on a tree, along with a little black book containing his final diary entry, and vanishes to parts unknown. Meanwhile, when Valerie returns to the Library, she is informed by a very angry Adrian that Aster has been kidnapped by none other than Runoa...

Insert Bad Superhero Name Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Kick-Ass
  • Summary: After a hectic day, one in which Rhia gets in a very drawn-out fight with Willie, a scream is heard in one side of the Library and Rhia's dead, bleeding body is found...While the Society panics, it turns out Roxelana Terelli has kidnapped her and faked her death in order to tie up loose ends...
After reading Rhia's will, Cristoph is despondent and goes after Roxelana in Kick-Ass to get Rhia's revenge. He finds out that Rhia is actually kidnapped and tortured, rendered deaf, mute, and blind, and with the help of Ingrid and Willie, he gets her back to the Library and back to normal.

Insert Dramatic Finale Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The Society and the PCMSPS prepare for a face-off...permanently marking the fall of the PCMSPS.

Before the Society[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: The backstories of Aster, Chrys, and Akai, who have been worrying about the lack of a soul, the cursed fate of a Peacekeeper, and the risk of demonic possession - murderous demonic possession.

Insert Holy New Fic Batman! Here[]

  • Author: Ulera
  • Fandom: Batman: Arkham Asylum
  • Summary: After his betrayal, Deraj is kept from Osiris access, and thus creates an LPGB foil, the LPS. Retsa grudgingly allows Deraj to get them back when they're taken, but Deraj is forced to face some Sues...

Insert Random Distraction Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: While the rest of the Society deals with Doctor Who villains, Harriet finds out what Lisa has to do with eighteenth century women's literature, and something about gay Turkish pirates. And Phoenixia kills a Yu-Gi-Oh! Stu with her breasts. Yeah.

Insert Passionately Hyped Idol Ship Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Macross Frontier
  • Summary: When two Sues, Kiseki Nakamura and Kyoukai Kaneyama, come to the Macross Frontier fandom each of their own volition and argue about which ship to support, main characters Ranka and Sheryl get murdered as a result. Akai, Chrys, and Aster are sent in to get rid of them, but they need to get them to resurrect Ranka and Sheryl first. Sadly, Akai is bloodthirsty, and even though she gets to threaten the Sues to resurrect them, she murders the Sues anyway.

Insert Deth-Klok Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Metalocalypse
  • Summary: Justin Cloudbreeze invades the Metalocalypse fandom and turns the uber-popular Death Metal Band Dethklok into a boy band, causing Ben to fly into a rage and enter the fandom with the intent to kill. After invading Mordhaus with the help of the Tribunal, Ben pursues and very nearly kills Justin, only to be first interrupted by Offdensen, the band's manager, and then Michael, Jared, Jess and Lily who manage to calm him down and Prohibit Justin. Back at the Library, Justin becomes Shirley's new chew toy, Ben is put on probation and he, Jess and Shirley decide to form a band.

Insert Rather Anticlimactic Passing of Exam Here[]

  • Author: Akai-Kurenai
  • Fandom: Suzumiya Haruhi (Disappearance)
  • Summary: On Akai's first mission, she runs into Amaya Ayanami, who has started an illicit romance with Kyon; Akai dispatches her easily. However, Amaya was not the only Sue to enter the fandom. The more powerful SEEer escapes from Akai's grip. The rest of the Society soon realizes that Akai best...odd.

Insert Overly Powerful Fire Spell Here[]

  • Author: Hikari no Senshi
  • Fandom: Valdemar Saga
  • Summary: Terrie chases after a new Sue, Yaviel Tachigawa, but eventually misses the Sue; however, she finds she retains the Mage Gift...