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This is a list of the first 100 stories written for the Society.


Insert Poncey Sounding Elvish Here[]

  • Author: Anikathepen
  • Fandom: Lord of the Rings
  • Summary: A mysterious girl named Willowe Foxblade appears in the Lord of the Rings fandom seeking love and influencing canon concepts and minds…until, that is, three girls named Harriet, Tash, and Lauren interfere! This is the newly-formed, hodgepodge Society, and instead of capturing Willowe, they end up succumbing to their own fangirlish desires…

Insert Badly Spelt Japanese Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Summary: Willowe is found again, this time in the Yu-Gi-Oh! fandom, and it’s up to the Society to stop them…well, that is, until the girls find out they still are not immune to their fangirlish urges…

Insert Grossly Mutilated Latin Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Summary: Once again, Willowe strikes in the Harry Potter fandom. Unfortunately for her, she's stopped by the Society. And unfortunately for the Society, fangirlism is still in the air.

Insert Badly Translated Egyptian Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh!
  • Summary: A mysterious Stu, Zachary Bell, penetrates the Yu-Gi-Oh!andom with his Stuishness. However, he is accosted by a strange masked man wearing a cloak, and is duly eviscerated by said man. This person is a new member of the ACMSES, Michael Wasson, and he is here to stop Sues...or in Michael's case, cut them apart...

Insert Innacurate Historical Reference Here[]

Insert Overly Dramatic Henshin Sequence Here[]

  • Author: Hikari no Senshi
  • Fandom: Sailor Moon
  • Summary: Willowe penetrates the Sailor Moon fandom, and Valerie and her team are on it! However, the team fails to catch the Sue AGAIN, and they fall victim to their own urges AGAIN...

Insert Poorly Recorded Hyrulean History Here[]

  • Author: Game Master Blake
  • Fandom: Legend of Zelda
  • Summary: A mysterious person shows up in the Legend of Zelda fandom who looks exactly like Link with white instead of green clothing. Link can’t understand what’s going on until new Society agent Blake shows up revealing that the new person is actually Russell, Willowe's boyfriend, and he’s using the Chaos Emerald from the Sonic fandom to warp reality! Blake chases Russell out and restores the fandom but fails to capture the Stu…and plays a little prank on the fandom just for kicks.

Note: This fic was deleted from

Insert Unpronounceable Alien Species Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Doctor Who
  • Summary: Willowe has invaded the Doctor Who fandom, disguised as "the last Timelord besides myself [the Doctor] in existence"...and this time, the ones chasing Willowe are Emma, Beth, and Kate...and they're just as bad as their predecessors.

Insert Unimaginative Pirate Name Here[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean
  • Summary: Willowe managed to seduce Captain Jack in order to have Barbossa steal his booty! Fortunately, Valerie and her team are on the task. But when Willowe's surprise attack is too much to handle, Valerie tries to use a Plot Device to get out of it...but this only lets Russell boot in and get Willowe. And so, a failed mission...and so they go off to satisfy their fan urges again. But meanwhile, Willowe and Russell are planning something...

Insert Random Alphanumeric Code Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Chaotic
  • Summary: A Stu named Xavier Peacemaker enters the Chaotic fandom to bring justice, be the best player, yada yada yada...when a new member of the Society, Marcus, comes in and interferes! He has a new device, a Prohibitor, that erases all memory and traces of Xavier's Stuish actions. But Xavier just runs for it and Marcus eventually loses him...

Insert Defectively Typed in Binary Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Digimon Frontier
  • Summary: A Stu, Alastor Kiang (Willowe's brother) has invaded Digimon Frontier, even with a spirit of his own...and so Michael is up to the task. But Alastor has enough wit to keep Michael on his toes, and eventually escapes Michael's grasp. Oops...

Insert Bad Shinigami Reference Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Bleach
  • Summary: Let's give a warm welcome to our new member, Adrian, keeper of the Library Arcanium which is the Society's new headquarters and...well...the victim of several food raids. Adrian is, unfortunately, beaten up on his first attempt...and has to take down Silver, an obsessed-with-perfection Stu shinigami in the Bleach fandom who only really cares about killing, say, everyone...but when Adrian has his little Librarian Secret Art (BOOT TO THE HEAD!)...well, luck is on his side!...Or not. Because his Mystery Vanish fails, leaving him embedded in the wall, and even though he captures Silver, he finds that someone stole all his food (besides the yellow Starbursts)...

Note: This marks the first appearence of the Library Arcanium, the Society's HQ, and the start of the practice of imprisioning captured Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus in the Library's basement.

Insert Exceptionally Dramatic Clow Card Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Cardcaptor Sakura
  • Summary: Willowe's younger sister Juniper is found in the Cardcaptor Sakura fandom. Michael finds Alastor in another fandom. But Alastor escapes Michael's grip, and Juniper turns out to have a Clow Card (a "Reality Card")...Miriku tries to use a Plot Device to save the day, but instead...she makes it worse by adding Willowe's other sisters Ashley, Aspen, and Palm Tree...

Insert Dreadful-Sounding Ghost Story Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Danny Phantom
  • Summary: A girl named Spirit enters the ghost world, as a new ghost-girl! Marcus tries to convince Danny to help him nab convincing him that she's letting Danny's powers go cold! As it turns out, that is Spirit's actual plan...but Clockwork, a canon character, intervenes by forcing a Prohibitor into Spirit because he is sworn to protect space and time, letting Marcus put Spirit in a Thermos.

Insert Badly Deteriorated Hedgehog Here[]

  • Author: Game Master Blake
  • Fandom: Sonic the Hedgehog
  • Summary: Not only does Blake have to return the Chaos Emerald…he also has to apprehend a Gary Stu…named Flare the Hedgehog. That’s right, the Stu is a hedgehog! Once again, Blake fails to capture the target, but then Flare leaves a challenge for a duel with an indefinite date…meaning it’s a trap…

Note: This fic was deleted from

Insert Random Unnatural Phenomenon Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Suzumiya Haruhi
  • Summary: While Haruhi's away, the SOS Brigade meets an unofficial member of the Society, James Maverick, a character of an author named Kyle. He's been sent to watch the fandom because Willowe and Russell are set to appear in the fandom. Sure enough, the two appear as expected (something that comes to no shock of Yuki) and since James is a character, the Prohibitor doesn't exactly work for him, breaking the Prohibitor, letting the Sues escape, and sort of...firing James...

Insert Horribly Named Ki Attack Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Dragonball Z
  • Summary: As the Society fills out the useless but strangely necessary paperwork, Michael finds there is a Stu in the Dragonball Z fandom! His name is Harold Other, and he's so powerful that he breaks several of Michael's bones by blinking at him...Thankfully, Adrian's Boot to the Head saves Michael in time, and Harold is Prohibited and captured...Michael, however, is going to be in bed a while...

Insert Ostentatiously Colored Dragon Here[]

  • Author: Hakurei Ryuu
  • Fandom: Dragonriders of Pern
  • Summary: Valerie goes on her first solo mission (well, unless you count her muse Ari as a member) to the Dragonriders of Pern fandom to capture a Sue, Ailianna Flamewing, who wants to disturb the Hatching ceremony. Valerie uses a sticker called a Copyright to right the dragon egg to its normal state, and with the help of canon character Lessa, catches the Sue.

Insert Horrible Sephiroth Imitation Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
  • Summary: Adrian earns the ire of Tash by letting her fall into one of his booby-traps (she was after his food again)...and has a choice between fighting one of the worst video game villains of all time and fighting Tash. Adrian wisely chooses the former. As it turns out, a Mary Sue named Mary-Ann Twilight has seduced Sephiroth. Adrian and Blake have no choice to run from the disaster, but Adrian uses a Boot to the Head to save himself, and gets a Prohibitor on Mary-Ann. However, he loses Mary-Ann in the process (although she's Prohibited) and doesn't get much further than his Mystery Vanish strangely embedding him in walls and ceilings when Tash is looking for him...

Insert Horribly Educated Secret Agent Here[]

  • Author: Game Master Blake
  • Fandom: Metal Gear Solid
  • Summary: Blake goes out to settle his duel with Flare, and while he was right – it was a trap – Blake manages to miraculously win victorious over the Stu and arrest him.

Note: This fic was deleted from

Insert Hackneyed Woo Foo Scrolls Text Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Yin Yang Yo!
  • Summary: Marcus goes to the Yin Yang Yo! fandom to accost Chi, a new warrior who somehow saves the reputation of Woo Foo. Marcus will have none of this, and convinces Yuck, a super-enemy, to take down Chi. It's not enough, and Marcus is forced to use the “The Woo Foo Undies of Unlimited Destiny” to try and take down Chi. Chi is still too strong, and Marcus is forced to use a Scene Transition to escape. He eventually convinces Chi to sign a contract that puts her out of commission for a few minutes and gets a Prohibitor on her. Chi is not done yet, however, and uses the Chronologicum to get the Prohibitor off and escape.

Insert Absurdly Overpowered Devil Fruit Here[]

  • Author: SumireMayonaka
  • Fandom: One Piece
  • Summary: Willowe eats the Supaa Supaa no Mi from the One Piece fandom and absorbs the canon characters' Devil Fruit abilities. She manages to charm all of the other characters into liking her...except Luffy. New agent Sumire tracks down Willowe and enlists Luffy's help in capturing her. Sumire uses a weakened Prohibitor that only negates half Willowe's abilities, and Russell sneaks in when Sumire gets too caught up in her victory to free Willowe...

Note: This story was deleted from

Insert Inappropriate Time Agent Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Torchwood
  • Summary: Emma, Beth and Kate are sent to apprehend Holly, one of Willowe's sisters. However upon arrival in the Torchwood fandom, they find Mary-Ann Twilight has also been seeking refuge in this fandom, and they find themselves in the midst of a tense battle. After a timely arrival from Harriet and Tash, armed with Harriet's latest invention (the Canon Cannon), and some unexpected help from Meg, the border collie, the Sues are captured.

Insert Slightly Offensive Terra Name Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Storm Hawks
  • Summary: A Stu, Muhammed Nepasuk-Smith, or "Mu", enters the Storm Hawks fandom claiming to be a Shiivaanian (a race which, by the way, does not exist in the series). The team add him to their crew, but Marcus will not accept that! Marcus has a hard battle with Mu, even when the Copyright ends up having a loophole (Mu convinces canon characters to handle a crystal for him). Eventually Marcus beats Mu with a bar of soap and gets a Prohibitor on him. Marcus sends Mu to the Society basement, but stays behind...for a little fangasm with canon character Junko...

Insert Extremely Cheap Fist Style Here[]

  • Author: PrinceAladdin2
  • Fandom: Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo
  • Summary: Two Sues, Usagi Mash and Rando Mish, enter the Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo fandom to wreak havoc as usual. Michael and new agent Willie accost them. Willie uses a new attack, "Revelation of Truth", forcing the Sues to lose their beauty. Willie reveals that he was once the main character of a fandom. Michael kills Rando, but Usagi escapes. Willie then tells his story of his past to Michael: he was once a self-insert main character in his fandom, until Willowe came to his fandom and made everything perfect and gave Willie awareness that he was a self-insert. He thus joined the Society to make up for what he was...or at least he says...

Insert Horrendous Chinese Scriptures Here[]

  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Jackie Chan Adventures
  • Summary: Chi enters Jackie Chan Adventures, posing as a purple-haired girl...and Jade's sister! Meanwhile, Marcus is recovering from five consecutive failures at catching Sues, and is sent in to catch Chi. Chi puts a sleeper spell on the JCA fandom, which affects all except Marcus and Jade (who never trusted Chi in the first place and managed to keep herself immune because she was touching Marcus when he activated his Scene Transition). Jade gives Marcus the astral projection and yin/yang talismans, and Marcus uses the latter to split into "Thought Marcus" (a boy with a speech impediment and absolutely no instincts) and "Emotion Marcus" (a boy with a ton of emotion and lack of logic; he always speaks in capitals). The two eventually manage to chase Chi out (they don't capture her), but Marcus recovers from his depression.

Insert Stupidly Implied Logic Gate Here[]

  • Author: Aster Selene
  • Fandom: Digimon
  • Summary: Willowe Foxblade has entered the Digimon Adventure/02 fandom, but the Society believes they’ve finally pinned her by blocking all of the plotholes! Unfortunately, the team of rookies Miriku led in had one weak link that caused Willowe’s plan of “sueification” (possessing Hikari) to work, and so after “exorcising” Willowe…the weak link allowed Willowe to escape again! Miriku notices that the new rookie, Aster, is very much like a Sue and feels weird about promoting her, but discovers that she is actually not a Sue and thus Miriku is forced to promote her.

Note: This fic was deleted from Further stories by Aster’s author were written with a different account, AsterOfTheMoon. The fic is no longer considered canon and has been replaced by the second version of Insert Blatant Anime Reference Here.

Insert Obnoxiously Strong Card Here[]

  • Author: PrinceAladdin2
  • Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  • Summary: Willie is caught by Adrian reading up on a set of mystical artifacts, the "Artifacts of Rama". Willie later goes to take down a Sue in the GX fandom, named Hikaru Nehellenia. He persuades Hikaru to put on a necklace with a mixture of the Revelation of Truth and a Prohibitor. Willie then takes Hikaru down in a duel, and Hikaru notices a strange set of symbols on Willie's hand, which "looked like Sakura’s magic circle at first glance, but inside the first part of the circle were the planetary symbols in a circle, and in the center, there were two crescent moons, an inverted yellow Silver Millennium and a regular Dark Moon symbol." Hikaru understands it and runs away in fear, while Willie uses a strange "D-Pistol" to kill Hikaru. Willie finds a sword where Hikaru's corpse had been and realizes it is the Sword of Rama. Willie is then contacted by a mysterious correspondent, who tells him not to lose his cover and gives him a glove to cover the symbol. Willie muses over how the Society trusts him, and leaves the fandom.

Insert Outlandish Sounding Bending Skill Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Avatar: The Last Airbender
  • Summary: Juniper enters the Avatar fandom under the pretense of being the last Airbender (besides Aang, of course). She tries to protect the Avatar world from the escape of Azula. Soon, she is interrupted by Michael, who somehow escaped from bedrest...who is duly interrupted by his girlfriend Claire and his "sister" Miri! They've come to help Michael get the Sue...and get Michael back into bed...Michael uses a Oneshot to gain the skill of Firebending and tries to take down Juniper. Juniper tries to convince Aang that she is destroying things and fighting Michael just to defend herself, while Claire and Miri fight Azula. Aang notices that Juniper is trying to kill Michael, and bends the bending ability out of Juniper, while Claire and Miri kick Azula's ass. Michael brings Juniper back to the basement, while Claire and Miri chain Michael to his bed...

Insert Aimless Gunshots Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Grenadier
  • Summary: Kyle himself joins the Society and shows a disgruntled Tash a weapon made out of Realitum, a very precious substance. It's called the Omni-Weapon, and it can turn into almost any sort of weapon. Kyle thus goes on a mission to the Grenadier fandom to test out the weapon against the Sue Amanda Zerlina. Kyle convinces Rushuna, Yajirou and Mikan that Amanda is a demon, while Amanda tries to ban the narrator from narrating on her...with comical results. Anyway, Kyle eventually defeats Amanda by summoning homunculi characters that he created and takes her to the Basement.


  • Author: MultiplePersonas
  • Fandom: Teen Titans
  • Summary: Marcus's old Sue-creations, the Elementals, have escaped from the Vault of Abandoned Ideas...and they're headed to the Teen Titans fandom to complete the story Marcus never finished and ascend to Level 10 so they can take over the fandom. As each Society member challenges an Elemental, Marcus tries to find a way to get the Elementals to stop and lock them up for good...

Note: This is a multichapter fic. It is currently complete.

Insert Sparkling Shipmates Here[]

  • Author: Here for the Twister
  • Fandom: Twilight
  • Summary: Willowe invades the Twilight fandom in an Alternate Universe and seduces Edward for herself (who seems to have mysteriously lost his memory of Bella, Renesmee, or anyone else related to him). New member Jess goes to the fandom to rectify the issue and reveal that Willowe isn't actually a vampire. She doesn't catch Willowe - she gets away - and Jess simply decides to go and enjoy the festivities...unfortunately, she is woefully unable to change the canon characters themselves into normal, developed characters...

Insert Generic Clichés Here[]

  • Author: ManicDepression9901
  • Fandom: Keroro Gunso
  • Summary: New agent and former techie Camille comes across Willie and notices he is researching the Artifacts of Rama. Camille then goes with her android, Doyle, to the Keroro Gunso fandom to extract Kira Starbright. Camille puts a Prohibitor on Kira's leg and gets her to the Basement. However, Doyle notices that Kira seemed to be very, very afraid...something that Camille seemed to notice as well...

Note: This fic had two drafts. The link leads to the revised version.

Insert Society’s Kickin’ Theme Song Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Yeah. We went this low. We even have our own theme song.

Insert Heroic Librarian Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Yu-Gi-Oh! GX
  • Summary: Adrian duels a Mary Sue named Runoa, and Adrian unleashes his Legendary Heroes deck; Runoa, however, manages to escape with a copy of the Holy Grail.

Insert Inexplicable Twist of Fate Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Fate/stay night
  • Summary: Runoa is found in the Fate/stay night fandom, and Tash and Adrian set off to get her and recover the Holy Grail Copy. To get into the fandom, Adrian is forced to enter himself into the Holy Grail War as a Caster (with Tash as his Master). In Adrian's frenzy to get to Runoa, he ditches Tash, but this proves to be unwise as Runoa knocks Adrian unconscious. Tash arrives in time and battles Runoa. Adrian wakes up but Runoa sends death itself at Tash and Adrian. Adrian reminisces his first few moments in the Society, and, more importantly, with Tash. Harriet, Emma, Valerie, Lauren, Danielle, Michael, Willie, Doyle, and Kyle intervene, and chase Runoa out. Tash gets to Adrian's bloody form, but Adrian passes out in her arms, and Tash comes to a shocking revelation about her and Adrian...

Insert Blatant Anime Reference Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Lucky Star
  • Summary: A new agent, Aster, enters the Lucky Star fandom to pass her practical test. She's not intelligent at all, she doesn't know what she's doing, and obviously Xavier does, who outwits her into letting him go...and all the while, Xavier reports back to a mysterious Lieutenant...

Note: This fic has two versions; the one currently considered canon is the second.

Insert Hackneyed Sounding Pokémon Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: Pokémon
  • Summary: Alastor enters the Pokémon fandom in the hopes of becoming a Pokémon Master. Michael interrupts Alastor's plans, however, and challenges Alastor to a Pokémon battle. While Michael releases Infernape...Alastor releases Deoxys! Tash shows up to help with a Typhlosion, while Claire comes with a Squirtle, Miri with an Eevee, and Thought and Emotion Marcus show up with a Kadabra and a Kirila respectively. Even Adrian and Harriet show up with a Ninetails and Mudkip. After a long ordeal and battle, Alastor resorts to releasing Mewtwo; however, Michael manages to Copyright Mewtwo and turn him against Alastor. Alastor leaves the fandom in exasperation...although he mentions there is a plan that may annihilate the Society...

Insert Very Painful Remark Here[]

  • Author: ManicDepression9901
  • Fandom: Sherlock Holmes
  • Summary: Camille goes to visit her old mentor, who is none other than Sherlock Holmes himself. She warns him that a Sue, Chi, is coming to seduce him. Chi arrives as expected, but meets Doyle at the door; Doyle displays a sarcastic side never before seen. Chi pulls Doyle's arm off but causes Holmes to see through Chi's story. Chi, in anger, kidnaps Holmes and runs off. A broken-down Camille freezes the canon and reports back to the Society.

Note: This story was deleted from

Insert Randomly Numbered Diclonius Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Elfen Lied
  • Summary: Willowe is found to be in the Elfen Lied fandom, and Tash and Harriet decide to go in despite the fact they're not supposed to without Adrian. When they enter the fandom, they take Oneshots to turn themselves into diclonii and track down Willowe (who has also become a diclonius). (Meanwhile, in the Society, the other members watch the scene worriedly and try to keep Harriet and Tash's location from Adrian, but Aster ends up ratting on them...) After finding that the fandom has allowed Willowe to gain too much power for the two girls to fight, they run...but Willowe catches up with them and tries to infect them with the diclonius virus. Harriet has the sense to touch Willowe's head with her vectors, thus disabling them and causing the Sue to fly into a rage...Harriet and Tash are rescued, and are put in the medical wing, next to an angry Adrian but safe...except maybe not from Aster's fourth-wall breaking...

Insert Dramatically Dark Future Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: The Darkness
  • Summary: Alexander Franchetti, a Stu, sends Michael a note telling him that he has kidnapped Claire and is waiting in the The Darkness fandom. The Darkness is a Black-Listed fandom, but Michael breaks the rules and goes to rescue Claire. After finding that Alexander had set a trap, Michael, knowing the risks but willing to do anything for Claire, swallows a Oneshot under his tongue and acquires the Darkness, a parasitic being that gives Michael powers but invades his head. After killing Alexander and his band of Stus, Michael is driven insane by the Darkness and goes on a rampage, destroying things in the fandom and attempting to kill Society members. Eventually Claire snaps him out of it, and Michael returns to the Society and shuts himself up in his room, afraid of the psychological effects that may cause him to harm others...

Insert Scary Dream-Related Name Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: NiGHTS
  • Summary: A new agent, Tyler, is sent in to the NiGHTS fandom to extract a Stu named Phantom. Unfortunately, Tyler is beaten down by the Stu, and Phantom slips out of Tyler's hands.

Insert Plural Noun as Title Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Uglies
  • Summary: A Sue, Alyana Markerstone, enters the Uglies fandom in an attempt to force herself into the prequel fics, with permission from the again-mysterious Lieutenant. The Society tries to get on the case, but finds itself unable to enter Diego or the surrounding area, so the members are forced to go to the Japan sector. With some translation help from Aster, they eventually convince Aya Fuse to help them, but Alyana's one step ahead of them. While she's forced to flee the Uglies fandom...she takes Meg with her, and uses her as a ransom! Meanwhile, Aster finds it hard to resist the urge to complain when she finds Tash is a Haruhi x Kyon fan...

Insert Abnormally Pretentious Greekesque Name Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Bartimaeus Trilogy
  • Summary: Phantom is found in the Bartimaeus world and Tyler is sent after him. Tyler uses a mirror to make Phantom fall in love with himself and distract him, but once Phantom is prohibited, Phantom loses the love and uses his innate powers as a demon to run away, but Tyler eventually nabs the Stu. However, Tyler worries that since Phantom can phase through things, he may escape...

Insert Random Music Related Word Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Kamen Rider Kiva
  • Summary: Abigail Von Schtick attempts to take over the Kiva fandom so she can marry Taiga. New recruit Drake enters the fandom to stop her. He recruits Kiva to his side and while he distracts Taiga/Saga, Drake battles the Dark Kiva-empowered Sue. The Sue appears to have the advantage until Drake snaps a Prohibitor on her. With all her progress in the fandom erased, she flees and takes a supporting character hostage. Drake is forced to hand over the key to the Prohibitor and Abigail removes it before fleeing the fandom. Despite his failure, Drake is allowed to become a full Society Agent.

Insert Totally Awesome Movie Premiere Here[]

Insert Berserk Battlecry Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Street Fighter
  • Summary: A Sue is detected in the Street Fighter fandom, and Kyle is sent after her. The Sue, Deary Docker (or as Kyle likes to call her, DAMNMAD) blocks Kyle's ability to access his Astral Vault, and thus eventually forces Kyle to empty the vault. Kyle obliges, but is forced to use his innate abilities (drawbacks included) to fight. Eventually the Sue combines all of her power, forcing Kyle to use his Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art, which burns out a person's candle of life with each use (i.e. takes away a few years of Kyle's life). After Deary marvels at the use Kyle puts to his "imperfect" soul, she is killed by the ensuing attacks, Kyle restocks the Astral Vault, and mulls over the costs of his attacks as he writes his reports.

Insert Gimmick Laden Transforming Robot Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Transformers/Beast Wars
  • Summary: Mytheus Primal, a new Stu in the Beast Wars fandom, turns out to be a robot...Drake uses his dragon armor to, with difficulty, knock Mytheus out with a flurry of attacks, and eventually Prohibits Mytheus and sends him back to the Basement.

Insert Halycon Days Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: An outlook on life during a quiet time of the Society. Aster gets duct-taped to a bookshelf to prevent her from stealing any more manga (but she escapes anyway), Tash casts a spell on Adrian to give him kitty ears and a tail (and Adrian is duly chased by a ton of bishie-chasing girls), Blake gets lost in the Library and runs into some very…strange…rooms, Doyle has issues playing Dungeons and Dragons, Adrian recalls one time he tried to teach the Society “Boot to the Head”…Eventually, Adrian mulls over some items the Sues stole, and Tash questions him and eventually finds out about Adrian’s somewhat dark past…and tells him that she loves him.

Insert an Overkill of Jutsu Here[]

  • Author: SumireMayonaka
  • Fandom: Naruto
  • Summary: Sumire, who is still a rookie, toys around with stuff in her room along with her own modified GPS unit when an alarm goes off. There's a Stu, Akira Kirabi in the Naruto fandom. The problem is that the Naruto fandom is Black-Listed...but Sumire doesn't listen and runs headfirst into her beloved fandom anyway. After fending off the Stu as well as a strangely vengeful Naruto, the other ninja catch the Stu as well as link up Sumire. Sumire escapes her jail, Prohibits the Stu, and runs off to the Society, but because of their anger against Sumire's rebellion, they confiscate her weapons (except the GPS unit, which she hides), and Sumire is locked in her room...

Note: This story was deleted from

Insert Legend of Impossibly Colored Dragoness Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Spyro
  • Summary: Emerald the dragon enters the Spyro fandom. Drake enters the fandom (turning into a dragon in the process) to stop her. During a fight, Emerald falls, and Drake tries to revel in his victory by going out with Cynder...but Emerald escapes while Drake is distracted.

Insert Apocalyptic Philosophical Title Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: The World Ends with You
  • Summary: A new Sue named Bella Aubrey crops up in Shibuya. After winning the Reapers Game single-handedly, usurping Joshua's position as Composer, and pairing herself up with him, she is confronted by a new Society Agent named Ben and his muse/partner/tormentor Shirley the Cliché Stick. Joshua moves to defend Bella but (in an allusion to another fanfic) Shirley forces Joshua to see his own blood and he flees in a panic. Ben insults Bella, causing the Sue to fly into a rage, transform into an Angel, and chase the duo down the Trail of the Sinner. In retaliation, Ben unleashes his ultimate attack: "Don't mess with nukes!"...which ends up nuking not just Bella but the entire fandom, much to Adrian's chagrin. (Well, half the fandom. The other half was destroyed when Ben gave Joshua a bit of his sugar-loaded iced tea...)

Insert These Are Our Moments Here[]

  • Author: Story hosted at Master of the Library’s account, written by several authors
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: A collection of “slice-of-life” oneshots from the authors, assembled into one piece. Several of these shots were written after later fics.
  • Adrian: Lessons and Leadershipping – Adrian tries to teach Tash how to use a power, Juari-Ken, and eventually sleeps next to Tash.
  • Tyler: Magic and Mayhem – Tyler only sits and observes while he tries to learn magic and can only watch the other strange events taking place in the Library.
  • Marcus: Love and Loopholes – Marcus continually engages himself in a romantic relationship with character Junko from the Storm Hawks fandom, something he’s not allowed to do, so eventually the only thing he can do is subvert Adrian’s system by seeing Junko in his dreams.
  • Kyle: Training Session – Kyle reveals the horrible truth about his Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art to Tash and Adrian.
  • Aster: Strangely Normal – Other than screw up missions, the only thing Aster does all day is read manga.
  • Michael: Happy Birthday – Michael doesn’t like his birthday because it’s embarrassing for him, but the girls have other plans…
  • Tash: Night of the Never-Ending Beep – It’s a hectic night. The microwave won’t stop beeping, Michael’s Darkness is singing in his head, Aster is sugar-high on British chocolate, Harriet’s on PMS…
  • Ben: Sentient Sticks and Stringed Instruments – Ben and Shirley don’t always agree on their heavy metal preferences.
  • Valerie: Line the Pieces Up – Valerie sort of feels strange and emotionally empty, and as she tries to deal with her powers as an empath, her muse Ari comforts her.
  • Rhia: Plot Bunny Sniper Rifle – Rhia doesn’t like homosexual pairings made for fan sex fantasies…so she takes out her rifle and shoots the damn plots.
  • Karissa and Charis: Solitary – Karissa and Charis mull over their broken relationship with their author, Cay.
  • Emily: Technical Issues – Emily falls sick with food poisoning and falls into reveries of her former life as a Sue, making mistakes, and being with the Society.
  • Phoenixia: My Kind of Fun – Since Adrian and Tash ditched her, Phoenixia publicly embarrasses them in front of the Society...and everyone else too while she's at it...
  • Doug: Off Duty – After a somewhat hectic day, Doug reveals he has a girlfriend, Maddie, and decides to take his time off-duty from then on...
  • Jared: Trouble with Tribbles –Jared decides to get a tribble for Chloe's Secret Santa, but needless to say things go wrong...
  • Monika: Secrets – Monika tries to come to terms with what she can't remember, her lack of power, and the fact that everyone seems to hide things...
  • Aimee: Love is as Love Does –Aimee tries to deal with her insecurities and nightmares. Ossa is there to help her with comfort and a little love...
  • WARGS: The Bloody History of Gamers – Tash, Dave, Alice and Louise play a strange game...
  • Cristoph: Everything and A Bag Of Potato Chips – The death of Rhia takes Cristoph to the edge, and makes him realize just exactly what he lost...
  • Combee: A day in the life of one of the most recognisable Pokemon within the Library.

Insert Humorously Named Blooper Reel Here[]

  • Author: MichaelDJ54
  • Fandom: BioShock
  • Summary: The "Big Sister" has taken over Rapture, and Michael deduces from the Big Sister's figure, power, and sheer force that she's a Sue...but when he tries to capture her, Miriku informs him that...well, the Big Sister's canon.

Insert Multicolored Super Hero Team Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Super Sentai (Barukyuu Sentai Abaranger)
  • Summary: Abigail Von Schtick enters the Abaranger fandom and convinces Abarekiller to lay down his weapons and become good. With the other sentai on her side, Abigail proves Drake to be no match, but Lijewel rescues Drake and enlists him to help get Mikoto back. Using the help of a monster created by Drake's pendant, Drake Copyrights Mikoto and Mikoto turns against Abigail. Abigail escapes, and Drake's pendant is destroyed, leaving him unable to use his armor.

Insert Display of Spiderlike Powers Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Spider-Man
  • Summary: Emerald turns herself into "Spider-woman" and enters the Spider-Man fandom. To combat Emerald, Drake merges with a symbiote. The symbiote successfully Prohibits Emerald, and Drake gets Emerald into the basement.

Insert Ridiculously Appropriately Meaningful Kanji Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Vampire Knight
  • Summary: Rookie Agent Karissa is alerted to the presence of a Sue, Lela Ono-Kuran, in the Vampire Knight fandom. Her evidence? The last volume of manga published was all about a too-perfect character that no one had ever heard of before. When Karissa arrives in the fandom, she further discovers that Lela has seduced one of the canon main characters. She manages to injure Lela with a Bookmark - injure her pride, that is - but ultimately Lela escapes. Karissa is promoted to a regular Agent nonetheless, and it's revealed that her sister Charis also works as a Society technician.

Insert Bad Dinosaur Related Pun Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Dinosaur King
  • Summary: Mary-Su enters the Dinosaur King fandom, leaving Tyler to chase her. After challenging Mary-Su to a Dino Duel, Mary-Sue ends up with a Prohibitor on her wrist. Mary-Sue begs a police officer to help her, and her Sue charms start to work through the Prohibitor, so Tyler puts a Copyright on the officer...and duly gets stuck in jail for sticking things on people. After he gets out, Tyler tries to arrest Mary-Su, but gets stuck in jail again...As Mary-Su gets another Prohibitor on her wrist and tries to run for it, Tyler goes to Starbucks, imbibes himself with sugar, and runs after her, eventually catching her.

Insert Bizarre Teenage Superhero Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Freakazoid
  • Summary: Amanda Seaworld enters the Freakazoid fandom under the alter ego "Shefreak". Drake, who has found a way to get his armor back (it was still on warranty), chases her, but Amanda ends up escaping into the internet.

Insert Weird Foreboding Prophecy Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Percy Jackson and the Olympians
  • Summary: Tash, Harriet, Lauren, Emma, Beth, and Kate go to rescue Meg when Alyana is found in the Percy Jackson fandom as a new demigod. Alyana proves to be a bit more powerful than the Agents, and they have a hard time until finally Adrian and Aster interfere to save the six. Even though Alyana is eventually captured, Alyana sends one piece of information back to the Lieutenant: a piece of hair from Tash...That night, the real Tash is kidnapped and drugged and taken who-knows-where while the other agents notice that the Tash they're speaking to the next morning is not acting normal...

Insert Strange Cryptid Name Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Secret Saturdays
  • Summary: Garry-Stue, the brother of Mary-Sue, enters the Secret Saturdays fandom, and eventually Tyler shoves a lever into Garry-Stue's face, stunning him. Tyler Prohibits him and takes him back to the basement.

Insert the Gathering Storm Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
  • Summary: Tash wakes up in captivity, under the hold of Runoa, and finds that the pseudo-Tash has taken her place. She finds that the pseudo-Tash has dealt a lot of damage during that time: she's tricked the other Agents into believing that she's the real Tash, and even though she told Adrian her true identity, she fooled the other Agents into believing that Adrian was a traitor who attacked and raped Tash...and so Adrian has run from the Society to find the real one! While Michael in an angry rage hunts Adrian down, Adrian finds Tash and tries to fight Runoa. The pseudo-Tash goes too far and tries to kill Michael, thus proving to the Society that she is a fake, and so the Society with the help of Saito Hajime (a Counter Guardian like Adrian) run in pursuit of the real Tash and Adrian...Eventually the Society manages to escape with Tash and Adrian, while Willowe mulls over the failure and contemplates how the Society will fall...

Insert an Appropriate Title for EPIC FINALE Here[]

  • Author: Anikathepen
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Summary: Harriet and Tash oversee a new group of recruits, one of whom is an attractive, auburn haired, violet-eyed boy called Will Fox, who scores full marks on his entrance paper. After granting him Rookie status, the Society finds an emergency in the Harry Potter fandom, and Harriet, Tash, Adrian and Will send themselves to go sort it out. Upon arrival however, they discover no Sue, but a regular Self-Insert - the emergency was a diversion, giving Will time to vanish back to the Library. Too late, the agents realise that Will is in fact their mortal enemy, Willowe, in disguise. Accompanied by Emma, Beth, and Kate, the Society bursts into Harriet's office to find Willowe clutching a green floppy disc in her hand. To the shock of the agents, Willowe goes on to reveal that her author is none other than Harriet herself, and that the floppy disc contains the only remaining copy of the abandoned fanfiction that Willowe was originally created for. After a brief fight, Harriet grabs the disc and is able to edit it, thus removing all of Willowe's perfection, beauty and talents, making her weak enough for the other agents to attach four Prohibitors to her wrists and ankles. After shoving her in the Twilight fandom (and blasting her with the Canon Cannon just for fun), the Society celebrates its victory.

Insert Form of Light Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Spectrobes
  • Summary: A Sue, Faya M, enters the Spectrobes fandom, and as Tyler tries to stop her, he is accosted by a mysterious person named Relyt of the "Pro-Cliché and Mary-Sue Protection Society". Relyt helps Faya escape and unsuccessfully tries to kill Tyler.

Insert Name Ending with “ix” Here[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Asterix
  • Summary: New agents Pete and Joe pursue two Sues in the Asterix fandom, Perfectorix and Beautirix. Perfectorix is captured, but Beautirix escapes.

Insert Medieval Sounding Spellwork Here[]

  • Author: Isis the Sphinx
  • Fandom: Merlin
  • Summary: New agent Rhia, who has set up a ton of fail-safes to get into the Society and past the mind-wipe, eventually becomes an Agent. Russell turns out to be the invading Stu, but Rhia eventually catches him and gets him in the basement.

Insert Muddled Holiday Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Nightmare Before Christmas
  • Summary: Edith Skellington has usurped Jack Skellington as the Pumpkin King in the Nightmare Before Christmas fandom. Tyler and Drake are sent in to capture her, but standing against them are two oddly familiar figures who call themselves Relyt and Ekard. The Agents' doppelgangers, who claim to be from the Pro-Cliche and Mary-Sue Protection Society, press Tyler and Drake into a very close battle. Tyler activates a Scene Transition, but him and Drake still end up being captured. As the PCMSPS Agents prepare to finish them off, reinforcements arrive from the Society. The PCMSPS Agents flee, the Sue is captured, and Tyler and Drake have to atone for earlier damage that they caused to the Library while looking for ice cream.

Insert Odd-Looking Alien Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Ben 10
  • Summary: Tyler is sent into the Ben 10 fandom to arrest Faya M. Unfortunately, the Sue has improved in her battle style, and she manages to enrage Tyler with her insults, as opposed to the other way around. In a very back-and-forth fight, Tyler beats Faya to a point where he just has to use a stun bomb to knock her out...but she switches into an alien form that blocks the bomb's effects. Tyler activates a Scene Transition before Faya's killing move can hit, and when he wakes up, he's all alone in the fandom. After Faya left, the protagonist's girlfriend returned to the story, and so canon was restored.

Insert Semi-Mythological Robo Name Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Custom Robo
  • Summary: Bella pops up again in the Custom Robo fandom, basically doing everything the main character was supposed to. Ben and Shirley are sent to capture her; however, Tash orders Ben NOT to do any nuking while he's in the fandom. Ben and Shirley confront Bella and a canon character, but Bella chases him off with a ridiculously powerful Robo named Athena. It quickly becomes apparent that in true Sue fashion, few of the rules of Custom Robo apply to Bella; namely, she can pilot Athena as far as she wants. Faced with a pursuer he cannot outrun, Ben counterattacks with his second ability "My coffeemakers are not controlled by Hoover Dam computers!" This unleashes a flood of coffee, stunning Bella and driving her back. Ben escapes and borrows a highly powerful illegal robo from a fandom anti-hero, then challenges Bella to a rematch. Though both battle hard, the end result is a draw, with Ben passing out from the mental strain of using illegal Robo parts. Bella moves in to finish him off but is driven off by Shirley and the anti-hero Ben borrowed the parts from. Once back at the Library, Shirley becomes fed up with Ben's lame jokes and starts chasing him around, prompting him to use his "Coffeemaker" technique. Adrian doesn't like that too much, as the Library doesn't get rid of stains that easily...

Insert Unexpected Random Event Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Azumanga Daioh
  • Summary: Since the Society's been thoroughly bored since the fall of Willowe, Aster starts an anime class, but unfortunately she ends up maiming everyone in the process...A Level 1 Sue, Kiya, is found in the Azumanga Daioh fandom and everyone pursues her out of boredom. Kiya turns out to have the ability to accelerate to a Level 6, with an attack called the "Ultra-Mega-Irresistible-Chibi-Kawaii-Cuteness-Roll". By doing so, all of the girls immediately fall victim to her cuteness, forcing the boys to pry Kiya off and drag her (and the other girls) into the basement.

Insert Computerized Universe Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Code Lyoko
  • Summary: Tyler enters the Code Lyoko fandom, once again in the pursuit of Faya M. Also not for the first time, Relyt arrives and enables Faya to escape. Relyt and Tyler fight a furious battle after which Tyler realizes that the Protection Society is getting increasingly stronger.

Insert Complicated Sounding Al Bhed Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Final Fantasy X-2
  • Summary: Emma, Kate and Beth, after getting permission to use Tash's Plot Summary, chase after a strange occurence of two Level 6 signals in the Final Fantasy X-2 fandom. As it turns out, the perpetrators are Ashley and Aspen, who are on a mad hunt for Willowe and the other sisters, as well as Palm Tree, who has been doing strange things involving stealing machine parts and running off in rebellion against being a Sue. After Ashley hits Palm Tree, Palm Tree runs off and is found by Emma, Kate and Beth. She then declares her intentions to not become a Sue (as because she has not hit puberty yet, her Sue powers have not completely developed). Ashley and Aspen discover Palm Tree and try to fight, but canon characters discover the Sues and fight them after seeing the twins' cruel treatment of Palm Tree, allowing the Agents to put Prohibitors on the twins. Palm Tree is taken back to the Society, renamed "Emily Smith", and trained as a techie (for her fascination with machines) and made a helper under Harriet under the hopes she won't develop Sue powers. However, this doesn't stop Emily from painting a huge feminist mural on the wall...

Insert Epic Soul Clash Here[]

  • Author: RedemptionWarrior
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Kyle is challenged by a Sue, Kaylee Grim, who has somehow acquired the Heaven and Earth, Worldly Secret Art with the help of the Lieutenant. Kaylee shocks Kyle by revealing certain personal facts about Kyle's Real Life and surprise-attacks him, but Kyle stands his ground. Kaylee concludes that even though she may die, Kyle should die as well, and uses the last bit of her candle of life to make her final blow. The Society notes that Kaylee's signal has gone...but Kyle's has, as well...

Insert Mysterious Justice-Conflicted Death Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Death Note
  • Summary: By posing as the real Tash, the pseudo-Tash forces Aster to enter the Death Note fandom, a fandom that is obviously Black Listed. By entering, Aster gets put at risk of dying if her name gets written in a Death Note. The pseudo-Tash pairs herself up with L and lures Aster to a dark alley, then forces Aster to relinquish the second part of her name. Aster, however, is not accustomed to giving her birth name, and the pseudo-Tash ends up writing the wrong name - giving Aster time to recover. The pseudo-Tash informs Aster that the Lieutenant is interested in Aster, but she doesn't listen; Aster tries to kill the pseudo-Tash but ends up ordaining a huge explosion that harms her much and allows the real Tash and Adrian to intervene. Eventually Aster wakes up in the hospital ward, reading (what else?) manga...and trying to get Emily into it...

Insert Ominous StarClan Prophecy Here[]

Insert Badly Managed Mischief Here[]

  • Author: TotallyTropical
  • Fandom: Harry Potter
  • Summary: Ria attempts to arrest Eulalia Dragonfly, but her efforts are rendered unnecessary when the Sue trips and lands in Vanishing Quicksand, never to be seen again.

Insert Cutesy Sounding Dragon Name Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Dragon Drive
  • Summary: Tash interrupts Ben's favorite TV show, Shirley breaks the fourth wall, and Ben and Shirley are sent to the Dragon Drive fandom to capture Bella. Once in Dragon Drive, Shirley vanishes and Ben bumps into Bella almost immediately. After registering for the game and eliciting some strange reactions from the game moderators, Ben and Bella engage in a one-on-one game of Dragon Drive. Once Ben enters the game, however, his dragon is nowhere to be seen, making him an easy target for Bella. Ben tries to nuke her, but Bella's dragon blocks the move easily. Ben flees (again) and Bella gives chase (again). Once Ben is cornered, he is forced to use his final ability, a dance move called the "Fast-Step" to avoid a barrage of fireballs from Bella's dragon. Bella is just about to finish Ben, when Shirley a twenty foot high dragon. After a brieff skirmish, the Sue and Socety Agent are forced to team-up to take on an extremely powerful CPU opponent. Though they manage to beat it, both are exhausted, and agree to call it a draw. But now, something has changed between the two...

Insert Underwater Sea Power Battle Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch
  • Summary: The secret behind the mysterious Lieutenant is revealed! Aster's author pays a visit to Adrian and informs him of the vital facts behind the Lieutenant: she is fifteen years old, her name is Cassie Anora, her power exceeds all Society bounds/gadgets, and most importantly, the author herself created Cassie. After giving Adrian the tools to defeat Cassie, she disappears. Tash and Adrian thus take a trip to the Mermaid Melody Pichi Pichi Pitch fandom to prevent Cassie from exposing her power and passing it to Runoa, who is next in line to be the Lieutenant. Cassie proves to be a rational and logical person, and tries to sway the two with her logic; her arrogance defeats her, however, and Adrian nullifies her power by using a Prohibitor blessed by Author #12 (because Cassie still has ties to her author). The author thanks Tash and Adrian for their work, and tells them that Aster will obey any seriously demanded order given by either of the two. However, all is not well; Runoa, who has succeeded the position of leader of the Sues even without Cassie's unlimited powers, has caused Kyle's signal to mysteriously return...

Insert Insanely Stupid Suicidal Impulses Here[]

  • Author: AsterOfTheMoon
  • Fandom: Full Moon wo Sagashite
  • Summary: Jess tries to accost Ayame Satou, a Sue in the Full Moon wo Sagashite fandom...but Ayame chooses to surrender herself instead and go on parole. Which Jess is perfectly fine with (albeit quite shocked).

Insert Red Skies Twilight Here[]

  • Author: Master of the Library
  • Fandom: Parodies and Spoofs
  • Summary: Runoa visits the Prohibited Willowe in the Twilight fandom and uses the small amount of power she acquired from Cassie (before her fall) to remove her Prohibitors, as well as giving her an acid to help the Sues in the Society basement to escape, Excalibur, and Agent Smith (from the Matrix fandom). Willowe duly bursts into the Society and frees the Sues, disturbing the Society's peacetime.
While the Sues attack, Adrian has Aster deliver a mysterious book to Tash and escape through an unexplained door with Emily. Adrian then sends the Self-Insert agents to the Real World to escape while he stays behind to fend off the Sues (an action Tash does not feel comfortable doing). As Adrian fights the other Sues, killing many of them, he uses his "Sovereign Testament", engendering a white flash of light...
It's revealed Adrian led all of the Sues into his "Reality Marble" where he is Sovereign. After a hard battle, however, Adrian is killed by Willowe, and Willowe opens a portal to the Real World. The Society is sent into a hard battle against Willowe and her army. A vengeful Tash kills Willowe with her sword, Nephthys.
As the Library re-forms itself, Tash and Valerie remember Adrian and seem to feel that he is still spiritually among them...

Note: This is a multichapter fic. While this story was first written at a certain point of time, any stories written before its completion are considered to have taken place before this story's beginning. The fic was also retconned to include many characters that would appear after the story's first publication.

Insert Vision Caused by Murder Here[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Indigo Prophecy
  • Summary: Pete and Drake pursue Anuhs and Miku in the Indigo Prophecy fandom. Rather than target them directly, Pete opts to secure Jade - the Indigo Child, a girl with all the secrets of the universe - to prevent the Sues from getting their hands on her. To help Jade pass on, Pete accepts Jade's himself. Enraged, Anuhs engages the Agents in a fight, but ultimately he betrays Miku and leaves her behind so that he can escape on his own.

Insert Exotic Territory Name Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Pendragon
  • Summary: While on vacation on the planet of Cloral in the Pendragon fandom, Ben is attacked by Neb, his Pro-Cliché and Mary Sue Protection Society counterpart. After a prolonged chase, Neb corners Ben and is about to kill him when Tyler and Drake intervene. Neb critically injures Ben, giving the other two Agents a choice between saving Ben or caputuring himself. Tyler and Drake choose to rescue Ben and bring him back to the Library for medical treatment. Once back, Tash and Adrian have their revenge for some of Ben's earlier antics...

Insert Unlimited Talents Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Law of Ueki
  • Summary: A Sue by the name of Shirley Mariana invades the fandom, and the Society dispatches their newest Agent, Doug. He goes into the fandom's competition as one of Team Marilyn's members, battling the Sue as she offers to defeat the team. He flings out a new device, the Copyright Darts, and sedates the main characters to avoid casualties...but Shirley escapes because Doug dropped the Prohibitor...

Insert Ridiculous Blood Loss Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Blood+
  • Summary: Shirley, now calling herself Maya, reappears in the Blood+ fandom as a Queen of the Chiropteran species. Doug breaks the rules of the Black List and enters the fandom to confront her. He gets impaled, and Maya escapes when the Society intervenes.

Insert Outlandishly Rare Animal Morph Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Animorphs
  • Summary: "The Anisues" are directed by a mysterious, stronger Stu to steal Elfangor's morphing cube. Camille, Pete, Drake and Tyler enter the fandom to fight the Sues, but PCMSPS interference causes them to miss capturing Alfred. The Stu behind it all kills Alfred and hopes that he'll be able to discover the secret of the Andalite morphing technology from Alfred's remains.

Insert Randomly Numbered Kakugane Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand
  • Fandom: Buso Renkin
  • Summary: When informed by Shirley of Bella's location, Ben heads there to find her. To his surprise, once he does, he finds Bella reluctant to fight. Instead the two talk for a while, and get to know each other - and their motivations - a little better. Though neither are willing to fight, they are left with no alternatives, and engage in one last all-out battle. Though the fight is fierce and both give it their all, Ben triumphs in the end, though just barely. But in a twist, Ben realizes that he has romantic feelings for Bella! Unable to bear the thought of Bella behind bars, Ben hides her away in a world of his own creation, telling the Society he killed her to throw them off the trail...

Insert Pun on Genetic Mutation Here[]

  • Author: Here for the Twister
  • Fandom: X-Files
  • Summary: Jess is sent into the X-Files fandom, and she has to face her fear: a strange fetus named Leonard that has haunted her nightmares for years. As Jess fails to catch Leonor, the Sue, she loses her handbag as well; as she goes back to recover it, she doesn't notice that it's twitching slightly...

Insert Lack of Living Killing Machines Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: D.Gray-man
  • Summary: Agent Karissa and Author Cay team up to enter the black-listed fandom of D.Gray-man. Once there, Karissa is disgusted to find that her familiar foe Lela (now with the surname Kai-Lee) has become the love interest of 15 year-old Allen Walker. Karissa again challenges Lela in order to remove her from the fandom. Small revelations about both Author and characters occur...and it's even revealed that Cay is biased towards Lela because she created her as well as the sisters. Charis invents the Booklight for the Society, which is duly used on Lela before she escapes.

Insert Sharpshooting Immortal Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Underworld
  • Summary: Tash and Jess proceed to the Underworld fandom (under Adrian's nose) to catch a Sue, Alina Corvin. Tash smartly Copyrights a few canon characters, and while the Agents try to relax and watch others do the work, Jess finds Leonard in her handbag...Her emotions go beserk, and her new tattoo causes a rain of the elements, letting Alina escape...Jess discovers that her new tattoo (a pentagram) can control elements now, shaking her badly...

Insert World of Imagination Here[]

  • Author: darkwebx01
  • Fandom: Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl
  • Summary: Tyler and Drake are after Faya. Again. Relyt and Ekard interfere. Faya escapes. Again. Agents and Agents fight. Everyone leaves without what they wanted. Again.

Insert Cheesy Prophetic Dream Here[]

  • Author: Hurricane’s Quill
  • Fandom: Redwall
  • Summary: A Stu named Ramses de la Espada the Warrior infiltrates the Redwall fandom, claiming to be of Martin's bloodline and ready to take back the sword of his "birthright." But the ACMSES immediately catches on, sending agent Cristoph Asahina and his giant eagle ally Algazdun to remove Ramses and restore the Redwall fandom. In a rather outrageous but still remarkably epic battle, Cristoph finally manages to restrain Ramses, but the victory is a Pyrrhic one as Cristoph returns to base with only but a handful of his weapons left, the rest destroyed by Martin's sword.

Insert Sharpeyed Gunslingers Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Black Lagoon
  • Summary: Maya takes control of the crime syndicate in the fandom, forcing Doug and Adrian to pursue her. The Grappling Prohibitor is first used here, but Maya proves to be a tough nut to crack by disabling the Prohibitor. She escapes, and luckily this time Adrian's trenchcoat is spared...

Insert Eloquent Society Lady Here[]

  • Author: Mei1105
  • Fandom: Luxe
  • Summary: Tash, Jess, and Miri go to the Luxe fandom to track down Alina. After a bit of tussle with Miri and a dress, as well as the difficulties of acting like "proper" ladies, the Agents find the Sue in question and tussle with her in trying to get the Prohibitor on. They are saved from embarrassment by Adrian, Michael, and Claire, and as Adrian and Tash along with Michael and Claire go off to dance, an ancient Sue in the background laments the loss of Alina as her servant and thinks of this new threat to her well-being...

Insert Overuse of Nuclear Devices Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Call of Duty
  • Summary: Maya gathers an army in the Call of Duty fandom, and the Society is required to enter the fandom, spearheaded by Doug and his author. With the help of most of the other Society members, Doug and Ben nuke the fandom, making Maya escape to the Command and Conquer fandom, where Doug expects to face her...

Insert Calculating Strategist Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: Command & Conquer
  • Summary: Finding that Maya had amassed an army under the Society's noses, Doug and his author bring in the army; NIF division. Maya is finally captured with Grappling Prohibitors with the help of several of the author's characters and Cristoph. Maya is put in a cryo tube to be wiped of her memories by Doug's author.

Insert Quartet Hero Team Here[]

  • Author: wizard2555555
  • Fandom: Fantastic Four
  • Summary: Joe goes after Devlina Fugelrue the 66th, a Sue who has inserted herself into the group of superheroes formerly known as the Fantastic Four (now known the Fantastic Five, thanks to her). It seems Devlina was in the fandom to steal some kind of technology...but Copyrighted character Ben Grimm (a.k.a. The Thing) is so affronted to discover this that he knocks her out and through a Plothole she'd conjured for herself, before she's done appropriating the parts for a battery pack. It is revealed that both Devlina and Anuhs Weedy are working for another Stu called Kazuna. Meanwhile, Joe has left the Society in order to become stronger, and he leaves his friend Pete behind.

Insert College Boy Mafia Here[]

  • Author: gdouglas56
  • Fandom: The Godfather
  • Summary: A minor Stu, Alitair Mason, infiltrates the Godfather trilogy and plans to set up his crime family empire. Two Agents are sent, Doug and...Aster? The two make a plot (together with Tash) to lure the Stu out: Aster will be a lost Sue in the fandom while Doug stands guard. The Stu, driven by the need for a bride to start his crime family, picks Aster as a candidate and brings her out to a movie. It ends with Aster killing the Stu for throwing a knife at her, which Doug blocks and has it stuck in his own chest...but Doug survives and reveals he is a halfling.

Insert Evident Demonic Contract Here[]

  • Author: complexities
  • Fandom: Kuroshitsuji
  • Summary: Although still recovering from her last mission, Karissa is eager as ever to chase after Lela when she hears the Sue has been spotted in the Kuroshitsuji fandom. By withholding certain facts from Tash, Karissa is given permission to go, and she brings Tyler along. Almost immediately the Agents locate the Sue, but they are stopped from apprehending her by a foreboding older woman...who turns out to be another Sue, Viva Skerry. It turns out that Lela sacrificed her dog ears - and her soul - to summon a demon who would protect her from the Society until she dies. Karissa is horrified by Lela's actions as well as the fact that in this fandom she ravished a 13 year-old boy, Ciel Phantomhive. Tyler and Karissa manage to Copyright the two canon main characters Ciel and Sebastian, thwarting the Sues, but they narrowly escape the fandom with their lives. Both of them end up in the hospital back in the Library, and it will take some time to recover before Tyler can eat the rest of his chocolate or Karissa can re-enter Kuroshitsuji...she badly wants to, for some reason. In this fic, Charis invents Citations but soon after, Tash discontinues them.

Insert Evil Genetic Experiment Here[]

  • Author: Drake Dragonsoul
  • Fandom: Crash Bandicoot
  • Summary: A Stu named Raven has been experimenting in the hopes of combining several Stu and Sues' powers into one being. He succeeds with Super-Sue, and in order to test his creation he lures several Agents into the Crash Bandicoot fandom. Raven and Super-Sue escape after a demonstrative fight, and the Society Agents must return to the Library to report this new threat.

Insert Masculine Program Name Here[]

  • Author: James Firebrand and darkwebx01, story hosted at James Firebrand's account
  • Fandom: Mega Man Battle Network
  • Summary: Neb breaks into the Mansion in Ben's Imagination where he, Shirley and the rest of his characters live when they're not in the Library or elsewhere. He kidnaps Deebs, Ben and Shirley's daughter, and sends a message to the Library, intending to lure Ben out. Ben is all for mounting a rescue team immediately, but Adrian forces him to team up with Tyler before they go. Once in the fandom, through the resourceful use of a Plot Device (and Shirley's mugging skills) Tyler and Shirley enter the Net as NetNavis with Ben remaining in the real world as a NetOp. After fending off the first few waves of viruses set upon them by Neb (and clashing with the Narrator a few times...) the two two manage to corner Neb.
The tables are quickly turned upon them, though when Ekard, Relyt and Yelrihs join the party. Just when the battle has reached a stalemate, Deebs shows up and starts wreaking havoc, driving the Pro-Cliché agents back. Neb and Relyt try to use a DarkChip but thanks to the quick use of JusticeOne, disaster is averted. In a last-ditch attempt to cause some damage, Neb tries to nuke Shirley and Tyler, but Shirley catches the warhead in mid-air and re-directs it at Neb, with obvious results. Ben and Tyler recuperate back at the least until Tyler gets his hands on Ben's flask of Firebrand Whiskey and starts bouncing off the walls...literally...