Asuka in profile.
Name Asuka
Gender Female
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert The Original Indestructible Captain Here"

Asuka is Dave's Luxray.


As a Luxray, Asuka is a fierce-looking lion-like blue and black Electric Pokémon. When Dave started Pokémon Platinum, he considered the name 'Shinji' to be a fine name for a member of this evolution family; however as he caught a female instead, he decided that 'Asuka' would suffice, both names stemming from Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Her Poké Ball is a Heal Ball. She wears a translator collar which allows her 'Pokémonese' to be translated into English, but sometimes the collar malfunctions as it was originally built for a Flareon.

Dave initially believed the Luxray evolutionary family to be rodent Pokemon, and while he has since learned better, he still playfully refers to Asuka as "Mousey" on occasion. She tolerates this from him because of the obvious affection he means it in. It is not advised that anyone else try it...


She was introduced during Dave's ill-fated mission to the Captain Scarlet fandom, which saw him being crushed to death and resurrected by the Mysterons. She, as inherently electric, was useful in bringing Dave's sensibilities back as Mysterons are highly affected by electricity. Initially after the incident she was considered as a safety measure in case Dave went rogue again. However she has a fierce loyalty to Dave, not wishing to hurt him and remaining his close companion.


Luxray Vision: All Luxray have the ability to see around and through objects in a fashion similar to X-ray vision, and Asuka is no exception. While it is debatable whether or not this ability actually uses real X-rays in order to function, it is certainly similar enough to perform the same tasks.

Attacks: In the manner of all Pokemon from the games, Asuka only possesses four attacks. At the time of her introduction to the society, these were; Thunder Fang, Charge, Discharge and Crunch. Charge was subsequently replaced with Superpower. While she could in theory possess more than four attacks at once while outside Dave's copy of Pokémon Platinum, she has shown no interest in doing so.

Rivalry: Asuka posseses the Rivalry ability, meaning that she gains a boost in attack when facing a female opponent.

Scope Lens: A standard issue item from the Pokemon games, allowing the holder to zoom in and identify weaknesses in a target, thus enabling them to score a critical hit in battle. Asuka usually carries this with her at all times, and is very fussy about who she lends it to. Surprising then that she allowed Michael's Combee to play with it...