Astron Ganera
Name Astron Ganera
Gender Male
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Difficult and Complex Written Test Here"

Astron Ganera was a Stu that attempted to join the Society.



He was tall and handsome, his eyes dark and his hair a sleek bluish-black.

Tash described him as a 'Bleach Fanboy's Wish Fulfillment'.


Astron Ganera attempted to join the Society at the same time as Alice and Louise. He managed to pass the written test in such a way that it initiated a Code 10 emergency within the Library, which is the code for such a good pass that indicates that the individual was a Stu themselves. Tash and Harriet attempted to ambush him at the same time as announcing the result to the three successful candidates of that day's test, but Alice unknowingly glomped Harriet before the arrest could be made and ruined the element of surprise.

Astron was henceforth sent back to his author, who was not very happy about it.

Powers and Abilities[]

As well as being quite good-looking and possessing a fine infiltration ability, Astron wielded a katana, a zanpakuto and some form of lightning magic.