Ashley Foxblade
Name Ashley Foxblade
Gender Female
Age 13
Introduced In "Insert Exceptionally Dramatic Clow Card Here"

Aspen Foxblade
Name Aspen Foxblade
Gender Female
Age 13
Introduced In "Insert Exceptionally Dramatic Clow Card Here"

Ashley Hikari Rain Patchouli Foxblade (アシュリ・フォクスブレイド Ashuri Fokusubureido) and Aspen Yami Sun Sandalwood Foxblade (アスペン・フォクスブレイド Asupen Fokusubureido) were Level 6 Sues.


Ashley and Aspen were the fourth and fifth sisters in the Foxblade family, and were identical twins (Ashley was older than Aspen by four minutes). Both girls had long auburn hair, which ended at their waists, blue eyes, and freckles dusted across their noses. The twins often wore identical dresses, though Ashley had a tendency to wear cold colours, and Aspen hot colours. Ashley had a small, crescent moon-shaped scar just below her hairline, and Aspen had a tiny birthmark on the back of her neck. Aside from this, though, the twins were completely identical, and could only be told apart by their personalities.

Both twins had a mischievous streak that could turn childishly sadistic at times. It has been theorised that due to their relationship as twins, they feel that no one else will understand them, and therefore, no one else’s feelings are important (though they do show respect to their older sisters, particularly Willowe Foxblade). To them, other people serve no purpose other than to play the "game" they call life. Thus, they like to play "games" with people, never caring if anyone gets hurt in the process.

The only time pain becomes an issue for them is when it is the other twin who is feeling the pain. Then they becomes fiercely protective of their sister. Ashley has a slightly more forceful nature, preferring to charge in and challenge her opponents head on, exercising her strength over them. Aspen is more likely to wait and study an opponent and try to exploit a weakness that they may have. Like many twins, Ashley and Aspen like to confuse people, using their near identical appearances to play tricks. They will often speak in unison, using their sweet and innocent voices to unnerve people.

As twins, Ashley and Aspen shared a psychic link, which was strong enough to send emotion to each other with. According to Palm Tree, there have been incidents where they have known that the other was hurt or in danger, and even one occasion where they both broke the same leg, in the same place, within ten minutes of each other, under completely different circumstances (this was also the occasion where Ashley obtained the scar just below her hair). It was hoped that when their Sue powers had fully developed, this psychic link would become strong enough to give them telepathic abilities. However, both girls are deceased, and so we will never know if this would have come to pass.


Ashley and Aspen were the fourth and fifth Foxblade sisters, and like most of the sisters, looked up to Willowe as the head of the house. On a mission to the Cardcaptor Sakura fandom, after a mishap with a Plot Device, Miriku accidently summoned Ashley, Aspen, and Palm Tree, reuniting them with Juniper. It turns out that Willowe left to find a home for them, and when she didn’t return after so long, Holly and Juniper went after her. Ashley and Aspen, according to Palm Tree, were not the best role models, and started becoming closer to each other and more in favour of isolating themselves from everyone else in the world. This was also about the time that puberty hit and their Sue powers began to develop. It is implied that they were slightly psychotic while doing so, as they became somewhat bent on killing people, even going as far as to try to kill Palm Tree during her tenth birthday when she didn't "hide" well enough.

When Willowe was captured and locked in the Twilight fandom, however, Ashley and Aspen resolved to find a way to get her out. Whether this was out of genuine sisterly love, or a need of someone to help them control their developing powers, no one knows. Taking their younger sister with them, they infiltrated the Final Fantasy X-2 fandom, and began slowly warping it to their liking. From there, they began their search.

During their stay, their relationship with Palm Tree became strained, with their younger sister becoming more defiant and risking exposing them, and the twins becoming more strained and less and less understanding of her. Finally, with Palm Tree’s help, the Society managed to capture the twins after they become overconfident about their new powers and their ability to defend themselves.

Ashley and Aspen were Prohibited and held in the Library basement with the rest of the Sues, in seperate cells so as to stop them causing trouble, though this did not stop them playing their "identical voice trick" on the on duty agents. Even some of the Sues and Stus were reported to be quite terrified of them. When Willowe broke all the Sues out during the invasion of the Library, Ashley and Aspen went off in search of Palm Tree - now renamed Emily in the Society's care. They found her, but before they could harm her, Willowe showed up and fought with her younger sisters, defending Emily and eventually killing them both.