Ash Harth
Name Ash Harth
Gender Male
Age 18
Introduced In "Insert Multiple Homicidal Counterpart Here"

Ash Harth is a Level 7 Stu.



With black as his primary color, Ash shares the same color and motif as Ashley Harken. He stands at around 6'0" and weighs in at 160 lbs, most of which is muscle.


Ash seems polite and reasonable at first glance, but his mood can quickly darken, revealing the savage, merciless person within.


Ash was created along with Ashley as part of a The One fanfic. His power quickly grew beyond anything his Author could handle, and he set out to kill Ashley to become The One. Before he could do so, however, he ran into Lily and Avak. After a vicious battle, Ashley convinced a canon character to intervene and drove Ash off. Avak pursued him and managed to delay Ash long enough for Rhia and Cristoph to apprehend and prohibit him. While spewing threats and dire promises on his way to the basement, Ash made the mistake of threatening Lily, sending Avak into a rage. He was beaten to a bloody pulp before Avak finally calmed down and threw him into his cell.

He was apparently sorry for himself enough to be assessed as 'medium-risk', wearing the yellow basement uniform T-shirt. However, several months later, he was one of the main collaborators in the Basement Incident, where a Merle-controlled Louise took several Society members hostage. Ash made an example of one of the hostages, Alice, by punching her in the face and breaking her nose. He also fought back violently when the agents from above took control of the situation again and staged a rescue. As a result, his threat level was subsequently re-evaluated, making him now 'high-risk' and one of only two captive Sues to wear the feared blue 'shoot-on-sight' T-shirt, the other being Roxelana Terelli.


Due to having killed off multiple alternate-reality versions of himself, Ash has gained their life force, increasing his speed and strength to super-human levels.