250px-Ari 1.jpg
Name Ari
Gender Female
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Ostentatiously Colored Dragon Here"

Ari is Valerie's muse and guardian spirit.


Ari in her seldom-seen human form.

Not much is known about Ari, as she's not the most talkative of beings. Not even Valerie knows everything about her. Most of her time is spent in the great Elsewhere, and no one knows what she does during this time. Ari isn't about to elaborate either. When she is around, however, she is usually found somewhere in Valerie's vicinity, either helping the girl with whatever she's doing or simply keeping her company. It's quite common to see Ari replacing Valerie's books on high shelves, taking messages between the members of Valerie's team, or, when the need arises, physically defending Valerie.

Ari's appearance can vary, but her most favored form is that of a queen Pernese fire-lizard. In this form she can sit comfortably on Valerie's shoulder, fly, breathe fire, and instentaneously travel between here and there (though it's debatable if she didn't have this ability to begin with). Some other known forms are a palimino mare, a pegasus, a red-tailed hawk, and a lioness. Once or twice she has also taken a human form, that of a slender woman with long, curly black hair, amber eyes, and a yellow dress. However, only Valerie, Stacey, and Danielle have seen this form.

Ari communicates only in mindspeech, and only to a chosen few. She can speak to anyone if she likes, but most often chooses not to except in a dire emergency. People she has spoken to (and thus deemed worthy of her very select approval) include Valerie, Stacey (and by extension Ezra), Danielle, and Adrian. She has also interacted with, but not directly spoken to, Tash, Monika, Terrie, and Emily. No one knows what qualifies a person for the "honor" of speaking to Ari, but at least some psychic or magical ability seems to be a requirement.

Ari has the ability to be in two or three places at once. No one knows how this is done, but it's easy to tell if she is also elsewhere - you can sense that her attention is divided.


  • It is rumored that Ari spoke to Blake the day before he left the Society, but she refuses to comment on what was said.