Varying containers for Anti-Sue Liquid Products.

Anti-Sue Liquid Products are preventative and defensive cleaning liquids that are classed as gadgets and often used copiously by Society Agents.

General Description[]

The Library has a large supply of all the needed Anti-Sue Liquid Products, though it is unknown whether they are manufactured on-site or if Adrian has some sort of supply contract with whatever company produces them. They are usually brightly-coloured, pleasant-smelling liquids.

All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation[]

All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation
Name All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation
Type (normal or magic) Vaguely magic liquid
Introduced In "Insert Tea, Coffee and Biscuits Here"

All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation is a very useful and amusing liquid product, looking like a thick liquid cement usually in a grey colour. Upon use - usually via shooting it somewhere - it expands swiftly on contact with air and hardens to a solid, opaque, nigh-unbreakable foam, creating a plot-insulating bubble around it. It serves as a defence of the plot from outside and destructive forces, but can only withstand so much - usually up to Sue Level 5.

It can come in barrels, as evidenced by the news that Harriet had sold several to LittleKuriboh. Web popular culture abridged series makers and game reviewers use this stuff to excess by necessity; it was the Escapist reviewer Yahtzee who initially coined the term.

All-Purpose Cavity Plot Insulation was first used during the trip to Sea Monsters on the Ancient Mariner to ensure that Ocean Fields could not escape.

It is also assumed to make great building insulation, but thus far it is unknown if it has been tested this way.

Brain Bleach[]

Brain Bleach
Name Brain Bleach
Type (normal or magic) Vaguely magic liquid
Introduced In Universal use

The universal best-seller of all the Liquid Products, Brain Bleach is a powerful thick liquid that is usually applied straight to the cranium. It is used whenever something has been seen that is terminally offending - most often regarding something icky, overtly sexual or otherwise generally horrifying - to the extent of threatening one's sanity. Its effect is to calm the person who takes it and dulls the offending memory to something a lot better.

It comes in many different quantities, the best-selling amount being in 200 litre drums, although it is found in many other quantities both larger (3,000 litres) and smaller (15ml personal use dropper bottles). It also comes in super-strength formula, though one wouldn't really want to pour this on their head if they were especially fond of it. This strength is more appropriate for flooding fandoms instead.

It also cleans toilets to a gleaming shine.

Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant[]

Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant
Name Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant
Type (normal or magic) Vaguely magic liquid
Introduced In "Insert Insert Poncey Sounding Elvish Here"

Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant has always been in the Society's repertoire, though until recently it has been rarely used. It comes in many forms, though it most often used as a spray to chase away both rabid fangirls and Sues.

Emily, as of the Hallowe'en Clipshow, fills her Supersoaker with Fangirl-Strength Disinfectant, and then used it to disintigrate Plot Bunnies.

When used neat, it has the power to dissolve skin, tissue and bone, indicating a pH of at least 13. Diluted, it is a great kitchen cleaner.

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