The Anthropomorphiser
Isometric schematic of the Anthropomorphiser.
Name The Anthropomorphiser
Type (normal or magic) Both
Introduced In "Insert Bundles Of Fluff Here"

The Anthropomorphiser is a large gadget used by Society Agents.


As its name suggests, the Anthropomorphiser is used to confer an degree of anthropomorphism on its user (victim?) which goes up to and including turning them into an animal. It is an overly-large gadget, intended for use only once before a mission.

Some fandoms (Warriors, Redwall and Swat Cats for example) are usually known to perform this transformation automatically as a consequence of entering them, though the Anthropomorphiser can still be used to control what one looks like beforehand. In others, normal humans exist side-by-side with other species, but are uncommon enough for their presence to be noted or even feared (Solatorobo, Avatar) to the point of compromising a Society mission if one remained in this form. It is for these fandoms that the Anthropomorphiser is designed.

It is a rectangular machine about two by three by four feet, with a sloped control panel containing a screen and a keypad. To use, one selects the wanted species using either specifics or a generalised list, and then the level to which the transformation is intended. A large green button activates the transforming ray, which is pink, yellow or blue (or any combination thereof) and emanates from one of three slots in the machine's sides. The ray can also be controlled to act as an area-effect or just upon a singleton.

Selecting the species is all the control the machine allows. One's colour, pattern, shape and size in an anthropomorphised form is decided solely by one's own genetics.


Basically the lower the level, the more animal the machine can make you.

  • 100: Fully human.
  • 99-93: Some animal attributes appear, like random peripherals (ears, tail, crest etc). Example: Tabitha, whilst Prohibited.
  • 92-86: Senses begin to adjust; first the advantageous ones, then the rest (whether advantageous or not). Example: Adrian.
  • 85-79: Humanesque appearance. Example: Cats.
  • 78-72: Animalesque appearance gradually develops.
  • 71-65: Full nudity taboos of humans remain. Example: Disney's Robin Hood.
  • 64-58: Many human skills still retained, animal skills begin to develop. Example: Redwall.
  • 57-51: Opposable thumbs; shapeshifter baggage disappears. Example: Chronicles of Narnia.
  • 50-44: Ability to talk 'human' remains. Example: Dæmons from HDM.
  • 43-37: No human abilities left.
  • 36-30: Retainment of human-esque personalities. Example: Animal Farm.
  • 29-23: Some human instincts left. Example: Watership Down.
  • 22-16: Completely animal in appearance; instincts beginning to mix. Example: Just So Stories.
  • 15-9: Loss of human curiosity.
  • 8-2: Almost completely animal; acquiring of animal social instincts.
  • 1-0: Fully animal, including all mating and social instincts.


The Anthropomorphiser is a new machine, still in the prototyping stages. It also seems to be tempermental and easily broken, as Emily proved when she accidentally turned everyone into a cat.

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