Name Anachron
Type (normal or magic) Normal
Introduced In "Insert Teleporting Annoyance Here"

The Anachron is a gadget used by Society Agents.


The "Anachron" Device, as it is affectionately called by Charis (and later Douglas), derives its name from the literary device "anachronism".

According to an anachronism is

  1. Something located at a time when it could not have existed or occurred
  2. An artifact that belongs to another time
  3. A person who seems to be displaced in time; who belongs to another age

The Anachron began life as an ordinary Society Plothole Generator. However, after much customization, it no longer closely resembles a ray gun. It now takes the shape of a wristwatch with retractable metal pieces along its sides. These pieces are each Bookmarks on a miniature spring-loaded hinge.

The Anachron device utilizes Bookmarks attached to a target to estimate a probable spawn point for teleporting - alternatively, faster-than-human - Stues and Sues, such as those that were found in the Jumper fandom during the device's beta testing. The device has proved successful at its function; however, a current side effect shrinks any Agent that uses it.

It is a part of a much bigger gadget - the Plot Armour.

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