Alyana Markerstone
Name Alyana Markerstone
Gender Female
Age 17
Introduced In "Insert Plural Noun as Title Here"

Alyana Markerstone was a Level 7 Sue.


Alyana was a Sue who was given the gift of warping time. She first appeared in the Uglies fandom, trying to turn back time in order to force herself into a prequel; however, the Society accosted her, and so Alyana in a panic kidnapped Meg, Emma's dog.

Alyana was briefly seen again in the Percy Jackson fandom, and was finally captured; however, she managed to get a bit of Tash's DNA and send it back to Sue Headquarters, resulting in the creation of the Pseudo-Tash.

Alyana was presumably released with the other Sues when Willowe broke them out of the basement, thus regaining her ability to turn back time. However she was killed in the resulting slaughter.