Altair Mason
Name Altair Mason
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert College Boy Mafia Here"

Alitair Everclawe Radcliffe Mason was a Level 4 Stu.


A Level 4 Stu found in the Godfather trilogy, he appeared to look like an idol to all Mafia bosses around. He took over the fandom with ease, gaining wealth and power in the process. Unfortunately, he lacked one thing that will grant him absolute power: a crime family. Exploiting this weakness, Doug and Aster entered the fandom and lured him out, using a very reluctant Aster as bait. She eventually did, and the Stu acted like a total jerk around her. When it came to arresting him, he actually did some damage; he threw a knife intended for Aster, but Doug used his body as a shield. Like any horrified person with power that watched a friend being killed in front of them, Aster kills the Stu. Doug did recover from his false 'death', and left the body to be taken care of by the canon bodyguards of Michael Corleone.