Power Sword
Name Power Sword
Type (technical or magic) Cyberpunk technical
User Alice Wood
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

Alice's Power Sword is her primary weapon.


The physical blade of the power sword measures 22" (55 cm) in length, and it is classed as a short sword. It has a diamond-shape cross-section and a V-profiled fuller stretching to a point two-thirds up the blade. It is certainly made of a form of steel, but a futuristic alloy that makes it very durable and resistant. The blade is straight and double-edged, but it is also leaf-shaped; the edges curve slightly, making for less percussive stress and enabling both cutting and thrusting easily. There is a little decorative etching at the base of the blade. It does not fit the Medieval Oakeshott typology; in fact the closest historical sword it emulates in shape is the Ancient Greek Xiphos.

The crossguard is silver and spiralled at the ends, with white cabochons set into the metal. The grip is tough black leather, and there is a small white spherical pommel for balance.

The part that makes it a power sword, however, is the advanced mechanism built into the hilt. Pressing the main button, a white cabochon, in the centre of the crossguard initiates a powerful energy field to surround the blade. This makes any attack or sometimes the merest touch of the sword to cause great damage, often far more than the blade itself could. Two buttons on either side of the main can raise or lower the amount of power that the field emits. The power emanated is a bright blue colour, and works well as a light source. It has a built-in auto-rechargeable battery pack, which given the similar in its home fandom, will probably last for a few good centuries.

Levels of power[]

  • 0 – Power is off. Regular sword use.
  • 1 – Somewhat warm and good for a flashlight, though prone to static.
  • 2 – Rather hot and good for slicing toast.
  • 3 – The first real offensive level. Not likely to sear through limbs, but will hurt. Probably useful medically to cauterise wounds.
  • 4 – Glows brightly, the electricity waves are very obvious, anyone struck is likely to get a painful shock as well as a beating. May or may not be stopped by bone and will cut through most non-metallic armour.
  • 5 – Auto-cauterisation of all wounds; potential of burning to fourth-degree with touch.
  • 6 – Vaporising. Only lasts a few seconds on this power before it dies automatically. Likely to seriously affect those in the vicinity via convection.


Alice had been trained in sword use before she joined the Society, and she was happy to take a normal one on her first mission to Warhammer 40k. However it was snapped like rock candy by a Crimson Fist Space Marine, as one would expect with such a bog-standard weapon. Thus defenceless, when later going after McLaren, the Inquisitor Ario Barzano fixed that by giving her the power sword to use. He later said that she could keep it; and she hugged him in her gratitude.

She has not, and probably will not give it a name, mostly because she thinks she will either be changing her mind every few days or it will make her feel ridiculous.

Whilst Alice said that she had assumed the sword to be a common thing and thus free game, it is known to those who know the fandom that power weapons of any kind are rare and valuable objects, some stretching back to the Horus Heresy itself, some ten thousand years before the time the mission was set. It is assumed that because of its Inquisitorial history Alice's sword is not that old or unique, but its previous worth or significance is unknown.

Additionally, because it is an Inquisitorial weapon, it is proof against Psykers, which are defined as the magic-users of both the Warhammer 40k and Warhammer Fantasy fandoms. This was proven during the mission to rescue Louise from Merle's clutches in the White Tower in the latter fandom, where Alice's sword was able to defend both herself and the party from psychic blasts - and easily deal with those who cast them - upon strike. It is unknown currently as to whether this could be applied to other fandoms.

Scabbard and Belt[]

The sword was given with the trappings to keep it safe and close to its user. Its scabbard is white, with a silver tip and weather-protected locket at the mouth. Black straps on the top and base link to a white belt that goes around the waist, all fully adjustable. A silver lockable clasp holds it closed either at the back or side, and a pearl chain attaches to a decorative circular silver-and-white brooch, carrying a large charm at its end; it serves no purpose but Alice likes it anyway, usually keeping it shoved in a pocket after she replaced the silver Inquisitorial 'I' with the Society quill-and-sword Saltire.