Name Goggles
Type (technical or magic) Cyberpunk technical
User Alice Wood
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

Alice's goggles are her tool for different methods of visual information.


While Alice's googles are not a shooty thing or a stabby thing, they are still classed as a weapon because the information they provide could be construed as a serious advantage. Likewise, they are not a gadget as there is little chance of duplicating them for the Society's general use - not only for the reason that Alice is very protective of them and is not likely to allow anyone to tinker with them.

They are rather decorative, made of a silver metal and the front spiralled and swept up into feather-like edges. The lenses are usually covered by the spiral, but they fold away like a camera shutter when the goggles are in use. The goggles are large enough to enclose all of Alice's pre-existing glasses.

There are many visual filters built into the goggles, many unused and unexplored. Three levers are behind the feathers on the side of each lens, and there are buttons, dials and switches built beside them.

List of visual filters[]

View Control Group First seen
Eye protection Automatic/default Normal 1. Warhammer 40k
Blue filter Colour lever Levers 1. Warhammer 40k
Currently untested Health lever Levers
Inter-portal view ‘Society’ lever Levers 2. The Shadowleague
‘Sparkle-O-Vision’ ‘Society’ lever Levers 1. Warhammer 40k
Heat sensor/Thermography Sensor lever Levers 3. Captain Scarlet
Meteorological view Sensor lever Levers 2. The Shadowleague
Backscatter X-ray X-Ray lever Levers 3. Captain Scarlet
True X-ray X-Ray lever Levers 3. Captain Scarlet
Currently untested ‘Magic’ lever Levers
Visual wavelength adjustment Filter dial - Left Dials 2. The Shadowleague
Microscope Zoom dial - Left Dials 1. Warhammer 40k
Far Zoom Zoom dial - Right Dials 1. Warhammer 40k
Infrared night vision Switch - Left Buttons and switches 1. Warhammer 40k
Heads-up display Large button - Left Buttons and switches 2. The Shadowleague
Lamp Large button - Centre Buttons and switches 4. Midsummer Madness
Navigation aide Small button - Left Buttons and switches 2. The Shadowleague


The Automatic Tailorisation Machine gave Alice her goggles with the Inquisitorial outfit she was making for her first mission. They were mostly just played with at the beginning of the mission, their true use not realised.

A heads-up display was found on the mission to The Shadowleague, and it was also discovered that they could see through the portal-esque Curtain Walls.

The first hint that the goggles had something unique about them was when they served as an X-ray viewer without the need for reflective plates or dangerous radiation during the mission to Captain Scarlet. Alice also used an infrared view to detect otherwise invisible adversaries.