Red tail.jpg
Name Algazdun
Gender Male
Age *unknown*
Introduced In "Insert Cheesy Prophetic Dream Here"

Algazdun is Cristoph's pet.


Algazdun, a giant raptoran bird, and Cristoph have been together since the beginning. Since beginning training as a ninja, Algazdun has doubled as his friend and sometimes, a motivator (if you call pecking him constantly until he goes back to training). Since joining the Society, Algazdun doubles as his ally, although mostly he just stands around in a fight and nip Cristoph's ear if he starts to get long-winded, as shown in Insert Cheesy Prophetic Dream Here. He also acts as Cristoph's steed if he needs to get somewhere fast.

Algazdun, by species, is a red-tailed hawk, and wears a set of light armor that encompasses his back, his wings, and a small helm upon his head. He has the ability to change his size from natural size (about 20 inches/46 centimeters), to about twice that, mainly for the purpose of transporting Cristoph to different parts of a fandom in a hurry.