Akai Minami
Name Akai Minami
Gender Female
Age 15
Introduced In "Insert Emotionally Trading Religious Motif Here"

Akai Minami (南あかい Minami Akai) is a member of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society.



Akai is extremely short and stands at 5 feet even, something that distresses her greatly. She has black hair, usually tied back in a low ponytail, and when sketched has black eyes (the black covering the entire iris and pupil, something generally normal in the anime drawing style but standing at a stark contrast from those of Aster and Chrys). When she's not wearing her school sailor fuku, she's usually wearing a hoodie and jeans. It is nearly impossible to get her into a skirt or dress, or anything with a certain feminine level, unless it's a formal occasion.

She has a rather significant bust size, but it doesn't seem to add or subtract to her appearance in any way.


Akai is an extremely cynical, sarcastic person who likes to nose into things and point out flaws. She's also quick to wit and eager to insult; she can reduce a weak-willed person (like Chrys) to the point of tears. For the general person, she's just a typical deadpan snarker.

She hates cute things, but she remains aligned well on the morality scale. She also has the ability to say awkward, weird, rude, or serious things with a straight face.

While her range of known anime/manga/video games does not extend to that of Aster or Chrys, the fandoms she is familiar with receive a huge amount of attention from her, and she can obsessively sit over a game to the point that she's ready to slaughter.

She's also fond of pranks and morbid jokes, and has an extremely perverted mind. She likes to test out her crack pills on people, claiming that they are peppermint Altoids, and occasionally treats them as experimental test subjects.


Akai's early life remains quite obscure mainly because the way Akai narrates it is extremely generic; one can assume that nothing significant happened. Generally, however, Akai lived a relatively normal life, going to school and making friends (Akai, however, comments that those friends are either forgotten to her or don't contact her anymore). She also transferred to a school in Korea in her later life and later moved back to Japan. As a result, she has somewhat of a good command of Korean; however, she can't speak English well at all. (This obstruction has been specifically lifted for the case of the Society.)

Somewhere along the line, Akai met the jun-akuma (半悪魔 jun'akuma), a strange demonlike creature (see below). However, the demon had little effect on her personality and Akai merely became annoyed by the thing.

Akai met Aster in Aster's second year; Akai was going to be a transfer student and was demoing out the classes when Aster was there. Aster had tried to assault the jun-akuma but Akai had prevented her. Since then the two became friends.

Akai makes her first appearance in the trip to the Kamikaze Kaitou Jeanne fandom, fighting off Tato. She helps to get Chrys back to her state of mind. She tries to join the Society but is constantly failing the test, getting mind-wiped about the details of the test every single time, and returning. Eventually, she passes the test, although this is because she cheats by folding the page of a Sue Theory for Dummies book (she's not supposed to know what's on the test).

Her practical exam was in the Suzumiya Haruhi (Disappearance) fandom. She was supposed to take out Amaya Ayanami, but SEEer happened to be in the fandom as well. Unfortunately, she failed to capture him. She later threatened Kyoukai Kaneyama and Kiseki Nakamura with death if they didn't resurrect two main characters in the Macross Frontier fandom - but ended up brutally murdering them anyway even after the resurrection had taken place.

Powers and Abilities[]

Since Akai remains largely uncorrupted by the jun-akuma Akai has few powers from it. She has the option of immortality if she wants it but is still debating whether to act on it, as it's a big decision.

Her few powers include:

Crack pills[]

Unlike the implication of the names, they're actually pills made from the pure essence of crack writing; anyone who takes one of the pills will not be taken seriously. Akai takes several of them on a daily basis, although whether she's taken seriously is up to the eye of the beholder. Akai says that she'd like to shove several of those pills down the throats of Sues.

Dark energy[]

Akai can manifest small tennis-ball-sized balls of dark evil energy as a result of having the jun-akuma around. Because of their small size, they have only shown to be effective on masses of cute bunnies.


Not quite a power, but enemies tend to underestimate her given her size, and don't realize that her punches can really hurt.


Her personality gives off a natural effect of "anti-desu" (or something to that effect), which can (temporarily) fuses out Chrys's desu.


Akai carries a spear with which she has mid-level proficiency due to training in kendo/geomdo. While her skill is not anywhere near that of a trained professional or fully experienced fighter, she is able to defend herself and/or have a degree of attack power. Akai affectionately calls her spear "Spear-tan". The spear does not have any real power, but does have enhanced resistance and strength to aid in stabbing.

Full Demon[]

Akai does have the potential to manifest as a full demon if she merges with the jun-akuma. This would create a sort of demoness with no free will or logical thinking, with nothing but the instinct to brutally slaughter anyone in the vicinity. It is completely uncontrollable, using this form puts Akai at a high risk of corrupting her soul completely, and in the event she does revert, she will end up completely exhausted. Because of the uncontrollable nature, Akai refuses to employ this until these conditions are met:

  • It is an excruciating circumstance
  • None of her allies are in the vicinity or in danger of getting killed in the resulting slaughter
  • There is a definite and mainly confident way to revert her back to normal afterwards

Since it is almost impossible to meet these three circumstances at once, Akai is not susceptible to unleash this at all. It does, however, bother her somewhat.


The jun-akuma. Its height is around two inches.

The jun-akuma is a demon; its name translates roughly as "half-demon". (Note that this is not to be confused with Chrys's half-demon-ness; the "half" refers to the jun-akuma's size, and the "demon" is not a kind, benign youkai from Japanese folklore but a Satanic-type evil demon.) It cannot speak, and is extremely tiny, possibly even cute.

It has two long eyes and a hair threaded across the top of its head. Normally, things of its kind will form a parasitic relationship with a human, giving him/her dark and evil powers and the capacity to destroy the world in exchange for an extremely evil personality. However, the thing has done nothing but follow Akai around. Aster comments that it was probably attracted to Akai's negativity.

Why it has remained benign for so long is a mystery. It did turn into a full-fledged demon at one point and start destroying things until Mizuho stopped it, and since then it has made no action besides offering Akai cookies (and occasionally muffins). It also likes to do random crackish things (such as pulling a violin out of nowhere and playing it or creating a Sorry I Left The BGM On moment). It looks female, but it is considered genderless by Aster.

Aster is afraid of what it can do, but in the end it's more likely Akai is feeding off the demon than the demon off Akai. Perhaps the demon is lazy, or has a lack of power, or is satisfied by the cloud of negative personality Akai has anyway.

Mizuho does not like the jun-akuma at all and will often start heated fights with it. This is usually amusing, as the jun-akuma cannot speak and Mizuho will accuse it of things like "looking innocent" and "being insulting".


  • Her favorite food is ramen.
  • Before finding out that the jun-akuma offered immortality, Akai wanted to be a lawyer because of her practice in debate. Of course, it seems this is impossible now.
  • While hostile, Akai does show a nice side towards young children. The problem is that she will try to spoil them behind their guardians' backs.
  • She is especially fond of perverted jokes.
  • Akai has stated that if she has the option, she may move in permanently into the Library if she becomes immortal in order to offset the problems in her original world about existing as well as to figure out how to sort out her problems involving her power. As this is the original Akai, this would be quite the spectacle.
  • Aster allegedly has some sort of blackmail material over her, although this is probably moot as Akai is likely to have much more about Aster.
  • Akai is fond of the color red and uses it at every opportunity. This is probably because her name is, in fact, Japanese for "red".
  • Akai's theme song would be this for a variety of reasons.
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