Ailianna Flamewing
Name Ailianna Flamewing
Gender Female
Age 21
Introduced In "Insert Ostentatiously Colored Dragon Here"

Ailianna Flamewing is a Level 4 Sue.


Ailianna is a 21-year old-woman with a slender, willowy body, legs that seem to go on forever, sparkling hazel eyes that seem to radiate innocence, and thick, soft, red-brown hair that beautifully frames her triangular face. It has been noted that she bears a striking resemblance to Kirsten Stuart, but that's a whole other story.

Ailianna was found in the Dragonriders of Pern fandom, floating in Monaco Bay with no memory of how she got there (though it's heavily implied that she is of Ruathan Bloodline). She was rescued by the local dolphins, who towed her to a shore that just happened to be filled with fire-lizard nests. She easily Impressed five of the creatures (one of each color), and spent a considerably long time - about a day and a half - living holdless until F'lar found her gathering rushes on a cliff. He immediately whisked her back to Benden Weyr to attend a Hatching, but by then the Society had learned of her existance.

Although she was at a relatively low threat level (she didn't even have any middle names!), Ailianna was poised to become a much greater threat if she Impressed the little queen, so a risky and rather hastily thrown-together extraction was performed. Valerie and Ari, aided by the canon character Lessa, were able to knock out and apprehend the Sue, thus allowing the Hatching to continue as normal.

Ailianna is assumed to be released with the other Sues from the basement when Willowe frees them from their Prohibitors.