Agent Zero
Name Agent Zero
Gender male
Age Appears to be in the late twenties to early thirties.
Introduced In "Insert Pseudo Latin Interjections Here"

Agent Zero is a Level 6 Stu.



Zero often shapes his apperance to match that of an undercover agent, whatever that might look like in the current fandom he's in. Often times he wears various facial covers keeping any agent from seeing his face clearly, the first time he was incountered this happend to be large framed sunglasses, the second time it happend to be a marine gas mask. In his latest apperance his arm was vaporized by an alien weapon fired by Chloe.


Agent Zero is generally apathetic, as he is so confident in his own ability's he believes all tasks deserve only minimal amounts of attention. So far this has led to his capture and near-death on two occasions.


Agent Zero is the first Stu arrested by the team of Jared and Chloe in the F-Zero fandom. They accomplished this by a duel effort to attempt to force his F-Zero racer into a crippling accident (which is harder then it sounds as those machines are incredibly durable). Sometime during the Library invasion he escaped and went into hiding, later resurfacing in the Conduit fandom where it was thought that he was killed after a brief confrontation with Chloe and Chevila.