Name Adrian
Gender Male
Age Trust me. Don't try to memorize this number.
Introduced In "Insert Bad Shinigami Reference Here"

Adrian is an agent of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, the Librarian and a Counter Guardian.


"An eternal flame that flows like water and strikes like lightning." -Adrian's Author on the Librarian

Adrian is the Librarian of the Library Arcanium and the lover of Tash Marquand. He is by far the oldest member of the Anti-Cliché and Mary-Sue Elimination Society, being an immortal Counter Guardian and has lived centuries longer than any of the other members. His status as a Counter Guardian (a being selected by the Powers That Be to guard the integrity of the Multiverse) lets him traverse the dimensions as easily one would walk from room to room. Having hinted that he was a hero in his past life, he dislikes his status as a Counter Guardian, being "forced to kill thousands to save millions and millions to save billions." His mastery of spell and sword are second to none and the depth and breadth of his knowledge is as vast as the Library he lives in. Always knowing more than he lets on, Adrian is a powerful ally to the Society and a lethal foe to his enemies.


The Librarian stands at 5'8" tall and his neck-length white hair, kitty ears and tail and deep violet eyes make him a memorable figure. Possessing a lean musculature, Adrian generally wears a long-sleeved fancy shirt, pants and boots. All of his outfits will include a trenchcoat of some colour (the only colours he avoids are pink and yellow) and he will strongly resist any attempt to make him wear anything else. He wears a pendant of an overlapping star, circle and cross and his cufflinks are a pair of golden-coloured crossed writing quills.


Adrian is a rather laid back individual; he has to be to deal with the Society's daily antics and his job as a Counter Guardian. He'll usually offer a smile or two at the more amusing antics, but he won't hesitate to punish (usually with dusting duty) anyone who intentionally breaks the Library's rules or gets too far out of line. He is very observant, capable of getting an accurate picture of someone's mental state and emotions just by watching them and hearing them talk. He is thoughtful and empathetic and has incredible foresight, planning for many different possibilities and covering all the bases. He feels that people are responsible for their actions and if they want to change, they have to help that themselves. He also displays cool-headedness under fire and a great deal of courage, facing down powerful beings like Willowe Foxblade and Runoa without hesitation or thought of fear.

Despite all this, he is very stubborn, perhaps to the point of being the literal embodiment of 'refuse to lay down and die.', no matter what stands in his way. He will literally drag himself to his feet and fight to the point his body is breaking apart. Tash refers to this trait as being "stupidly heroic".


Season One[]

Adrian first appeared as a Society member in the world of Bleach, hunting the Gary-Stu Silver. By his own admission, he was taken off guard by the sheer power Silver possessed and was overwhelmed in their first encounter. (The Stu even dropped a mountain on him and later, when Adrian punched him, he commented about how it felt like punching steel.) Answering a call on his communicator, he expressed annoyance at both the fact that no one warned him about how powerful Silver was and that the Society Agents were raiding his stash of snacks and junk food. He eventually tracked Silver to the Soul Society and fought him a second time, this time aided by Ichigo Kurosaki and later, Byakuya Kuchki. Eventually Silver was defeated by his Librarian Secret Art: Boot to the Head and captured. He was taken to the Library Basement for imprisonment, the first instance of such. This also marked his first attempt at using Librarian Art 7: Mystery Vanish and getting the predictable result of slamming him into a wall.

Later, Adrian pulled off a timely rescue of Michael in the Dragonball Z fandom against the Gary-Stu Harold, and once the Stu was Prohibited both Agents proceeded to inflict massive amounts of bodily damage to the former uber-powered Super Saiyan Stu.

His second mission paired him up with former Agent Blake in the Final Fantasy 7 fandom, where a Mary-Sue had managed to corrupt the main characters to her whims, even turning the mighty Sephiroth good. (Adrian, who had taken to booby-trapping his food stashes, had earned Tash's ire when she got caught in one and had her hat lasered, and chose to fight Sephiroth rather than face an angry Tash.) He and Blake teleported to the fandom, only to wind up in the desert being chased by Emerald WEAPON, who had somehow managed to find its way there. After avoiding the WEAPON, the pair borrowed a bike from the Gold Saucer and arrived in Edge, where their arrival prompted the Sue, Mary-Ann Twilight, to flee after siccing Sephiroth on the pair to cover her escape. The Librarian battled the Sue-corrupted villain and later Cloud Strife as Blake chased down Mary-Ann, who was eventually captured and Prohibited, restoring the fandom to normal and forcing the pair of Agents to flee, as Cloud and Sephiroth engaged in a devastating fight near them while Mary-Ann managed to escape, though still Prohibited. Once again, Adrian's Mystery Vanish slammed him and Blake into a wall and later embedded the Librarian into the ceiling when he tried to escape Tash.

A while later, a powerful Sue was detected in the Blacklisted fandom Fate/stay Night and Adrian decided to personally intervene, fearing that a less powerful or experienced Agent would be killed due to the lethality of the fandom's nature. Unfortunately, this Sue was revealed to be Runoa, who had earlier stolen a copy of the Holy Grail Adrian had in his possession and used it to trigger a Holy Grail War in Fate/stay Night. This meant that Adrian (or any other Agent) could not simply enter the fandom like normal; they had to be an Epic Hero and possess a Master in order to enter. The Librarian reluctantly chose Tash to be his Master (he himself being a Servant of the Caster-class). After a brief argument over their strategy upon entering Fate/stay Night, Adrian and Tash started their search for Runoa, Adrian observing the other Servants to see if they were a threat before ditching Tash in a park and engaging Runoa alone. The battle went in his favour at first, but eventually Runoa gained the upper hand and was prepared to kill Adrian, only to have Tash interrupt her. After a brief exchange, during which Runoa revealed that the Sues and Stus weren't just taking over fandoms randomly - they were hunting for specific items and the Holy Grail was one of them, Adrian recovered enough to catch Runoa off-guard and threatened to overhwelm her. In desperation, Runoa unleashed the Gate of Babylon and left Adrian near-death, only being driven away as more Society Agents arrived in the nick of time.

During his recovery, Adrian quietly began to research what kinds of items the Sues would be after and why they would need them. After several weeks, he discovered what was stolen: The Holy Grail, Excalibur, The Rosetta Stone, a vial of water from the Fountain of Youth, the Spear of Destiny, the Necrominicon, and the Tabula Rasa. As he mused about their intended purposes, he and Tash shared a private moment with one another, and they eventually admitted their love for one another and kissed for the first time.

After a period of time during which he was still recovering and merely acted a guide and counsellor to the other Agents, he taught Tash how to use Jurai-Ken.

Adrian was later "seduced" in a rather un-Tashlike manner by Tash, only for her to reveal that she was not Tash but a Sue who was masquerading as Tash, the real one having been taken captive by Runoa. She attempted to attack him and he easily retaliated; but it was just a trick on her part, as she screamed for help and convinced the other Agents that Adrian had tried to rape her and kill her after she had tried to fight him off. The enraged Agents attacked the Librarian and he was forced to flee the Society and the Library Arcanium, a fugitive from his own home. He evaded both his fellow Agents and enemy attacks for a week as he raced from fandom to fandom, trying to track down the real Tash. It is implied that during this time, he pieced together Runoa and Willowe's real plan to invade the real world, though not knowing how. Eventually, he tracked the real Tash to the Shattered Heart of the World in Kingdom Hearts, and despite knowing it was a trap, went in anyway.

The chaotic and damaged nature of the Shattered Heart of the World stripped Adrian of his sixth sense, which in turn made his Librarian Arts useless. As he trekked towards where Runoa and Tash were waiting, he encountered a ninja assassin named Kage, whom he easily dispatched, but not before Kage trigged a collapse of a canyon using sonic grenades that severely damaged his hearing. Later, he fought an enraged Michael, but both of them were ambushed by flash-bomb wind-up monkeys that rendered Michael unconscious and Adrian near-blind. Despite this, he made his way to Runoa and Tash and fought the former, the latter having broken free of her imprisonment and attempted to kill Runoa before she could kill Adrian.

During his battle with Runoa, Adrian enraged her with the truth he told and was nearly beaten to death before the arrival of the Society en masse and Counter Guardian Saito Hajime (who had earlier saved the out-cold Michael from death by the hands of the Pseudo-Tash), which forced Runoa to retreat with the Pseudo-Tash, but not before warning the Society that she would soon become powerful enough that they would not be a threat to her much longer - if they lived long enough, that is.

As Adrian recovered from his debilitating wounds, he began setting up countermeasures and plans for what he anticapted would be a major turning point for the Society in the days ahead, though he did this secretly. It included giving Aster an explicit set of instructions for what to do and collaborating with Phoenixia for several things, as well as contacting his Counter Guardian allies and requesting their help as well.

During Willowe's invasion of the Library, he was seen protecting Emily from Silver. After he slew the Stu, he used his Librarian Art 4: Fiction Press to unleash a army of fictional characters from the books in the Library to counterattack the Sues that have been set free. However, this backfired as Agent Smith quickly and easily turned the characters brought to life by Fiction Press into his copies, and eventually the Society Agents were overwhelmed.

After sending the Society Agents out of the Library, Adrian confronted Willowe's army singlehandedly and laid waste to them, slaying a large portion of the army. However, their sheer numbers and fighting a fully-rested Willowe were too much, and he was stabbed through the chest after his Reality Marble broke apart. He forgave Willowe and then unleashed the last of his energies and vanished into a wave of white light. He was confirmed to have been killed.

Season Two[]

However, this proved to not be the end of the Librarian. Valerie encountered Silri in the Heroes fandom and Silri, who said she was designed to hunt and kill Adrian, stated that she could sense his energies out there. The Counter Guardian Kuroneko revealed accidentally to Valerie that she had found Adrian's body, meaning that if they could find Adrian's soul (which is still on the plane of existence) and reunite it with the body, they could bring Adrian back. It seemed a false hope, but the possibility of resurrecting him was too great to ignore.

Adrian was revealed to be in Purgatory. He first descended to Hell, as his soul was not with him, and was put on trial by the people he'd killed; however, Willowe saved him and revealed that he'd been lying about his past (his past that he'd described to Tash was actually Archer's). She told him that he must know more about his past to defeat Runoa. Adrian found himself in a waiting room waiting to get resurrected, with nothing but Twilight books...

Later, when examining Aster, Valerie discovered a fragment of Adrian's soul within her, which prompted Valerie and Kuroneko to run further searches. A further piece was found in Michael, and Valerie soon found that there was another in Tash. After a personal revelation, the healer discovered she held the penultimate fragment, and she came across the enigmatic Zero, an imperfect clone of Adrian on the run from Runoa who willingly gifted her with the last piece. With all five pieces of the soul reunited with the body, Adrian was finally resurrected.

He was almost immediately thrown back into action after this momentous event, spearheading a Society muster to rescue Aster from Runoa's clutches. During the rescue, Adrian was the first to find Aster, and seeing that the fae had been tortured to near death, he went on a rampage, killing any creature that came into his path until he eventually came across Runoa. He came close to killing Runoa during the fight, but she revealed that she was in fact his mother, and in the moment of distraction Order attacked and prevented Adrian from finishing the job. The fight continued, with Adrian eventually using a deadly and unstable magic known as a word of power. He only said the first syllable, but it was enough to cause significant damage. Before he could do worse, Phoenixia injured him enough to break his concentration. Runoa escaped, and the Society fled, taking Aster home with them.

A month after the return, Louise ventured into the basement and took five Society members hostage. Adrian was frustrated when they were blocked from using the basement’s security methods for the safety of the hostages. Eventually they struck, overwhelming the inmates and knocking Louise unconscious.

The situation happening right under his nose and the waiting the negotiation involved had shaken the Librarian, but this shock manifested itself as anger, revealed gradually over the course of the subsequent investigation. Adrian grew more frustrated when Louise could not answer his questions, and ordered Alice strapped to her hospital bed when she actively fought him to get free. Such a heavy-handed approach was not missed by some of the Society, shocking many, but after he attempted to make amends to Alice and Louise, this seems to have been forgiven. He was also instrumental in granting Robert’s parole after he had helped with the investigation under questioning.

On their second anniversary, Adrian and Tash went on a date to the Final Fantasy X fandom, where they encountered the Sovereign Purity, who seemed to have developed a fixation on Tash. Adrian was thrown into a lake, which was frozen over his head. Eventually he managed to break free and the two escaped.

After Runoa tricked Emily into the Twilight fandom, Phoenixia, Tash and Adrian went in to retrive her. Adrian and Tash took on Runoa, whilst Phoenixia was left to deal with Creation. During the course of the fight, Phoenixia's alter-ego Crickette was released once more, and Adrian, Tash and Runoa were heavily injured as they tried to fight her. After Phoenixia regained control, she ran away into the forest. Adrian followed, leaving Tash to take Emily back to the Library. Unfortunately Runoa found Phoenixia first and offered her Immaculation in order to get rid of Crickette for good. Adrian found Incandescent Silverreign abandoned in the forest and he realised that Phoenixia was gone.


Tash: The Society's Leader and Assistant Librarian is Adrian's girlfriend and was the Agent to persuade the Librarian to join the Society's cause at their first meeting. They are incredibly close and usually are with one another on their downtime. Adrian is fiercely devoted to her and puts her safety above all other concerns, and it is her counsel and love that he first goes to if he is need of help.

Aster: Despite her general ineptitude and the fact she never returns the manga to the shelves when she's finished, Adrian feels a soft spot for the fae, perhaps because she is a reminder of the innocence he once had and that he protected in others during his tenure as a hero. Or he sees some of himself in her. Regardless of the reason, despite the numerous times he's yelled at her for leaving his manga out and around, the Librarian always lets her have first dibs on any incoming manga volumes.

Valerie: It is unsurprising that the Adrian and this empath has struck up a friendship, given that the Librarian spends more than a fair share of his time in the Library's Medical Ward. The two enjoy one another's company, she because of the fact that the Librarian is able to direct and educate her on strengthening and using her empathy while Adrian enjoys the philosophical discussions the pair have, as it is not something he gets that often from other Society members.

Michael: Despite their competitiveness, or perhaps because of it, the two consider one another brothers-in-arms. They love competing with one another, whether it be sparring, duelling, or whatever catches their interests. (At one point, Adrian bet Michael that the latter couldn't get past his booby-traps on the Black List. Michael spent two hours trying to prove him wrong. He now owes Adrian twenty bucks.) Alone, both are formidable fighters. Together, they are a force to be reckoned with.

Phoenixia: The two are very close, and it is confirmed that they were actually lovers some point. Phoenixia is one of few people who fully understands Adrian, and despite her overtly sexual teasing, will not hesitate to defend him or support his actions.

Runoa: The former Librarian before Adrian, and recently revealed to be his mother, she is one of his deadliest foes and of the Society in general. She despises Adrian, as he is the key obstacle between her and regaining her status as Librarian and access to the Librarian's private bookroom, which she believes contains the information she needs to complete her research on Immaculation. As such, she will not hesitate to use whatever means she deems necessary to kill Adrian.

Abilities and Items[]

Librarian Arts[]

The Librarian arts are, as the name suggests, a series of techniques that are seemingly only available to the Librarian. Each one has a basis in literature or a library, and saying the name is required to launch the attack. They cover a wide spread of attack-types and show Adrian's abilities as a swordsman/spellcaster, the Librarian Arts let him manipulate things around him or perform seemingly impossible attacks. Adrian has, however, himself said that technically he could do this with his own energy, and the names and techniques help focus.

  • Librarian Art 1: Cutting Remark - A two-stage attack, whereas Adrian unleashes an arc of energy at an opponent followed by delivering a cutting remark. Though the energy arc does seemingly little damage, this attack is somehow to translate the intensity of Adrian's remark in an actual physical attack that is invisible and unavoidable, the attack doing damage equivalent to the power of the cutting remark.
  • Librarian Art 2: A Thousand Words in an Instant - When Adrian uses this attack, he moves so fast that he disappears from view while his target is attacked from all sides by sword strikes, too many to be counted. When the attack is completed, Adrian is forced to reappear in the exact spot he started it in, meaning a clever opponent who survives the attack could use that against him.
  • Librarian Art 3: Burning Knowledge - A unique attack. Using this, Adrian can ignite any form of literature (save technological ones) in the surrounding area and then have it throw itself at the opponent, trapping them in a pillar of fire. Can be used in a combination attack with Librarian Art 5. This attack is far less effective if used on books that are fire-resistant.
  • Librarian Art 4: Fiction Press - An attack that releases copies of fictional characters from books around Adrian. Can only be used while in the Library, and is very energy draining.
  • Librarian Art 5: A Through Z - An odd, but powerful attack. Dozens of thick encyclopedias rain from the sky and pummel Adrian's target, often burying them under a mound of literature. As these books are rather thick and hard-cover, this attack hurts more than most people would realize.
  • Librarian Art 6: Shield of Silence - An invisible barrier appears in front of Adrian, not only blocking attacks both physical and magical in nature, but apparently sound as well. While rendering the opponent completely mute doesn't really have a purpose, it is quite oftentimes amusing. This barrier can be shattered with a strong enough attack.
  • Librarian Art 7: Mystery Vanish - Contrary to its name, the Mystery Vanish is oftentimes anything but, as Adrian is required to say its name and then toss a smoke pellet onto the ground. While he does manage to disappear when the smoke clears, he oftentimes is found embedded into nearby walls or ceilings. Adrian professes not to know why this occurs.
  • Librarian Art 8 - Unknown
  • Librarian Art 9: Pillars of Knowledge - An attack triggered by Adrian driving his sword-point first into the ground. Six giant stone pillars inscribed with the word "knowledge" written in various languages and symbols burst out of the ground around the opponent and then crush the target between them.
  • Librarian Art 10 - Unknown
  • Librarian Secret Art: Boot to the Head - Adrian's most devastating attack and recognizable by its distinctive "SCHWOOSH-FWUMP!" sound, it instantly teleports him right above or near the target so he can land a devastating kick to their heads. People who suffer this attack often take severe damage and are usually sent hurtling away, all of them with bootprints on their faces. Adrian can use this attack multiple times in succession, but repeated uses will eventually inflict damage to his leg.

Sovereign Testament[]

"Soul made manifest." -Adrian, when asked about this move.

Adrian's Reality Marble, a personal dimension that is his soul made real, growing and encompassing him and his targets inside a pocket dimension from which there is only two ways to escape - he kills the target or they kill him. "Sovereign Testament" is unlocked by Adrian reciting this chant: My heart is my shield, my sword guides my way; I have endured endless solitude to protect countless innocents; though the Gates of Heaven remain forever closed to me, from this path I shall never waver; those protected will stand test of ages yet to come; for this is my Sovereign Testament!

The chant reflects Adrian's past and personal belief that those who walk the path of the hero are forever forced to fight against evil and darkness and that because of that, they will never be truly accepted by a world that can never truly understand them. Despite realizing this, he continued to be a hero, despite the hypocrisy of being forced to kill to save lives and the fact that for all good he did, he was punished for it. But he pushes forwards, his only solace that those he has protected will preserve the future.

Those inside his Reality Marble find themselves standing in an endless plane, with the sky in a perpetual twilight. The ground is flat and empty save of what appears to be a throne atop a series of steps that Adrian sits on. However, what makes this place truly unique is that much of the ground and the platform and throne are all made out of paved gravestones fitted together like a mosaic. That is why it is "Sovereign Testament" - Adrian is the "Sovereign", but only of those he has killed and thus, his "kingdom" is made out of their graves, their "Testament".

Inside Sovereign Testament, Adrian's power is made real and solid in a long strand that he controls with his hand motions, though it has no edge and can only be used to crush and smash and constrict, but not cut.

If this is not enough to beat an enemy or they manage to cut his power apart, he can change its shape into a large number of swords that float around him-each one a compressed portion of his power. Like the strand, he can manipulate them at will, firing them at his opponents where they explode at his command, send them underground for a sneak attack, even link them together for a barrier or cage. And they can be used like regular swords, as Adrian will often grab one for his personal use when fighting like this.

Finally, if his enemy is still standing, Adrian can compress all of his power into a single hyper-high-density sword, the mere act of swinging it unleashing punishing arcs of power that devastate whatever they hit. It can cut through nearly anything and he has commented that when he actually tries to launch an energy attack with it, he is literally cutting the air in two.


Main article: Hoshikuzu

In Kanji translated as '星屑', Hoshikuzu was a mostly seen as a pendant that Adrian usually wore round his neck. It was his primary physical weapon, being able to be both in staff form and sword form. The staff was white and acted as a magic channel and blocker, and the sword was also able to channel lightning magic.

This weapon was completely destroyed during his fight with Willowe, shattering into miniscule pieces.

Codex of Index[]

A simple, small and rectangular black diary Adrian carries with him. Its pages are blank and seemingly empty. But all Adrian has to is write down the title or detailed description of the subject and the Codex of Index will be filled with all the information pertaining to the chosen subject that the Library Arcanium has, yet the book itself will not change size nor grow any thicker or thinner. This allows Adrian to learn about his opponents or other such things quickly. But it still takes time to peruse the information in the Codex and he must wait several hours between each use.

Legendary Heroes Deck Strategy[]

Adrian's deck choice is a surprising one for a Librarian, as many would expect him to use a deck based around Spellcasters or Knowledge/Library related cards. However, he points out that his choice of deck suits a Librarian well, as they often spend their spare time reading and generally have a working knowledge of a broad range of topics.

Though the deck is called "Legendary Heroes", it might better be referred to as "Fictional Heroes", as almost all of the monsters are from fictional settings, ranging from video games to comic books to mythology and TV Shows.

The Legendary Heroes have no real unifying theme, as they are all over the board when it comes to Attributes and Type. However, most of Adrian's support cards in the deck refer to the "Legendary Hero" part of their names, overcoming this weakness in unity. Also, he lacks few tribute monsters, with only the most powerful of heroes requiring such. In exchange, since not all of his monsters have strong scores, he relies on their many unusual and varied effects, such as Sora's "Trinity Limit", which combines the attack of all the Legendary Heroes on the field, or Snake's effect that halves the ATK of an opposing monster.

It should also be noted that the Legendary Hero deck makes quite a lot of use out of both the Extra Deck and the Side Deck, something that is previously unheard of, even in a pure Synchro Deck. Many of the heroes' powers equip with their trademark weapons from the Side Deck, and those that don't can access multi-hero weapons via a HammerSpace magic card. (e.g. Snake, Samus Aran, Master Chief, and Dante would be able to wield the Rocket Launcher equip card, while any of the heroes would be able to use Excalibur.)

The Extra Deck holds not Fusions or Synchros, but heroes' evolved or evil forms, as it is a part of the upgraded heroes' effects that they be summoned from the Extra Deck. A "Power Up!" card is used to summon to upgrade the heroes from their basic forms to more powerful ones. However, several heroes posses "evil" forms as well as stronger ones. These evil forms, while often stronger than the basic forms, often have negative effects that can make them difficult to use or force Arian to pay a cost to keep them in play. What kind of form, good or evil, is determined by a coin flip when Adrian uses "Power Up!". Of course, he cannot include every hero's dark side or upgraded form all the time, so the line-up continually rotates depending on what Adrian is going towards.

Adrian has mentioned that the deck also posses three Epic Heroes - heroes that are almost instantly recognizable by anyone in the world, regardless of race, creed or culture. These cards, while very difficult to summon, are extremely powerful in their own right - often possessing high scores in both ATK and DEF and a personal field card along with numerous effects. The only revealed one is "Epic Hero - Arthur Pendragon the King of the Knights", and his power has proven truly awesome indeed.

Where the Librarian got these cards remains a mystery, but they are truly one of a kind and in the right hands, worthy of the name "Legendary Heroes".


  • He always knows where Tash is in the Library.
  • He can read upside down.
  • He does not often sleep, as he suffers from intense nightmares and instead meditates, using a method that treats one or two hours of mediation as eight hours of sleep. However, it is unwise to bother him like this (or when Tash has made him melt with ear rubs), as he will react instinctively to what he considers a threat.
  • He is immune to his own booby-traps.
  • He can speak over twenty-five languages.
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