Name Abraxis
Type (technical or magic) Technical
User Avak
Introduced In "Insert Multiple-Homicidal Counterpart Here"

Abraxis is a weaponized bass guitar used by Society Agent Avak.


Abraxis is a blue Silvertone Revolver bass guitar Avak chose when Ben recruited him into his band. Shortly after, Charis weaponized it by implanting a pair of dual axe heads into the main body, creating a direct counterpart to Ben's Bahamut. The axe heads are extended by pushing the tone knob, which also controls another of Charis' inventions which she had installed in Abraxis. By turning the tone knob higher or lower, the device will exponentially multiply the force of Avak's swings, increasing it to potentially devestating proportions. At high enough levels, the force of the swing can easily pull Avak off his feet and send him flying through the air like a rag doll.

Unlike Bahamut, Abraxis' fretboard is too long to let it hang down, so Avak wears it with the neck extending upwards to the left.