Abigail Von Schtick
Name Abigail Von Schtick
Gender Female
Age Unknown, appears to be teenage
Introduced In "Insert Random Music Related Word Here"

Abigail Ryun Berstoil Morningstar Von Schtick the 45th (アビゲアル・ボン・シュチック Ebigearu Bon Shutikku) was a Level 6 Sue.


Tall, blonde, and with far too obvious curves, Abigail was very much your typical garden-variety Sue. She twice appeared in a human-like form, though both times she wasn't quite human, being a half-fangire in the Kiva fandom and a Ryujin in the Abaranger fandom. She took on the form of a small yellow cat in the Warriors fandom. She preferred to take preexisting powers from the fandoms she enters, rather than create new uber powerful ones like most Sues. The canon powers she took were still very strong though.

She behaved in a sweet heroic fashion around canon characters, but her true angry and vicious nature becomes apparent when confronted by a Society member. She had a rather short temper and was prone to angry outbursts. While she was of course an extremely good fighter, she preferred to let canon characters do the fighting for her if possible. She doesn't appear to be part of the alliance of Sues and Stus, finding the goals of other Sues to perfect a world as stupid. Abigail's true goal was to pair herself up with a main character, though in the process she does preform many acts of perfectication.


Abigail was created by an authoress for a Super Sentai fanfic, but the authoress showed the fic to a friend of hers, who identified Abigail as a Sue and suggested her friend scrap the fic. Rather than be locked in the Vault of Abandoned Ideas, Abigail escaped and began her quest to find "true love".

She began in the Kamen Rider fandom and encountered the Society and Drake for the first time. Though she defeated the Society agent in battle, he still slipped a Prohibitor onto her wrist and she was forced to retreat. The two meant again in the Super Sentai fandom, Abigail using the story's protagonists to fight him. Drake allied with the villains and created a distraction before fighting Abigail a second time. He managed to defeat her by using his Double Storm Kick. The attack left both extremely vulnerable and Abigail would have finished Drake off, if not for the interference of a vengeful canon character. Abigail managed to escape, though she now has a scar on her leg as a reminder.

Some time passed before Abigail finally resurfaced in the Warriors fandom. She took over leadership of a Clan and gained nine lives, so that when Drake confronted her he was at a severe disadvantage, unable to use any of his Society gadgets due to his cat form. He still managed to take one of her lives before several of the main characters arrived and forced him into retreat. She was then lured into a trap by Drake and the two battled once more. The fight was close, but Drake managed to knock her out and drag her back to the Library Arcanium where she is now incarcerated.

It is assumed she met her end during Willowe's invasion of the Library and the agents' subsequent defense.