Aaliyah Nejem
Aaliyah in Empire Line.
Name Aaliyah Nejem
Gender Female
Age 20
Introduced In "Insert Ridiculously Complex Family Tree Here"

Aaliyah Nejem is a Level 4 Sue.



Aaliyah has long blonde hair, usually worn in pig tails, or loose down her back. She has flawless, ivory white skin, and piercing blue eyes.


Aaliyah's home is the Regency fandom of Pride and Prejudice, although her drive to find a perfect husband has led to her developing minor Sueish tendencies. Due to her home fandom, she has all the mannerisms are appropriate to the home era. She is polite and driven by innocent thoughts of the perfect romance to a rich gentleman.


Aaliyah was found in the Pride and Prejudice fandom, having warped it to cause the manipulation of the various relationships within the fandom. Louise and Tom were sent in to deal with her. Aaliyah had caused the canon character of Charles Bingley to fall in love with her, rather than his canon pairing of Jane Bennett. Having copyrighted the hoards of canon characters, the agents chased Aaliyah into the grounds of Netherfield House, where the Sue was accosted by drunkards. Louise chased them away, and Aaliyah came quietly.

She is currently held in the Library Basement.

Powers and Advantages[]

Aaliyah has no powers other than the usual ones belonging to a Sue - plot holes and minor fandom manipulation.