She's in your computer...♥♥♥
Name @
Gender Female, we think
Age Unknown
Introduced In "Insert Ludicrous Cyberpunk AI Here"

@ is a Level 6 Sue.


@ is the Society's first 'digital-Sue', existing solely within computer systems and the peripherals associated with them. Since her appearance she has been a mild issue; while the agents know she is around in the systems, she has not committed any real malevolent acts, giving rise to suspicions that she is biding her time or building power. People who get particularly annoyed with her have likened her to 419s, adware, spyware and a true computer virus all in one.

Phoenixia has built another layer of protection into the Library's computer to prevent @ getting in ever again, but because of @'s low-level dealings it is hard for her to make anything similar for the comparatively basic laptops and appliances of the agents. When or if @ becomes an actual threat, they have vowed to be ready.


@ generally shows up as silver hearts or laughter. When she has spoken or written, her language is flowery and verbose, often archaic in parts. Occasionally she has shown up as herself on screen or via hologram, and she appears like a tall slim woman with dark skin, short white hair and silver eyes that look like a white Matrix code up close. She wears a pale silver and white skintight suit that covers her body from her chest down to her feet; she also wears opera-length gloves of the same colour.


"♥ ♥ ♥ Tee hee hee!! ♥ ♥ ♥" - @

@ first appeared in the Warhammer 40k fandom within the public televisions, appearing to have control of the screens. She then exhibited one of her assumed ability by draining the electrical power of every machine in the vicinity, giving her the power to transfer from the screens to Michael's communicator, which was transmitting to the Library's Monitor Room at the time. She then appeared to commit herself to a full assault on the Library's computer, causing Phoenixia to immediately fight against her; she failed to break through the centuries-old anti-virus (though she managed to get more than an eighth of the way through, farther than anyone before) but it became apparant that the Library's computer was not her target, but Tash's laptop was. Without anything even close to the level of protection needed, @ easily got into the laptop and was able to transmit herself through the Internet, through the wireless to other machines and systems, and through contact lists to others' personal computers.

Since then, @ has been relatively benign; or at most annoying. She pops up on screens as silver hearts, or through the speakers as tinny laughter. She has been known to induce internet pop-ups, change the website, send mocking messages over MSN or AIM or cause more silver hearts to appear when a programme such as Word or Paint is started. Most agents have seen her at least once. She has also taking a liking for computer consoles, especially the Wii and the microwave. Alice, Louise and Tash have been affected the most.

@ was an unwitting accomplice in Rhia's kidnap by Roxelana, simply by being naïve enough to be tempted to turn out the lights and allow the Sue access.

It was next discovered that @ had been having fun in Minecraft, building herself an obsidian and diamond palace with seemingly little effort. She annoyed Tash and Michael enough - blowing up their fortress - for them to plunge in and return the favour. After the Sovereign Wisdom interfered and distracted Michael, @ helped Tash climb out of a lava-bottomed crevice. However when Michael wiped the server by detonating a massive TNT bomb, @ was deleted. She was rather annoyed by this. It is unknown whether @ had managed to back up and keep any of her treasures from the game, in the same way that Michael had managed to hang on to the diamond sword that he had pinched from her vault.